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How to update MPPS ECU Chip tuning software to V16.1.02

2014 MPPS Français ECU Chip Tuning tool support EDC15 EDC16 EDC17 inkl CHECKSUM has newly upgraded to V16.1.02.
How to update MPPS ECU programmer software to latest V16.1.02:

1) Contact obdtool.co.uk customer service and we will provide you the link to download the MPPS V16.1.02 software
2) Extract the MPPS zip file to the desktop
3) Cut MPPS V16.1.02 folder to C:/
4) Open MPPS folder on C:// and send MPPS deriver to desktop to create “Shortcut to MPPS”

5) Wait the windows to detect the hardware wizard and select second option: Install from a list or specific location, click Next

6) Save file to C://MPPS//Device Driver
7) Find out and locate via My computer>>Manage>>Device Manage>>Universal Serial Bus controller>>Amt Flash

8) Open MPPS driver shortcut on the desktop

9) Select vehicle make, vehicle model and vehicle ECU type an click Ecu Id (F1)

10) Select Write (F3)

11) After complete write ECU, exit the program.
Free Download MPPS V16.1.02 ECUchip tuning tool vehicle list