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Lonsdor K518ISE
Lonsdor K518ISE


Xhorse Condor XC-009 Mechanical Key Cutting Machine Use Guide

Xhorse prepares a piece of Condor XC-009 user manual, and make some videos on how to use it.
Here we go.

Condor XC-009 user manual

Condor XC-009 showed in the 5.18 Locksmiths Exhibition

Condor XC-009 First impression

More to be continued......

Let's have an overview of Xhorse Condor XC-009 Key Cutting Machine features:
Small volume, lightweight, easy to carry

Super Long Endurance Ability
Build-in six 63W.h(2500mA.h)battery cut 60~100 keys continuously

High Precision
With adaptable guide equipment, guarantee high cut precision

Solid & Durable
Aluminum structure, processed by DMG precise machine which is imported from Germany

Wide Applicability
Equipped with 4-side clamp, flexible exchange among 4-side.Different sides for different feature keys, cut kinds of special keys, wide applicability

Humanized Design
Battery value remind function hidden hand wheel, big clamp space, cut the big plastic cover keys that don't need to tear down, streamline handrail design, comfortable operation experience 

Safe &Low Noise
Emergency switch is able to turn off the power in emergency and start the machine while it's safe. Low noise DC brushless motor

Support Service
One year warranty, lifelong technical support for free, professional online service provides remote instruction and assistance

It can cut all kinds of flat cylinder keys for most bikes, cars & door locks.

In one single charge, XC-009 can cut up to 60-100 keys.


Using Tips for Yanhua Mini ACDP APP

As the Yanhua ACDP APP released, many users have tried to install the ACDP APP on their phones. And there are some notes for you when installation after we collected the feedback from our users.

Install the ACDP from APP Store:

Both IOS and Android system could download ACDP APP through the code above.

1.  Fail to install with a note ”Untrusted Enterprise Developer”

Solution: you should do the trusting step before install. Find Setting -> General -> Manage Device -> choose Nanning yanhua. After trusting the APP, can the phone begin to install it.

2.  Fail to download
ACDP Fail to download base resources with a note below, after tap Yes, ACDP still continues to download but fail again.

a. WIFI, check the network
b. ACDP don’t support background download, keep the APP downloading
c. ACDP won’t download when hibernation mode, keep the screen on.


Free Download for Xprog M 5.5.5 Flash Files

Xprog M 5.5.5 flash files free download

In xprog choose atmega64 >>> PROJECT >> FILES , and load FLASH, EEPROM and CONFIGURATION files >> Firts ERASE DEVICE... after >> WRITE and all be ok..."

All u need a cople of resistors and a LPT port, make reflash xprog v5 with ponyprog! i make self adapter with 4 resistor 330ohm. its work super. i put here schematic for adapter. Make all 330ohm resistor. not 100ohm like in picture. Work good. VCC 5V i put via usb xprog.

Thanks to @jakesman (MHH forum poster) for his contribution.
Thanks Laurance who collect this info

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Xprog V5.84 (adds new authorizations: AUTH-0028-1 Renesas V850 Authorized and AUTH-0028-2 Renesas SuperH Authorized 2017/10/9)


Yanhua ACDP BDC Program Connect and Installation Guide

Yanhua Mini ACDP is a key programmer which supports CAS3/CAS3+/CAS4/CAS4+/FEM/BDC by OBD without soldering/welding. This post will show the guide of Yanhua ACDP BDC installation.

BDC Diagram
How to connect Yanhua Mini ACDP when programming BMW BDC:

Location of EEPROM/RES

BDC electric bridge installation guide:
1.  Twist two M4*16+6 copper pillars
2.  Aim at the four probes roughly.
3.  Aim at the pad of reset pin accurately.
4.  Press the electric bridge plate and lock the copper pillar.

Puncture IC Socket Installation guide:
1.  Insert direction as per the picture.
2.  Before inserting and pulling out the socket, please upward loosen the nut to retract the probes into the mold in order to protect the probes.

BDC electric bridge connection guide:
Connect the offline OBD adapter with the reset pin of BDC electric bridge by using the double-head terminal cable.

And YouTube video about Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW BDC Diagram for you:


(DUTY FREE) Launch X431 V 8-Inch Tablet

Launch X431 V is a hot-sale obd tool with special functions. It is easy to use with no IP and language limit. And the following post will share you with the top three reasons to get Launch X431 V.

Launch X431 V in UK: (ship fast without duty)

Top 3 reasons for this Launch tablet:

1- The most powerful Launch tool
Works perfect in auto diagnostic, coding, ECU programming and key programming, and special functions (incl. Brake reset, Oil reset, SAS Rest, BAT reset, Bleeding , Elec. throttle Relearn, TPMS reset, DPF reg. , Gear learning, IMMO, etc.)

