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Lonsdor K518ISE
Lonsdor K518ISE


GM Tech2 Scan Tool Reset OPEL Corsa-C ECU & IMMO

Tips for you to reset Reset OPEL Corsa-C ECU and IMMO with GM Tech 2 scanner.

Car Model and Year:
OPEL Corsa-C 2005
IMMO Resetting Steps:
Plug GM Tech2 cable into OPEL Corsa-C socket;
Boot up GM Tech2 diagnostic tool;
Enter into Main Menu;
Click Diagnostics to select car model and year;
Click Body >> Immobilizer >> Partnumber >> Additional Functions >> Reset Immobilizer, next you need to enter security code.
CM TECH 2 -2
Operate according to the tips, until it appears message reading “Reset Immobilize. Reset completed successfully!” It is Okay.
CM TECH 2 -3
ECU (Engine) Resetting Steps:
Come back to Additional Functions interface;
Select Reset Engine Control Module;
Select Installed Engine
CM TECH 2 -4
Wait for the data;
Enter Security Code;
Pop out message reading “Reset Engine Control Module. Reset Completed Successfully”, it is Okay.
Come back to Body (interface);
Select Programming >> Program Immobilizer Function:
Select Installed Engine;
Select Immobilizer and ECM Installed;
Enter Security Code;
Enter Vehicle Identification Number
CM TECH 2 -5
Show message to turn ignition off and then on.