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Who has GM TECH2 and where are they are in UK?

The following paragraphs are based a thread listing who has GM Tech 2 and GM MDI Global TIS and where they are.

1)Oxford/Heathrow area.
Saab v148 so 9-3 9-5 onwards.
Vauxhall Tech2 only (no SPS programming)
2) Nottingham/Derby area
Saab and GM
Full SPS/GlobalTIS programming ability.
3)Queenborough (Isle of Sheppey), Kent
Saab software (including for 9000's / 900's with the standard OBD plug), plus an older Vauxhall one - will need to check what
model year it goes up to!
Also have GlobalTIS, so can do the important TTiD engine firmware upgrade ...
4) Sandwich, Kent Nr Dover for those skipping the country
Have cards/connectors for GM variants and earlier 900/9000.
5) TECH2 latest software and global tis. west Yorkshire,huddersfield also can do earlier saab 900/9000/gm900
6) Heathrow based area.
Tech 2 with latest version of Opel/Vauxhall Software V165 and Saab Software
Latest GlobalTIS for both Opel/Vauxhall and Saab
7) Cleveland Stockton on tees
I have saab software and globaltis.
I have used my GM tech2 to retrofit tcs and marry a non divorced cd changer.
And more members I will not list here.

Toyota Camry with G Chip all key lost, TM100 and Xprog-m make key

Remove Immobilizer box from the dashboard.
Use Xprog-m to read out 93C66 data and save it.

Open TM100 software and find out Toyota Camry after 2005 93C66 module, click "Open software", load 93C66 data, it prompts "I can use original chip (with G chip)" and click "Yes", select "Key 1" to write start.

TM100 will generate new data, write it back to 93C66 is okay.
Install immobilizer box back.
Use the new key to start the car.

China GM TECH 2 does everything a real Tech 2 does, how?

10-06-2014 Update:
I just placed my order GM TECH 2 from obdtool.co.uk...
10-10-2014 Update:
It still hasn't shipped according to their website. I contacted them asking why it hasn't shipped yet. They are quick to respond, GM TECH2 is out of stock now and hope I would be patient to wait another 3 days, they will try their best to arrange. She even informed me that she declared a $69.00 value to help keep my customs fees low. Since obdtool.co.uk own good reputation, then I choose wait.
10-13-2014 Update:
I received a notice from the vendor that my GM TECH2 item has finally shipped.....today!!! I got a DHL track number.
10-20-2014 Update:
I received my Tech 2 today. It was a longer than expected shipping time but am quite happy with it so far. I have not yet used it and my first task will be to perform a CKP relearn. I'll let you know how it goes in the following parts.
Here are some pics:

Package: I did receive the TIS2000 software disc. It was in the bag along with the product stickers. So yeah, I got the full package.
I just performed a CKP sensor relearn and it went perfectly. No problems reported. I also performed a complete diagnostic of my ABS including the motor and EBCM. No problems reported. I also went for a drive for some real time data logging. All looked good. It was amazing to note all of the misfires that were being reported prior to the CKP relearn process. No misfires after the procedure.
Well gentlemen, this unit appears to do everything a real Tech 2 does. It works perfectly so far. The general quality of the unit also appears to be quite good with a robust case and very bright and clear screen. I am very satisfied so far. I know that I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of what it can do and I guess I will discover its various functions as time goes on. If anyone has any questions, please let me know.
What Windows Operation Tech2 is compatible?
I keep an old Windows XP laptop in the garage which has my service manuals for all my cars including the C5. At first I'm not sure what I can do with the TIS2000 software, then after I check find it’s working. Someone said VMWare works, and someone suggest Windows compatibility mode works sometimes. Try setting it for windows 7 compatibility and see if it works then, or try another mode like XP. I haven’t try this, and your options?

Mini VCI cable with Toyota TechStream $24 can and can't be done

Mini VCI cable with TechStream is a $24 Toyota interface cable that comes with version 7 Techstream software and drivers that let me check/change a number of variables in my LX. I'm not a vendor, nor affiliated in any way - just purchased it off the web
after reading several references to it while researching AHC threads here in forum.ih8mud.com/ .