2- Wide vehicle coverage
Supports 93 car brands about 220 car models from European, USA, Asian, Australian, Indian, Malaysian cars

3- Designed for different language speakers
Have no issues to learn how to use it for newbies and information is readable for people worldwide!
Language available: English, German, Japanese, Russian, French, Korea, Arabic, Spanish, Italy, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Arabic, Danish, Persian, Romanian, Serbian, Finnish, Swedish and Czech

It’s shipped from UK and duty free for European customers :)
Besides, it takes less days as delivery.

Btw, please go to the launch x431 v blog, if you want more info about this pad: https://launch-x431-v.blogspot.com/   Have fun!


Yanhua BMW ACDP key programmer Will Soon Arrive No Solder Programming

Yanhua BMW ACDP supports CAS3/CAS3+/CAS4/CAS4+/FEM/BDC Key Programming (Add key/All keys lost) by OBD without soldering/welding. Supports Read and Write ISN Code by OBD as well.

Yanhua BMW ACDP key programmer is coming in about 10 days. It is a BMW programming master which supports CAS3/CAS3+/CAS4/CAS4+/FEM/BDC Key Programming (Add key/All keys lost) via OBD. What’s more, it could program without solder!

ADCP-Programming Master Function spotlights:
No need to remove chip
No need soldering
No need to cut the line
No need to lift the pin

Supported car models:
BMW CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+/CAS4/CAS4+FEM/BDC Dashboard IMMOBMW ISN Code Readingread-write Honda/Hyundai/Kia Fujitsu CPU MB91F read-write 8-pin IC chip

Supported OS system:
iOS system phone and computer
windows system computer
android phone like Samsung/OPPO/Xiaomi/…
note: this ADCP APP is not supported Huawei

Yanhua BMW ACDP key programmer Functions:
1. Memory programming
Support 93/24/25135/95 series EEPROM in circuit (ICP) and on board (OBP) programming and parts of Freescale / NEC MCU in circuit programming (ICP).
2. BMW module programming
(1) Support CAS1 - CAS4+ and FEM/BDC IMMO key programming, mileage reset, program recovery.
(2) BMW engine ECU data reading and ISN code reading.
3.VW module programming
MMC instrument
4. Instrument mileage and airbag ECU reset/maintenance is under development.
5. BENZ, BMW, Audi and various models are upgraded successively.

ICP: Memory and MCU programming In Circuits

MCU programming in Circuits

BMW Key Programming for all series
CAS-CAS3+ Module:
Key Programming by OBD
Add Keys
Reset Mileage
Back up or recover CAS
All keys Lost

CAS4/CAS4+ Module:
Read CAS4 EEPROM without soldering/welding
Add Keys without soldering/welding
Reset Mileage without soldering/welding
Back up or recover CAS without soldering/welding
All keys Lost without soldering/welding

FEM/BDC Module:
All keys lost without soldering/welding
Add keys without soldering/welding
Delete Keys without soldering/welding
Enable/Disable keys without soldering/welding
Read Key ID
Repair/Replace FEM Module without soldering/welding
Reset Mileage without soldering/welding

Read and Write ISN Code:
N20(MEVD1724, MEVD172P, MEVD1729), N13(MEVD1725, ), N55(MEVD172, MEVD1726, MEVD172G, MEVD172S, MEVD17, ), MSV80, MSD81, MS085,
MSD85HY, MSD87, MSV90, MEVD1728(s63), MEV1722, MED172, MEVD1727, DDE701,DC17C50, BMSX...

Solder-free programming & Data safety WiFi connection & Free connection
1.Overturn the traditional work mode:
Single operation is changed to team cooperation.
2.Change of operation mode:
PC operation is changed to mobile phone operation.
3.Change of test connection mode:
Electric soldering iron is changed to No-solder dedicated connector.
4.Change from artificial observation to intelligent monitoring:
Artificial observation/trying is changed to automatic detection algorithm, graphical Indication the reliability of connection. Ensure the data is not damaged and lost.
5.Change of service mode:
Offline service is changed to online synchronous service.

ADCP will arrive on 15,May, now it is pre-order in eobdtool.co.uk: €209.00


2018 Xprog M V5.84 with USB dongle + new Authorization

Xprog M V5.84 firmware V4.4, with USB dongle, adds new authorizations: AUTH-0028-1 Renesas V850 Authorized and AUTH-0028-2 Renesas SuperH Authorized 2017/10/9.

