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Free Download Volvo VOCOM PTT2.03

Here are the Volvo truck heady-duty diagnostic software Premium Tech Tool V2.03 free download link and installation& activation instructions.

Free download Volvo Premium Tech Tool PTT V2.03/3.02
Software version: Tech Tool V2.03.85

The PTT V2.03 software must be loaded with Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface
English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Dutch, Danish, Chinese, Norwegian, Polish, Turkish, Czech, Swedish, Japanese, Thai

Operating system:
Windows 7 professional or ultimate

Truck makers support:
Volvo/Renault/UD/Mack EURO4, EURO5, EURO 6 system

The V2.03 PPT software CAN ONLY work with Volvo 88890300 Vocom heavy-duty diagnostic Interface, cannot work with VCADS pro PTT1.12/2.40 or VCADS 88890180/88890020 yellow truck diagnostic scanners.

Volvo 88890300 Vocom truck scanner is also compatible with PTT1.12/2.40, software come with package for free. The PTT1.12 software must be installed on Windows XP system computer. Support Multi-language.

Volvo Vocom Premium Tech Tool V2.03 will have auto detect feature, but only work for all other models expect for older Mack trucks. These would be trucks running V-MACIII ECM, which is early 2000’s and older. In this case, you will need to manually select the ECM.

How to install Volvo Premium Tech Tool V2.03.85 software on Win 7?

1) Download all files, copy to usb-hdd
2) Unzip Acronis Boot 2014.part1.rar (need win.rar 5.0 above version)
3) Burn Acronis Boot 2014.iso into CD Disc
4) Unzip Tech Tool 2.03.85 (With APCI+ Update!)_Final.part01.rar, password: E29A11A8EE81DD9D1606BD83BBA26559, will get Tech Tool 2.03.85 (With APCI+ Update!)_Final.tib
5) Insert acronic boot CD, boot laptop
6) Recovery -> choose Tech Tool 2.03.85 (With APCI+ Update!)_Final.tib-> recovery to laptop harddisk
7) Reboot PC, now you will get ptt2.03 with new win7 system , then go to  install driver
8) Copy TechToolCoreDevelopmentContent.rar and VCADSProDevelopmentContent.rar to desktop
9) Send us Teamviewer ID password, our foreign engineer will active it

Do not update the new software, otherwise the software is damaged!!!
Please contact obdtool.co.uk customer service if you need the software and activation service.

GM Tech2 Scan Tool Reset OPEL Corsa-C ECU & IMMO

Tips for you to reset Reset OPEL Corsa-C ECU and IMMO with GM Tech 2 scanner.

Car Model and Year:
OPEL Corsa-C 2005
IMMO Resetting Steps:
Plug GM Tech2 cable into OPEL Corsa-C socket;
Boot up GM Tech2 diagnostic tool;
Enter into Main Menu;
Click Diagnostics to select car model and year;
Click Body >> Immobilizer >> Partnumber >> Additional Functions >> Reset Immobilizer, next you need to enter security code.
CM TECH 2 -2
Operate according to the tips, until it appears message reading “Reset Immobilize. Reset completed successfully!” It is Okay.
CM TECH 2 -3
ECU (Engine) Resetting Steps:
Come back to Additional Functions interface;
Select Reset Engine Control Module;
Select Installed Engine
CM TECH 2 -4
Wait for the data;
Enter Security Code;
Pop out message reading “Reset Engine Control Module. Reset Completed Successfully”, it is Okay.
Come back to Body (interface);
Select Programming >> Program Immobilizer Function:
Select Installed Engine;
Select Immobilizer and ECM Installed;
Enter Security Code;
Enter Vehicle Identification Number
CM TECH 2 -5
Show message to turn ignition off and then on.

2015 FVDI ABRITES Commander Full 18 No limitation

FVDI Abrites Commander Full version with 18 software can fault code,airbag,key program,even some mileage for your car from 1998-2015.

