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Lonsdor K518ISE
Lonsdor K518ISE


What's EUCLEIA TabScan S8

EUCLEIA TabScan S8 is powerful universal auto diagnostic tool with Automotive Intelligent Diagnostic System, It is good at doing original manufacturer diagnosis,support multi-language and different software,support update online.
EUCLEIA TabScan S8 Supported Languages: 
English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Swedish
EUCLEIA TabScan S8 Support Functions:
Diagnosis function: Read and clear DTC, live data, active test, ECU information, freeze frame etc.
Service functions: ABS Bleeding, EPB Reset, Service Reset, CKP Learning, Throttle Reset, SAS Reset, Battery Reset, CVT Reset, TPMS, etc.
Coding function: Brush hiding functions (VW, Audi, Skoda,Seat and constantly adding)
System functions: The system also includes the most recent auto-VIN technology that identifies vehicles with one touch and exclusive auto-scan function. One-click clear DTCs, one-click update, data record and replay, workshop manager, database query, repair video research, vehicle data manager, etc.
TabScan S8 Models Supported Car Models:
Please check http://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/eucleia-tabscan-s8-diagnostic-system.html to get detail list.


2018 Opcom firmware 1.99 Free download

2018 Opcom firmware 1.99 Windows 7 download free:

VAUX-COM 120309A Windows 7 download link:
updated and released on 06-09-2018

Version: OPCOM V5
OP-COM is a PC-based diagnostic program.
  1. Function
  2. It covers almost all O-pel cars, even new cars with bus-based diagnostics, such as Vectra-C, Astra-H, Zafira-B.
  3. The program allows you to read and delete fault codes, shows live data, allows you to perform the exit test.
  4. The program supports many control units, such as motor, automatic transmission, ABS, Airbag, engine cooling module, instrument cluster, electronic climate control, body control unit, just to name a few examples.
  5. Since O-pel uses many pins in the OBD connector, the diagnostic interface works as a multiplexer, and selects the appropriate pin for communication.
PIN3, PIN7, PIN8, PIN12 = serial link (ISO9141, KW81, KW82, KWP2000)
  1. Fault codes will be displayed with all available information:
  2. Full description of the fault code text
1) Complete State Information (present, not present, intermittent)
2) You can print, save or copy the fault codes to any other application. From the Fault codes window, you can go directly to the window of the measurement blocks.
3) The program shows that you measure block information in many control modules, you can choose anything from the list on your own.
4) The program is able to display 8 block measurement parameters simultaneously. The sampling rate depends mainly on the communication protocol. For example, old system, such as Omega-B X 25 DT engine (ISO-9141-2) can be very slow, during communication, while new Multec, or Bos-ch units are faster (using KWP-2000) , And the new base control units are very fast!
  1. You can also perform output tests on many controllers.
HSCAN-double cable, high speed BUS, 500 kbps
MSCAN-Dual-wire, medium speed CAN-BUS, 95 kbps
SWCAN-simple cable, low speed BUS, 33.3 kbps
  1. Good to know: Opcom v1.95 v1.70 v1.65 v1.45 v1.59 v1.60 v1.64part 1: opcom china clone download
    part 2: opcom firmware 1.39-1.95, which version you need
    part 3: opcom diagnostic... confirmed
    part 4: opcom windows 10/8/7/xp install
    part 5: opcom vaux com FAQs
    part 6: opcom user manual
    part 7: opcom diagnostic reviews
    part 6: opcom clone- avoid garbage
    all can be found here: http://obd2-diag.blogspot.com/2016/01/opcom-fw-v170-165-164-160-159-145-vaux.html


Buy SDconnect C4 with a Panasonic Toughbook?

This is the reason why you should purchase a SDconnect C4 multiplexer with a Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 (NOT Dell Laptop)?