XPROG-M V5.84 Authorizations:
AUTH-0001 Motorola HC05 family authorization (allows to read/write EEPROM)
AUTH-0002 Motorola HC08 family authorization (allows to read/write EEPROM)
AUTH-0003 Motorola HC11 family authorization (allows to read/write EEPROM)
AUTH-0004 Motorola HC12, 9S12 family authorization (allows to read/write EEPROM and flash memory)
AUTH-0005 Texas Instruments TMS370/TMS374 family authorization (allows to read/write EEPROM)
AUTH-0006 Motorola HC05Bxx and HC05Xxx family bypass security authorization (allows to read/write secured EEPROM and flash memory)
AUTH-0007 ST M35080 authorization. Read/Write/Erase device to delivery state.
AUTH-0008 BMW EWS3 authorization
AUTH-0009 ATMEGA family authorization (allows to read/write EEPROM and flash memory)
AUTH-0010 MB ZGS001 authorization
AUTH-0011 Motorola HC11EA9/E9 bypass security authorization (allows to bypass security bit and read EEPROM and RAM memory)
AUTH-0012 National CR16 authorization (allows to read/write EEPROM memory)
AUTH-0014 ST7, ST10 family authorization (allows to read/write internal flash)
AUTH-0015 MPC5xx authorization (depending on device program automatically detects MPC5xx, M95xxx device type, flash, external flash and configuration memory size)
AUTH-0018 Motorola HC12, HC912, MC9S12, MC9S12X bypass security authorization (allows to read/write secured EEPROM and flash memory)
AUTH-0020 ARM (Micronas, ...) Family authorization (allows to read/write internal flash and external serial EEPROM)
AUTH-0021 ARM (Micronas, ...) Family bypass security authorization (allows to read/write secured and non-secured internal flash and external serial EEPROM, viewange mileage, Chassis number (VIN), serial number and PIN code).
AUTH-0023-1 MAC7xxx
AUTH-0023-2 XC23xx
AUTH-0024-1 MC9S12Cxx
AUTH-0024-2 MC9S12XE
AUTH-0024-4 MC9S12HA/HY/P
AUTH-0025-1 MPC/SPC5xxx Authorized 2016/3/13

AUTH-0027-1 HC(S)908 update Authorized 2016/3/13

AUTH-0027-2 HC(S)908 security Authorized 2016/3/13

AUTH-0028-1 Renesas V850 Authorized 2017/10/9

AUTH-0028-2 Renesas SuperH Authorized 2017/10/9

XPROG-M V5.84 Adapters + package list:
1. 19pcs x Adapters Set:
ADP-0001 TMS370 PLCC28 programming adapter
ADP-0002 TMS370 PLCC44 programming adapter
ADP-0003 TMS370 PLCC68 programming adapter
ADP-0004 Motorola HC05B/X PLCC52 programming adapter
ADP-0005 Motorola HC05B/X QFP64 programming adapter
ADP-0006 ST M35080 in-circuit programming adapter
ADP-0008 TMS374 family in-circuit programming adapter
ADP-0009 MC68HC05V12 programming adapter
ADP-0010 TMS374 on-board programming adapter
ADP-0011 HC11EA9/E9 programming adapter
ADP-0017 HC(S)12 BDM / ARM Micronas in-circuit programming/bypass security adapter
Additional adaptor for 5M48H P-Flash

ADP-0019 Rev.A
EWS3 adaptor
EEPROM adaptor
QFP28 adaptor
QFP64 adaptor
QFP80 adaptor
QFP112 adaptor
QFP144 adaptor

2. 1pc  x  XPROG-Box Hardware (Aluminum Enclosure) .
3. 1pc  x  USB Cable.
4. 1pc  x 16Pin cable
5. 1pc  x  CD with XPROG-Box Software (V5.84)

For sale: €249
Already has lots of stock, you need no wait. 


Solution to Kess Appear Customer Code C5555 C0000 C5328

Reset the Kess after it turned out with Customer Code C5555 C0000 C5328, it will show a solution according to their serial number.

1. Have Kess, accidental internet connection after which you get the following info when in ksuite:
Serial number: K10033818
Customer Code: blank or C5555
Grup Code: blank or C5555

-grayed out and unresponsive "Protocols" menu
-grayed out engine/ECU selection

If you have a bricked KESS V2 (fw 4.036 and using sw 2.06 or 2.08) please download THIS pack

Firstly remove the SD Card from the PCB and do a full format using 
SD Formatter, then do a quick FAT32 format in windows
and then follow the video instruction til 4:14.

