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Lonsdor K518ISE
Lonsdor K518ISE


How to diagnose Landrover P0404 fault code with JLR SDD

Vehicle model:
Land Rover Defender (LD), vehicle VIN: 7A7326615x
Check engine light flashes and engine hesitates with P0404 error code stored in PCM
Diagnostic reason analysis:
EGR volume control solenoid valve
Diagnostic equipment:
How to diagnose and reset P0404 fault code:
1.Install new version EGR value
$T2eC16FHJGYFFk0CtUfqBRwvt1ENWQ~~60_35 20111105_EGR_Blanking_Plate-00091
2.Disconnect all current ruining electronic equipments on the car
3.Connect Midtronic storage battery with vehicle
4.Connect JLR mangoose SDD diagnostic cable with vehicle via OBD socket
5.The system will read vehicle identification number VIN and build communication
6.Select “Diagnosis Session Type” from main menu
7.Select “Symptoms”
8.Select one among these options:
--“Electrical/Instrument/Warninglamps/Engine malfunction lamp/Lamp illuminated” --“Powerstrain/engine system/Engine performance /Poor idle”
--“Powertarin/engine system/Engine performance/Poor idle”
--Or navigate to “PCM DTC—P0404-72-73-P1402-16-P1409-77”
9.Select “Recommendations”
10.Run “Configure exixtingModule-Powertain control module” and follow the system prompts
11.After complete previous procedures, select “Session”
12.Select “Close Session” when complete reset error code.
13.Disconnect JLR SDD diagnostic interface and storage battery from vehicle.
JLR Mangoose for Jaguar and Land Rover V139 Support till 2014