Why it’s an old laptop?
The laptop old because the item is used before delivery and may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended.
It’s absolutely unnecessary to get a brand-new laptop for auto repair.
It’s easily get rubbed or destroyed when used it in real maintenance.
So, to get a second-hand but workable laptop will help SAVE A LOT.
Why you should have Panasonic Toughbook instead of Dell Laptop?
The Panasonic is one of the toughest laptops in the world.
It’s mouthful and vying for the most indestructible, anywhere, anytime commercial notebooks.
This fully-rugged mobile PC is encased in a magnesium alloy with an 80GB shock-mounted, removable hard drive in stainless steel case, 1024 x 768 (XGA) screen resolution, Intel Core 2 Duo 1.20GHz, expandable to 4096 MB (DDR3) RAM, GPS, EV-DO, HSDPA, WiFi, Bluetooth, and up to 7 hours of battery life.
Security features are top-notch too – finger-print scanner, smart card reader, password for HDD lock and cable lock slot. It’s resistant to dust or water so you can still use it even during a downpour (you can’t bring it underwater though). Costs a whooping $6,500 if it’s a brand new. But it’s only $350 around if it’s a send-hand.
So Panasonic Toughbook 19 is much more better than Dell D630 for car repair. No worry about that it’ll be damaged by accident and not work because of bad hardware design.
With the Panasonic CF-19’s dedicated serial port, there is no issue for user…. it was plug and play… the HDD with Mercedes software is loaded into the Panasonic and WIS/EPC and XENTRY/DAS has been activated with “activation keys” before delivery...users can use it for Mercedes-Benz diagnostics, coding or programming with SD connect C4, when they receive the package.
Source: http://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/panasonic-cf19-laptop.html
Panasonic CF19 I5 4GB Laptop Information:
Processor Type: Intel(R) Core(TM)I5 CPU U540@1.2GHz
Processor Speed: 1.20 GHz
Memory Size: 4096 MB (DDR3)
Memory available: 3893 MB (3253 BM for 32bit OS)
BIOS Information: BIOS: V4.00L11
Controller Embedded: V4.00L13
Intel(R) ME Firmware:
Accumulative Operating Time:18590 Hours

Source: http://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/dell-d630-4gb-laptop.html
Dell D630 Laptop Information:
Type:  Laptop/Notebook
Screen Size:  14.0
Memory (RAM):  2000
Processor Type:  Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed:  1.80 GHz
Processor Configuration:  Dual Core
Primary Drive:  DVD+/-RW
Memory: 4GB
Operating System: Windows XP
In conclusion:
With a SD connect and Panasonic Toughbook CF-19,
No worry about hardware damage in car repair
Have no problem with SDconnect configuration
Have no issues with software installation (Xentry/DAS, WIS, EPC...)
Have no issues with communication failure
Have no issues with all kinds of error


FVDI J2534 software download, Windows 7 Install, PCB display

2018 FLY FVDI J2534 user manual:
What is FVDI J2534
What’s the FVDI J2534 inner look
FVDI J2534 software download
How to install FVDI J2534 on Windows 7
What protocols and cars can be supported
In detail...
What is FVDI J2534:
SAE J2534 is a standard for communications between a computer and a vehicle. Government regulations require all automakers provide a J2534 service to everyone in the U.S. for re-flashing emissions related controllers. FVDI J2534 is such a SAE J2534 Pass-Thru device that you can re-flash and, in some cases, diagnose vehicles with factory functionality.
2018 FVDI J2534 is the newest FVDI interface that will work with J2534 software, including Ford/Mazda IDS, Honda/Acura HDS, Toyota/Lexus/Scion Techstream, JLR SDD, Nissan/Infiniti Consult 3, Consult 3 plus, Consult 4, and FVDI 2015, FVDI 2018, VVDI2 software, Tango key programming software.
NOW, FVDI J2534 is confirmed to work with Honda HDS, Ford IDS and Toyota Techstream.
BUT, the other is being tested! FVDI J2534 will work with more J2534-based vehicles!

Whats the FVDI J2534 inner look:
FVDI J2534 PCB display

Where to download FVDI J2534 software:
You can download FVDI j2534 software http://flyobd.com/shop/download-center/ and FVDI J2534 software from the CD comes with the packet

Again, FVDI J2534 now is confirmed to only work with Honda HDS, Ford IDS and Toyota Techstream.
How to install FVDI J2534 on Windows 7:
FVDI J2534 installation requirement:

Works well on Windows 7 64 bits! Tested!
FVDI J2534 Ford IDS software installation tutorials:
Two steps... then done!
Install FVDI J2534 start software, then install the original vehicle software
Note: the software installation are not required installation sequence.
The software cannot be installed in the same computer
If you want to use these software with the FVDI J2534 equipment, please install different software on different computers.

Step 1: download FVDI J2534 equipment software from compact disc(CD) l
Put the CD in the computer CD drive l
Wait for a while before opening the CD in the resource manager,you will see the equipment related software and resources.

Step 2: download FVDI J2534 equipment software from the official website download link l
Go to http://flyobd.com/shop/download-center/
Please register and log in l
Download FVDI-J2534-FM (FM,Short for Ford and Mazda) l
Download IDSFord or IDSMazda

Download the latest release IDS software and save it to the local.