Full version, no time limitation
Comes with USB Dongle (to help update online)
Multi vehicle brands
Multi functions

FVDI FULL firmware PCB
Computer Requirement:
O/S:Windows XP(SP2 or later) Professional
Computer configuration: cpu 1.8 +
memory 2G+
FVDI Full Software Version:
1.VAG - VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda:V21
6.Peugeot/Citroen: V6.3;
7.Fiat/Alfa/Lancia:V5.4 ;
10.Hyundai/KIA:V2.1 ;
12. Ford: V4.9
13. Chrysler: V3.1;
14. VOLVO: V4.3
15. Mitsubishi: V2.1;
16. DAF: V1.0;
17. Bike, Snowmobiles and Water scooters: V1.2
18.TAG Key Tool:V6.2;

FVDI language:
1. ABRITES Commander for VAG - VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda
Supported languages: English, Germany, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Danish, Czech, Chinese, Bulgarian.;
2. ABRITES Commander for Mercedes/Smart/Maybach
Supported languages: English, Germany, Spanish, French, Italian, Danish, Romanian, Czech, Bulgarian.;
3. ABRITES Commander for BMW/MINI
Supported languages: English.;
Supported languages: English.;
5. ABRITES Commander for Peugeot/Citroen
Supported languages: English, French, Turkish.;
6. ABRITES Commander for Fiat/Alfa/Lancia
Supported languages: English, Brazilian, Germany, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Danish, Czech, Bulgarian, Croatian, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish.;
7. Abrites Commander for Renault
Supported languages: English.;
8. Abrites Commander for Toyota/Lexus
Supported languages: English.;
9. Abrites Commander for Hyundai/KIA
Supported languages: English, Czech, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian.;
10. ABRITES Commander for Porsche
Supported languages: English.;
11. ABRITES Commander for Nissan/Infiniti
Supported languages: English.;
12. ABRITES Commander for Tag
Supported languages: English.;
13. ABRITES Commander for Ford
Supported languages: English , German, French , Italian , Spanish , Dutch, Swedish , Finnish , Danish , Norwegian , Portuguese , Portuguese (Brazilian), Greek, Turkish, Hungarian, Czech, Slovenian, Polish, Russian, Chinese , Japanese, Thai , Chinese Simplified , Romanian.;
14. ABRITES Commander for Volvo
Supported languages: English , German, French , Italian , Spanish , Dutch, Swedish , Finnish , Danish , Norwegian , Portuguese , Portuguese (Brazilian), Greek, Turkish, Hungarian, Czech, Slovenian, Polish, Russian, Chinese , Japanese, Thai , Chinese Simplified , Romanian.;
15. ABRITES Commander for Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep
Supported languages: Brazilian ,Bulgarian ,Croation ,Czech, Danish ,Greek, Hungarian, Italian ,Polish, Portuguese , Romanian ,Russian ,Slovenian, Spanish ,Swedish ,Turkish.;
16. ABRITES Commander for Mitsubishi
Supported languages: Brazilian ,Bulgarian ,Croation ,Czech, Danish ,Dutch, English , German, French , Greek, Hungarian, Italian ,Polish, Portuguese , Romanian ,Russian ,Slovenian, Spanish ,Swedish ,Turkish.;
17. ABRITES Commander for DAF
Supported languages: Bulgarian , chinese(Simplified) , Chinese(Traditional) , Croation , Czech , Danish , Dutch , English , Finish , German , Greek , Hungarian , Indonesian , Italian , Japanese , Korean , Norwegian , Polish.;
18. ABRITES Commander for Bikes, Snowmobiles and Water scooters
Supported languages: Finnish ,French ,German ,Greek ,Hungarian , Indonesian, Italian, Japanese ,Korean ,Norwegian ,Polish ,Romanian ,Russian ,Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish ,Thai ,Turkish.

