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Lonsdor K518ISE
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DIY BMW Bicycle diagnosis with BMW INPA K+DCAN cable

The webpage states BMW INPA K+DCAN cable can only work on 1998 to 2008 BMW cars, but I found some tutorial on a forum to hook it up to diagnose BMW bikes.

You are on your risk. I am not reasonable for the damage.

BMW INPA K+CAN cable (INPA or EDIABAS compatible), cheap $20 or so
BMW 10 pin plug is the Ignition cable from an E36 or E39 6 cylinder car.
A laptop/computer running Windows XP home

Diagnostic Instructions:
1) Dependant on the software, model & adaptor cable used it may be necessary to invert RI # and DSR signals to for detection of battery and ignition as per the VAG KKL cable.
2) This cable & access through the diagnostics port is yet to be tested

Software Install:
Step 1: Connect the cable with laptop/computer running Windows XP mode operating system
Step 2: Insert the CD driver on laptop/computer. If the cable does not include driver, you can download it from http://www.ftdichip.com/.
Step 3: Set the USB serial port parameters: My Computer>>Properties>>Device Manager>>Ports (Com& LPT>>Serial USB>>Advanced)
Step 4: Set the Latency timer from default 16 msec. to 1 msec
Step 5: Check USB Port Number matches Port Number set in INPA/EDIABAS (OBD2.ini)
Step 6: Install Mprog & modify the programming of the EEPROM FT232RL
Step 7: We need to invert RI # and DSR # signals to fool the detection of battery and ignition.
After programming check your I/O Control settings list below:
Invert RI ticked
Invert DSR ticked

Save settings

Here is a video for the software installation.


Where the connection to the bike is to be via the BMW 10 pin diagnostics socket an OBDII female to BMW 10 pin plug adaptor cable is needed to connect to the OBDII to USB cable.

BMW 10 pin plug is the Ignition cable from an E36 or E39 6 cylinder car.

We need Pin 1,2,4,6,7,9,10 (Pin 7& 9 are K1600 CAN Bus)

Plug with Bike socket

For use with VAG KKL 409 USB cable

For use with K+CAN USB Interface cable

1) Some models (e.g F/G650) have K-Line 1& 2 connected in the wire harness
2) Some models (e.g F/G650) are 3 wires only to the diagnostic socket while no ignition detection
3) G450X needs a loop between pin6 &10 of the BMW 10 pin plug to stop ignition time out
4) The adapter cable has been tested with INPA/EDIABAS for F/G series
5) The adapter cable has been tested with BMW ICOM-A &ISTA-D for F/G series