Step 3: Install the latest IDS software l
Double-click on the “IDS-110.01_Full.exe” to start installation l
Select language,and click on “next” button

Select “i accept the terms of the license agreement”

Reboot your computer after installation

Step 4: Install the FVDI J2534 software l
Open compact Disc and find FVDI-J2534 software and double-click on the “FVDI_J2534_Ford_Setup.exe” software

Setup FVDI J2534 language

It will install SVCI Based software list, Click on “next” directly, and then Click on “next” all the time until it jump a window “Select Setup Language”, which is selected the device driver’s installation language

Install the FVDI J2534 driver,and click on “Next” all the time until install Shield wizard complete, and then click on “finish”.

When you open FVDI J2534 for ford software after installation, an error window will pop out. That means you have not connect FVDI J2534 equipment with your computer, as show in the below. connect your device with computer,and the FVDI J2534 software will be opened normally.

when you put FVDI J2534 equipment to connect the computer and open the software, it will pop below error message, it means you do not connected vehicle ECU module and the ECU voltage can not less than 8 volts. After using the OBD interface of FVDI J2534 to connect the ECU,and the software can be opened normally and put into use.

Note: DO NOT open the IDS software on the desktop directly!
it is advised to delete the IDS software shortcut on the desktop.

FVDI J2534 Vehicle List:
- Vehicle Protocols:
J1850 VPW
J1850 PWM(Ford SCP)
ISO11898 HS(500K BPS)
ISO11898 MS(125K BPS)
ISO15765 HS(500K BPS)
ISO15765 MS(125K BPS)
FEPS(Flash EEPROM Program Signal)
Honda SCS
Honda DIAGH KWP1281 J2819(TP2.0)
- Supported software for J2534:
Ford IDS V110
Mazda IDS V108 Toyota TIS V13.00 Honda HDS V3.102
Land Rover/Jaguar SDD2 V153
Nissan CONSULT III plus R2R V80.11
- Supported software for ELM327:


Opel key programmer: OBDSTAR H111, Commander for OPEL VAUXHALL 5.9, Opcom

Opel key programmer clone and original options: OBDSTAR H111, Commander for OPEL VAUXHALL 5.9, Opel Opcom. This post is about what they can do, how to do, the price etc.

1. OBDSTAR H111 Opel key programmer via OBD

OBDSTAR H111 functions:
Opel key programming via OBD
Opel cluster calibration via OBD
Read PIN Code from BCM automatically and manually

OBDSTAR H111 car list
1.  For IMMO
OPEL V30.21


        Read security code

            By BCM System



            By Other System


            Select from vehicle



                Agila B






                Astra F


                Astra G

                Astra H


                    Smart key system

                Astra J

                Astra K






























                    Type 1

                    Type 2
















            Select from type

                Type 1

                Type 2

                Type 3

                Type 4

                Type 5

                Type 6

                Type 7

                Type 8

                Type 9

                Type 10

                Type 11














2). for Cluster Calibration
Astra 2010
Combo 2015
Insignia 2010
OBDSTAR H111 Update:
on the official site: www.obdstar.com

OBDSTAR H111 Language:
English & Chinese

How to use OBDSTAR H111?