FVDI Vehicle Support 
FVDI basic functions:
How update FVDI software/ How to do online function?
You can do online functions with the DONGLE.Without dongle, many important special functions are not supported. The future update is free for ever. Update patch will be sent via email when new version released. But other software you have to buy new update software.  Here is the update document to refer:
How to use the Dongle (Internet connection required)?
1. Run "ABRITES Quick Start"
Click quick link icon on desktop and open ABRITES quick loader.
Click vehicle icon, an "Dongle" icon appears in the right-bottom corner of desktop (tray bar).
When icon appears, the Dongle software is running.
3. Connect the Dongle to computer
4. Run commander
5. If tip "connect TAG programmer" appears
Since the Dongle and TAG key programmer connect to the same one port of AVDI, you cannot use them at the same time.
When tip "connect TAG programmer" appears, you must plug out the Dongle from port and plug in TAG key programmer. After you finish programming transponder,,plug in FLY dongle as soon as possible.
Current price obdtool.co.uk: €4,629.00

(solved)GM Tech 2 Error: GM TECH 2 CANdi module interface not detected

GM Tech2 scanner error: GM TECH 2 CANdi module interface not detected.
  1. Together with the car ignition off, connect the gm tech two and gm tech 2 CANdi module(which now is a single extended cable).
  2. Power up the Tech2 You may get 12V in the DLC (now it took me a half hour to find out the “DLC signifies “Data Hyperlink Connector” and is what we also call the OBD2 connector, so be ready to be stumped by TLA’s (Three Letter Acronyms).
  3. At the principal menu press F3-tool solutions.
  4. In the tool alternatives screen pick F9, CANdi Diagnostics.
  5. You will find two tests on the subsequent screen, run them each. When you get pass on each, that you are excellent to go. The CANdi should really talk to your 2004 vehicle.
six. Either turn the ignition key of your car to on, or start out it (for a C6 there is not an “on”).
  1. Press the EXIT button till the Tech 2 goes back to the primary menu.
  2. Choose F0, Diagnostics.
  3. Make all of the requested selections to get you for the module inside the automobile you would like to appear at. You could be choosing physique style; you might want the body code (from time to time the third character in the VIN) the engine size, manual or auto and from time to time radio variety. You might also be asked about particular choices, like ZL6. They're on a tag in the glovebox.
Hope it helps you.

VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford &Mazda license not valid (fixed)

When install VXDIAG Ford IDS V95 on VMware, the VMware display License Not valid error message. Try to re-install software, but still fail to work.

Just change the date and time (time zone) setting of master laptop to UTC+08:00 Beijing, ChongQin----,then to click OK
After that , it will be ok to run VMWare for FORD IDS V95.05.

Ford IDS V95 installation video instruction
Both Ford IDS and Mazda IDS can be installed on VMware.


How much do you know VXDIAG VCX NANO for JLR Software SDD V141?

How much do you know VXDIAG VCX NANO for Land Rover and Jaguar Software V141? Here, I’d like to share some detailed information about the hardware and the software of the VXDIAG VCX NANO for Land Rover and Jaguar.

About the package:
This VXDIAG VCX NANO for Land Rover and Jaguar package includes:
1pc x VXDIAG VCX NANO main unit
1pc x USB cable
1pc x Driver CD

About Jaguar-Land Rover Features: 
1. Data Lists
2. Active Tests
3. Monitor
4. Utility tests
5. Reprogramming
(NOTE: Immobilizer programming require to do it online, that needs you have Jaguar account. Other programming no need to do online, but you need connect voltage stabilizer to make sure your voltage is stable )
6. Diagnostics Trouble Codes

About JLR SDD (system driven diagnostics):
You need install VCX driver first!!

Pay attention to the warning:
-- to avoid possible serious injury or death: ensure the diagnostic tester VXDIAG VCX NANO is placed in the vehicle so it does not interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle;
-- spark plug wire voltage produced by modern ignition systems can be as high as 40kV. While carrying out repairs or checks on ignition systems it is important to adore to the appropriate saftety precautions preventing the possibility of electronic shocks;
-- when checking the fuel system, remember that the fuel system may still be pressurized when the engine is switched off. Always follow the instructions related to the fuel system pressure relief. All fuel handling safety precautions must be observed;
-- which conducting tests on a hot engine take all safety precautions to prevwnr skin contact with hot engine components;
-- while conducting checks with a running engine, ensure adequate safety precautions are observed to prevent contact with moving engine parts;
-- as battery fluid is corrosive, take adequate safety precautions to prevent eye and skin contact. Gases released during charging are expensive. Never use naked flames or sparks.