This weekend I used it to:
1.read AHC pressures to correctly crank TBs (4 turns, both sides on original set up @ 116k did the trick) - front pressures now at nominal spec and confirmed rear springs are a little tired as rear AHC pressure just outside range. A valid pressure test removes a lot of speculation and blind cranking of TB's on AHC vehicles. And yes, based on hitting my local calibrated speed hump at 30 mph it does dampen better with the correct TB/front pressure loading.
2.reset steering angle sensor to get rid of annoying 10 degree off centered wheel. Not sure how many alignment places reset the SAS as a matter of course, or if you don't ask for it specifically. I know my local Firestone does a reasonable alignment in that the truck drives straight, equal turning effort and no uneven tire wear - but the wheel was never centered properly. Only time I had it aligned at the stealer they charged an extra $10, on top of the $129, to reset the SAS.
3.verified yaw and zero yaw sensor values were set to "0"
4.turn off the 3s delayed wipe after using windshield washer.
5.turn on "unlock all doors" with one push on remote (already had manually set lock/unlock on shifting from "P").
6.adjusted headlight off and interior light delays.
7.ran "vehicle health check" and OBDII live tests to monitor O2 sensor voltages among other things, and won't be buying replacement sensors (still original) now. No DTC or MIL, its just that some say 02s need to be replaced as a PM item, and others don't feel the same way. So until I get a DTC I'll leave them alone.
I haven't used TechStream from the TIS site so can't compare or comment on features and functions of the "official" software to what comes on the mini CD, but I'm happy. Just changing the remote unlock and centering the wheel was worth $35 to me! Still learning what can and can't be done, what utility/test features are enabled and what's not, and what all the data means.
Some technicians who I know are using Mangoose Toyota Techstreamalso from this site, they say it can do as the vendor claimed, haven’t use it, wish have chance to have one.

DIY Exp: How To Code Transponder and Make BMW Key

Note: I wouldn’t say this DIY is for everyone. What I do this Diy experience only aimed to save money, once I have ever been robbed bind by dealership for a key that looks like it only costs less than US$5.00 in materials. And now, this article might, at least, be for your reference.
AK90 Key Programmer (I bought less than US$100.00, shipping fee included)
1.We need to remove the cover the cover underneath the steering column to access EWS module. There are 3 phillips screws, and a plastic rivet.

2.After that there are 2 metal clips holding the front part of the cover up. They're on each side of the steering column cover where that gap occurs. I used a flat head to slide it in between the clip and it easily pops off.

3.Now you have a choice, you can unplug the gong, obd2 port, and floor light (which was what I did the first time) or leave them be and stick your head through whatever space you managed to open up and look up to the left at the EWS.

4.You'll need a 10mm socket to dismount EWS. What I did was loosen the nut furthest away from me, the one that holds the EWS up but is open ended. Unscrew the other nut all the way. Eventually you'll get that nut off and your EWS hangs there by its connector. Reach up there and feel around for the release tab on EWS. The release should be at the very end of the connector where it turns into wires. It comes off very easy.
5.Pull the EWS unit out. Now pop off the top of the case enclosing the circuitry itself. It flips open like a cigarette box, only it is easier if you use both hands.

6.Pull the circuit board out of its casing by pushing in all 4 tabs on the connector side. I placed the open end on my chest at an angle, pushed in all 4 tabs and used my chest to help get the board out.

7.At first glance, it'll look like engine oil somehow got into the EWS. The coating on the board also looks wet, like it was going to be sticky or gooey when you touch it.
8.This next step only applies to EWS2 and 3)
Next, have a razor blade, flat head, or something thin you can scrape with. That coating surrounds the metal contacts on the mcu chip that we need to connect to and will prevent electrical contacts. Take your tool and slowly scrape off the outside of the mcu chip, make sure you can see shiny metal on each pin. it doesn't have to be perfect, just as long as you expose metal. Once you're done, let’s move to software.
9.Before you launch the software, plug the ak90 up to computer and place your key or transponder in the space allowed.

10.Launch the software. It'll beep then look for your transponder. Once done, push the "Test Key" button. It'll provide a little bit of info and ensures this is the key you want programmed.

11.Satisfied, click on the drop down menu on the right and select your mcu. Your mcu number is written on the mcu itself. Once you know your mcu type, pick it on menu.

12.Something similar to this should pop up.

13.It is showing you how to connect the cables provided to your EWS. Mine was straightforward. Once connected, hit the read EWS button.

14.Once it is done reading, save a copy of that file. Now after this point, if you forgot or needed info on the key and hit test key, it resets the info on read ews. instead of reading ews again, hit load that save file to save time.
15.Now select analyze EWS.

16.Here you can add or delete keys, and modify VIN and mileage on EWS. If you feel you don't want to mess with anything, cancel out and lets go write you a new key.

17.Make sure your EWS data is loaded and present. Select write key.

18.Here you get to choose which slots to write the key to, and what type of transponder you have. My 2001 330ci had the 10030A EML. I believe the PCF 7930/35 belongs to previous generations prior to ews 3, I think. The first time I did this with virgin transponder, I selected a new slot. Ever since then I've experimented and have been successful in starting my car even after switching that same key to 2 different spots. Do what you feel most comfortable with. Then hit write.

19.All being done. Go ahead and try it out. With a virgin blank transponder, it didn't crank the 1st try. Need to let it sit on ignition 2 for around 5 seconds for it to initialize or something then try and start.