After that I successfully used version of software from the link:

3. Kess V6.070
Serial Number: L14015743
Customer code: C0000
Group code:C0000
You need new SD card of 4GB. Format new SD card fat 32, plug it in ksuite 2.08, with Update folder of 6.070, launch ksuite and start update. After finish all OK, with 30 to

3. Kess 6.070
Serial number: L14015743
Customer Code: C5328
Group code: C5328
Replace the Update folder with below one in KSuite and run software internet OFF. It should help you out.
K-TAG Update folder download link:

Best Solution!!!
So the best solution is to buy the online version Kess V2 which won't be blocked after connect to the online
SE137-C1 Kess V5.017 EU Version with best red PCB (with Buzzer) €89.99

UKSE137-B Kess V5.017 online version   €96

SE137-C2 Kess V5.017 Green PCB EU Version Support Online €92.99


QC Real Test Pictures of Kess V2 5.017 Online Version Green PCB

As usual, Kess V2 5.017 Online version Green PCB will pass the QC test before it arrives to the users.

Let's have a look at the real pictures took in the QC room.

1. Open the box, today the QC guys will test more than 100 pieces of Kess V2 5.017 Online Green PCB.

2.Plug the 16pin adapter to the BMW DLC (example) and the USB cable to the computer, ready to test. 
Computer OS: Works on Win XP / Win7 32bit, Win 8, etc.

3. Reading device info...

4. Read out the firmware version V5.017, Serial number etc.

5. Come to the function menu and vehicles options.
Kess v5.017 works with cars/trucks/tractors/bikes

6.  Kess V2 will have "Help" file to guide you what to pay attention and what to do. 

7. Kline or Can to choose.

8. Kess V2 allows you to read, write, recovery etc.

9. If the battery is unstable, the screen will warn shown as bellow.

10. Starting communication.

and more......

FYI, what they test is this one:

Attach the inner PCB bellow so that you can see how it builds and the 4 LEDs.

They are really responsible for all the devices they dispatch to the end-users. Do you have a good impression for their device and their attitude to the users?


SEC-E9 Bluetooth Disconnection or Drop Solution

SEC-E9 is a powerful Key Cutting Machine based on its Bluetooth connection. Once the Bluetooth disconnection, the machine won’t work properly. This post will express the situation why Bluetooth disconnect and how to solve this problem.

There are two reasons why fail to connect Bluetooth:
1) Incorrect boot sequence
2) Bluetooth module is dropped by interference

Now, solution will be given one by one.
1. Incorrect boot sequence
The correct boot steps:
A. Connect the power switch with power supply (Input Voltage is DC 100-240V) .
B. Clockwise twisting switch to turn on the machine, and then long press the switch of tablet till logo appears.
C. Please wait seconds, SEC-E9 will go to main page automatically.
D. Once you see the main page of SEC-E9 in tablet, it means the tablet and the machine get in touch with each other successfully.

Here is the guide how to reboot SEC-E9 when something happen:
A. Press “Shutdown” button in the main page.
B.  Press the power switch to turn off the machine.
C. Please wait for 2 minutes and then strictly follow in boot steps to do.
 Attach a video to show how to turn on and turn off SEC-E9:

2. Bluetooth module is dropped by interference
Firstly follow the correct steps to turn on SEC-E9. Please check the area in below picture, if it light blue means that Bluetooth module operate normally, it will automatically match and take tens of seconds, please be patient and don't touch any button on the screen.

If the Bluetooth disconnects, please find the Bluetooth serial number by clicking the Bluetooth icon in the lower right corner, and click “remove device “and “Pair” again. Enter password “8888” and click “next”. If you can enter the main page successfully, that means the Bluetooth setting is completed successfully.

Last but not least, if you follow the correct boot way above, but the blue light is not light in that area, please contact with our support team, we will guide you online how to deal with it.


Success: How Launch CReader 9081 Diagnose VW

Launch Creader 9081 is a light but smart diagnostic & reset service tool which has 11 reset functions like full OBD2 scanner+ABS+SRS+Oil+EPB+BMS+SAS+DPF. This post generally shows how to use it to diagnose VW incl. read & clear fault codes, read data stream, O2 sensor test ...

1. Plug Launch CR9081 to the VW DLC.

2. Open Launch CR9081, this is home menu incl. Diagnose, Record.., settings and help. Choose "Diagnose" then press the "OK" button.

3. You can see "OBDII/EOBD" and "Reset", choose " OBDII/EOBD " then press the "OK" button.

3. Entering system.

4. Monitor status.

5. Diagnostic menu: Read codes, erase codes, I/M readiness, Data stream, freeze frame, O2 sensor test, on-board monitoring, Evap system test, vehicle information and more.

6. Read codes.

7. Data stream.

View graphic items.

8. Let's go to reset function, choose any of them to go deep.
List: Bleeding, battery change, brake reset, DPF reset, ETCS reset, IMMO, Injector codeing, Oil lamp reset, steering angle reset and TPMS.

8-1: Steering angel reset for example, you can it supports 41 car brands.

What a nice feature is in the "Help" option, it offers DTC Library.

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