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JLR Mangoose Toyota Techstream unable to connect to VIM

JLR mangoose Volvo, VIDA, TOYOTA TIS 3-in-1 scanner “registration Techstream software” and “unable to connect to VIM” errors (fixed).

One of the JLR mangoose 3 in 1 J2534 pass-thru interface users tried to program a new key with mangoose Techstream software (V9.10.037), but the two errors occurred during the procedure.

First the software asked to enter the new key to complete Techstream software registration procedure.

Then the software reports an error after click on Cancel button.
Unable to connect to VIM

Possible reason:
1)      Did not activate the Techstream software
2)      Did not connect the JLR mangoose 3-in-1 cable with vehicle


1)      First of all, the Toyota Techstream registration error:
Make sure you have installed Techstream software on Win XP operating system.
Please activate the JLR mangoose Techstream software first
Open the software file and refer to the readme.txt file, follow the text instructions

Where the “file j2534 mangoose pro” located?
You do not need to find the file, just

Go to
C:\Program Files\Toyota Diagnostics\Techstream\Env\IT3System.ini
TISFunction=1 to TISFunction=0

2) Second, the unable to connect VIM problem solution

JLR mangoose cable must be connected with vehicle after activate the Techstream software, so the computer will detect the driver.