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Original SPX Autoboss V30 PC Max scanner review

Questions before starting a review:

How is the software? Where can i get the SPX Autoboss V30 Software? What is the last available release? How can I update it? Quality difference by the vci? Work it over Bluetooth or wifi?

The text here will answer all questions above/and more.

1.   The SPX autoboss v30 auto scanner works alone (stand-alone) when carry out diagnostic functions. But it has to connect with PC when running an upgrade. The software application is called autoboss PC Max.
2.   Updates come in every 2-3 weeks for all vehicles, America, Europe, Asia even China models. The least released very information can be obtain in the official website: www.autoboss.net
3.   SPX autoboss v30 update instruction can be found here:
4. The VCI price differs from one seller to another. The principle to tell an ORIGINAL SPX autoboss tools from clones is that the original device comes with register serial number & password to login to the official web to run an upgrade.
5. It works over USB connection or Bluetooth connection.

Some more real customer feedback/review:

1. The SPX autoboss V30 scanner is the European Edition, so it fits European market more.

2. Autoboss is very strong in the Mercedes and BMW, and VW recommend regular VAG K + CAN, although this group Autoboss perfectly suited as a DTC reader. BSI has not yet met that I could edit.

3. Updates are VERY often, many times I had a situation that was incorrect values in the engine or the measured values, and an upgrade makes the autoboss scanner suddenly everything was OK.

4. Another advantage of the software is that you can easily "find a connection" or normal values ​​measured in any vehicle invented by you, like the engine you are looking for Suzuki Jimny 1.5 DCI, in a Nissan Micra or Renault Kango.

4. Tested even daewoo lanos 97'(take daewoo-aldl cable from X431 diagun iii) with correct parameters of engine data list, correct action tests (block memory reset, iacv reset etc,). Device can do ''zero point adjustment'' power steering system TOYOTA- Tecshtream can't do it! Full data list DME BMW E36 98'. During action test you can see all change of parameters. You can use running recorder to record and play cars.

5. Overall, I would recommend, because the price is within 550 euro, that’s quite cheaper than universal diagnostic scan tools, like Autel, Launch X431 or others.

6. Autoboss pc max is worth to buy, if you need the replacement at cheaper price, go for
VCS SCANNER. I have got vcs scanner full system=100% functions of autoboss v30.

7. Autoboss comes with a 4GG memory card,

AC/DC adapter specifications: input, output etc