The vehicle information: LAND ROVER L319 LAND ROVER LR3\LR7 (2006)

Symptom selection for diagnosis:

Vehicle specification:

DTCs display:

WIFI wireless Scania VCI3 SDP3 Truck Diagnostic Interface

Scania VCI 3 WIFI Wireless interface with SDP3 (Scania Diagnose & Programming 3) V2.21 heavy-duty diagnostic scanner is the replacement of the VCI 2. What’s the advantage of the Scania VCI3? Check detail below.


Scania truck model: 2004-2014

Software version: V2.21

Language: English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Suomi, Turkish, Italian, Czech, Russian, Chinese.

Operating system: Windows 7 32-bit ONLY

The Scania VCI3 can be connected to the computer with a USB cable or connection without wire. The VCI3 is preset to run on a direct wireless connection.

Remember that the region in VCI3 is default in Europe. If VCI3 will be used outside Europe, setting the region should be amended.

For more information on the connection options and settings and how to best use the functions in VCI3 and SDP3, see VCI3 Configuration and user instructions under the Help menu in SDP3.


2) VCI3 connect to wireless
3) Connect and disconnect the wireless connection VCI3 using the menu item
4) Connect VCI to wireless or Disconnect VCI wireless in SDP3.

When VCI3 interface is connected to the vehicle or engine via the OBD connector, the Scania VCI3 creates a network called VCI3_SN <serial number of the unit> ecc_network.

Follow the instructions below. It can take 30-60 seconds to complete each step.

1. Connect your computer to VCI3 network through the Network icon in the field of status in Windows.
2. Start SDP3 software.
3. Select Connect to VCI wireless connection in the SDP3 menu.
4. Click the relevant VCI3 in VCI3s list wireless network and select Connect.
The first time SDP3 connects to a VCI3, the drivers are VCI3 installed on your computer.

How to configure WIFI in SDP3 to enable WIFI wireless connection instruction:

VCI3 SDP3 comes with USB dongle, software needs activation.

FAQ VXDIAG VCX NANO for Jaguar and Land rover

Frequent asked questions (including error fix) of VXDIAG VCX NANO diagnostic interface for Jaguar and Land rover are gathered below.

Q: What’s the difference among VXDIAG VCX NANO for JLR, JLR Mangoose SDD (SP116, SP205) and VCM2 IDS/SDD for JLR (SP177-G, SP177-F)
1) Software is the same, differs in version, perform same functions
2) Differ in hardware and use different drivers
3) The biggest advantage of VXDIAG VCX NANO is the firmware will never be locked (unlike VCM2 SDD for JLR).

Q:  I have followed the installation instructions but SDD will not start, any ideas?? Installed on Win 7 Pro 32bit, have the vx manager driver installed, no error reports and no error screenshots. Install was OK, everything works right up to opening sdd, then nothing?
A: Your VXDIAG VCX NANO interface is not plugged into vehicle.  The hardware interface should be plugged into vehicle's diagnostic socket if you need to run the SDD software.

Q:  I tried to use V142 with VXDIAG VCX Nano JLR on Win 8.1, the program start and i found the unit but it can't read auto identification, or manual VIN number but it don't work do the unit only work with V141, why?
A: The VXDIAG VCX NANO for JLR is compatible with V141 SDD software (compatible original SDD software V141 as well). V142 is too new to read the VIN. And please change another laptop running Windows 7 operating system.

Q: What’s the latest version SDD of the VXDIAG tool?
A: The current version SDD is V141.

A: Does the VXDIAG SDD for JLR support diesel models?
Q: Yes, it supports both diesel and petrol models.

Q: Will the new VXDIAG SDD support both online and offline programming? Need I pay extra payment?
A: The new SDD will do reprogramming (Immobilizer programming online requires Jaguar account. Other programming do no need to do online, but you need connect storage battery to make sure your voltage is stable)

Q: How to install the SDD software? Do you have instructions?
A: Software CD contain installation guide. And here is a Youtube software installation guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0Kbk0txQro

Q: What year does the new SDD cover? Will it do Jaguar 2015?
A: The SDD supports 2005 to 2014 Jaguar and Land rover models.

