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NCS Error When Changing ZCS on BMW E39

Here is the solution I got from forum bros for how to deal with NCS error when changing ZCS on BMW E39.

I want to change ZCS by NCS on my E39, but unsuccessfully. Got error central coding key is faulty. Using profile expertmode. I played with zeko.zcs and there was ok my new zcs.

Remove the last digit of GM, SA and VN. They are check digits and you don't need to type them. Tick the box that says 'calculate new checksum' then do ZCS_write to EWS an then to KMB/IKE module.
GM = 53510000
SA = 20000A0004001440
VN = 20000000054
Code EWS and IKE with ZCS WRITE, then do SG_codeiren for the whole car.

Successfully changed ZCS by NCS-Expert tool and the BMW ICOM A2.