OBDSTAR H111Price:
€120 in total

2. Commander for OPELVAUXHALL 5.9
The following parts are quoted from
Commander for OPEL/VAUXHALL is a professional software for diagnostic of Opel/Vauxhall vehicles.
 It is capable to perform a diagnostic of any unit, which operates under one of the following protocols:
 Keyword 82, Keyword 2000 and GMLAN. It provides some unique functions, which are not supported by any other diagnostic tool.
Full compatibility with GM - Tech2Win diagnostic software
Standard diagnostic functions:
  • For all electronic control units reading identification data
  • For all electronic control units read error (DTCs)
  • For all electronic control units clear error (DTCs)
  • Device scan
  • Data Display / Measured values
  • Security code programming
  • Vehicle identification programming
  • Injector programming - Diesel engines
  • Programming of the CAN configuration
  • Program immobilizer function
    - Adaptation of Engine Control Module to immobilizer
    - Adaptation of Immobilizer to the vehicle
  • Program immobilizer outputs
    - Enable/Disable Anti Theft Warning system
Special functions:
  • Key programming
- supported all models for programming of keys and remote controls by OBDII - ASTRA J, INSIGNIA, Chevrolet CRUZE and all older ..
Read mechanical key number
  • Read security code
    - With a new special function ON008 you can read Security code from all Opel/Vauxhall vehicles with CAN BUS by OBDII - Astra H, Corsa D, Vectra C, Zafira B, Agila B, Insignia
    - Read security code PSG16 (Y20DTH, Y22DTR) - Astra G, Zafira, Vectra C
    Read security code Simtec 70(X18XE1,X20XEV); Simtec 71(Z22XE); Simtec 75(Z16XER, Z18XER); 
    Delco HSFI 2.4 (Z16XEP); Denso (A17DTR) 
  • Read/Write EEPROM
    - Magneti Marelli 1.3 16V CDTI (Z13DT) - Agila, Corsa C, Tigra B
    - SIMTEC71.1(Z18XE,Z18XEL) - Astra G, Corsa C, meriva, Tigra B, Vectra B, Zafira
    - Read eeprom of the instrument Panel Cluster of Astra G, Corsa C, Meriva, Tigra B
  • Odometer correction
    Odometer correction - Insignia, Astra J, Chevrolete Cruze by OBDII
    - Odometer correction - Movano B - Instrument Panel by OBDII
    - Odometer correction in EDC16 - 1.7;1.9 by OBDII
    - Odometer correction ANTARA - EDC16 by OBDII
    - Odometer correction in ECU - Bosch ME7.6.2, Delco MT35E
    - Odometer correction PSG16 (Y20DTH, Y22DTR) - Astra G, Zafira, Vectra C
    - Instrument Panel Cluster - Astra G; Corsa-C; Meriva; Tigra-B; Vectra-B. NOT SUPPORT TRW IPC!
  • Engine Flasher 
    - Read/Write flash memory from ECU - Simtec 70, Simtec 71, Delco HDRC, Marelli MJD 602, Motronic 7.6, Delco MT35E
  • Radio
    - Read radio code by OBD from Delco CDR500
  • Airbag
    - Erase crash data by OBD - Airbag SAB6 - Siemens with MCU Motorola HC11
  • Dump Tool
    - Airbag TEMIC Astra G, Corsa C (68HC908AZ32) - clear crash data
    - SIEMENS (68HC11E9) GM 24416701 DJ - clear crash data
    - Read immobilizer II (TMS) security code from dump
    - Bosch EDC16 odometer correction
    - Magneti Marelli odometer correction
    - Astra G, Astra H, Corsa D instrument panel odometer correction
Advanced functions:
  • Security access
  • Custom request - manually transmission of messages to a unit (KWP82/KWP2000/CAN)
  • Custom query:
    - read memory by address - possibility to read/program memory of electronic control units
    - scanning of a unit memory space - automatically discover of all accessible memory
Supported vehicles:
  • Astra J - 2010+
  • Insignia - 2008+ (updated supported units)
  • Agila - 2000-2007 year
  • Astra F - 1992-2001 year
  • Astra G - 1998-2009 yer
  • Astra H - 2004+
  • Tigra - 1995-2000 year
  • Tigra B - 2004+
  • Vectra B - 1996-2001 year
  • Vectra C/Signum - 2002+
  • Corsa B - 1993-2001 year
  • Corsa C - 2001-2008 year
  • Codsa D - 2007+
  • Meriva - 2003-2008 year
  • Zafira - 1999-2005 year
  • Zafira B - 2005+
  • Omega B - 1996-2003 year
  • Frontera - 1997-1998 year
  • Frontera B - 1999-2004 year
  • Calibra - 1990-1997 year
  • Vivaro - 2001+
  • Movano - 2004+
Prices of the special functions: 

ON007Compatibility AVDI with Tech2Win (Dealer level diagnostic) free
ON008 - Read security code + Key learning 960 euro 
ON009 - Mileage recalibration - Instrument cluster,ECU,Airbag - clear CRASH data, Radio - reading PIN code- 197 euro 
ON010 - Engine Flasher - 197 euro 
ON011 - Advanced key programming/ASTRA J, INSIGNIA, Chevrolet CRUZE/ - 480 euro
ON012 - Mileage recalibration 2-Insignia, Astra J, Chevrolet Cruze by OBDII - 288 euro
FULL - all special functions - 2122 euro 
3. Opcom Clone Opel diagnostic tool
Opcom Clone can support a little part of Opel key programmer, you can Google and find little operation guide on how to use Opcom Clone to do Opel key programming. and there is little feedback on what it can do.

To sum up:
OBDSTAR H111 wins in best price and wide Opel coverage.
Commander for Opel / Vauxhall 5.9 wins in powerful function and corresponding high price.
Opcom can do little Opel key programmer, it is good at OBD diagnosis.