Q: I have watched and installed as per vide, this allows offline mode to work for one day then it does not work?
A: For all the JLR software after V137, they can't support offline programming anymore, only online programming.

Q: Does it support Dutch language?
A: Yes, the VXDIAG SDD supports multi language, including English/Japanese/Portuguese/Romanian/Korean/Dutch/Polish/Turkish/Spanish/French/Italian/Croatian/Danish/German/Swedish/Finnish/Slovenian/Czech/Russian/Greek/Chinese.

Q: How can I update it?

A: VXDIAG SDD software can be updated online. Firmware cannot be updated. 


Unlimited Tokens Firmware V7.003 K-tag KTM100 V2.13 (New)

Download Ktag Ktm V2.13 Vehicle List:
Why choose K-tag KTM100 V2.13?
1. K-tag KTM100 V2.13 Firmware V7.003 is Easy to use, stable, so cars can choose to use large type id, automation ecu chip type model.
2. The model is easy to view in a list inside
3. Increase BMW Mercedes-Benz W222 chassis gasoline F
The latest hardware V7.003
5. The band renew button, tokens after use, press this button, you can then get tokens, do not need to get tokens with j-link Programming.
K-tag KTM100 V2.13 Firmware V7.003 Price: €405.00 


NCS Error When Changing ZCS on BMW E39

Here is the solution I got from forum bros for how to deal with NCS error when changing ZCS on BMW E39.

I want to change ZCS by NCS on my E39, but unsuccessfully. Got error central coding key is faulty. Using profile expertmode. I played with zeko.zcs and there was ok my new zcs.

Remove the last digit of GM, SA and VN. They are check digits and you don't need to type them. Tick the box that says 'calculate new checksum' then do ZCS_write to EWS an then to KMB/IKE module.
GM = 53510000
SA = 20000A0004001440
VN = 20000000054
Code EWS and IKE with ZCS WRITE, then do SG_codeiren for the whole car.

Successfully changed ZCS by NCS-Expert tool and the BMW ICOM A2.

Toyota Diesel Diagnosis & Key programming, which OBD tool?

A Toyota Hilux Vigo 2009 user contacted our engineer to look for an all-in-one OBD tool that can diagnose, program immobilizer and program keys etc for Toyota diesels (as well as some other diesel models like Tundra V8, Land Cruiser etc)

Obdtool.co.uk here would give you proper recommendations.

1) Pre-2010 Toyota Diesel

Toyota OEM Denso Intelligent Tester IT2 for Toyota And Suzuki now released to latest version 2015.08.
 Multi-Languages: English/ German/ French/ Spanish/ Italian/ Chinese

1) Denso diagnostic tester for Toyota, Lexus and Suzuki will enable you to diagnose control system for engines, ABS and airbag, even through CAN-diagnosis communication to read code, clear code, data flow, action testing and guard against theft initialization function.  DST-2 with Voltmeter and Oscilloscope not only communication basis diagnosis (Diagnostic code, ECU data monitor, Active test), but also voltmeter and oscilloscope detect alteration in the electric signal to find out the troubling part.
2) DST-2 will program keys for Lexus / Toyota 1999 even all key lost.
3) Toyota Denso tester will also program ECM/PCM.

Toyota IT2 doesn’t work with Hybrid vehicles.
Denso tester covers parts of North America Suzuki. If you need to do rest Suzuki, better choose GM Tech2 scanner.

2) 2010-Up Toyota diesel

For Toyota diesel 2010 after diagnose & programming, better to choose VXDIAG MULTI diagnostic tool for TOYOTA + HONDA + LandRover/Jaguar JLR 3 IN 1.

The original Allscanner VXDIAG Multi tool comes with 3 software and it is compatible with original software.
Toyota: V10.10.018
Honda 3.014
LandRover, Jaguar Version V141

Multi-language: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, French and so on.

VXDIAG Multi tool support both 12V and 24V gasoline and diesel car and support 4-way CAN BUS and 2-way K - Line/L-Line.

It has the full capacity of diagnosing, immo programming and key programming.