Ford Diagnostic Tool EML and DTC's Recommendations and Advice

Which one diagnostic tool is best to diagnose Ford eg.mk3 2.0 TDCI estate 55 plate? Go on reading following parts for answers.
Car model and year: mk3 2.0 TDCI estate 55 plate
Purpose: clear dtc's and see why the eml is lighting up.
Ford Diagnostic Equipment Recommendations:
Fordscan soft
Ford VCM IDS diagnostic kit. Good quality Ford VCM from china works just like original...
Chinese Delphi
1) Ford VCM IDS:
A great number of people test a lot of VCM units from China, some works, some not work. I am luckily to get one VCM II from  China and it is working well.
This one VCM-II works:
I can verify it does seem to run faultless and already wifi enabled.
And some forum members verified this one VCM-II works:
It's done Pcm update, pump/inj learns, config. Runs fine on w7 notebook and iPhone.
The software IDS comes with it, it can be updated but it's not licensed, no fees involved. If you're just using for yourself and friends, you should be good to go. For most of us with Transit machines pre~2012 the V86.04 software and C81 calibrations should cover most. I stand corrected as usual and Loot will probably be along shortly to give some more info.
2) Bluetooth ELM327:
If you have a mobile phone, you can get a Bluetooth ELM327 ( or Wifi one if your an Iphone user ) cheaply & easy stored in the glovebox & you normally have ur phone on you so reading & clearing the codes is a doddle if they crop up if that's your only aim etc  ( this is the route I took to clear my motas habit of spitting up a 400 error code which for the 4-pot petrols is a software glitch when you driveem a certain way ) they can also do some live data but its not as good as when you have a laptop & usb interface etc.
2 months ago, I got a new OBD2 Bluetooth with torque Pro App and have been playing with it quite a bit lately.
First, I ordered an ODB2 to Bluetooth adapter and hooked it up. Simply pair it to your Android device (apple is more complicated) like any other Bluetooth device. I did have to restart my phone before it'd pair but my tablet paired right away. This is the one I bought:
The interface is highly customizable and will show TONS of parameters with the ISF ECU. I have gauges showing 0-60, 1/4 mile, speed (from ECU or GPS), Engine speed, torque, horsepower, afm, voltages, etc. It'll also allow you to see and clear codes off the ECU. That alone was my excuse to buy it to the wife!
There are different themes to the gauges, with infinite gauge layouts you can use.
I'd highly recommend this to anyone with an extra $15 lying around. The app is $4.99 and the device is $9.99.It's a great cheap monitoring tool that I'm looking forward to using in autocross videos. It'll do logging and everything that the more expensive tools will do for much less money. the options I mentioned are just a few of the monitor able parameters of the ECU. I'm in no way affiliated with this but I'm having a blast trying out this technology!
So far the best I've run is a 5.0 0-60 (tire spin in the cold).
3) Fordscan soft
Someone use this tool, I haven’t tried it, so have no ideal on it.
4) Other tools advice:
Besides, I also now have a cheap Chinese Delphi clone universal thingy for the laptop too that's supposedly good for all modules - seems to be too as it talked to my retro-fit climate control module OK & service light resetting etc - does trucks & vans too - the mechanics who have borrowed it from me to try before they also buy have been more than impressed with it considering its rather small price compared to the expensive stuff they currently use etc. ( normally around the £80-90 mark delivered, can be had cheaper when you’re lucky).
All in all, it depends on your budget.

Tutorial On Making New Key for 2004 BMW X1 Via BMW Multi Tool

Here show you how to make a new key for a 2004 BMW X1 with all key lost via BMW Multi Tool, please check the following procedure step by step.
1.Use TOY43 2 IN 1 Auto Pick and Decoder to open the door.


3.Run BMW multi tool software and it will enter into the interface (shown below).



6.When you click “Get the information”, it will pop out another window, just click on “Add key” and then “Next”.
7.Next it will pop out a message to remove key.
8.Note: You had better save the information that has been read out.

9.Select “Program Dealer Key” (Mark Red, on the bottom), then select key No. (Mark Red, on the left) that you want to program, and then click “Program Dealer Key” again.

10.Put the key fob (remove before) in the BMW multi tool hardware coin. When it pop out message asking whether the key being programmed is a smart key or not, just click “No”. A message indicates “The dealer key makes successfully”.
11.After finishing programming, take out new key and insert into ignition switch, try to start.

For all discussions regarding the GM Tech 2 onboard diagnostics tool

This article is to illustrate the main, in the choice of goods, when to choose a good business - you can continue to provide technical support for businesses (www.eobdtool.co.uk is one of them)
Originally Posted by kraichle
Done that. Tried the alternate PCMCIA slot, no luck. Pulled the card put it in my friends authentic Tech-2 and card boots fine. I even tried my friends GM card in the China GM Tech 2 and still no luck. Pulled the back off and check the RTC battery and that reads good at ~3.0V. I think the error is a test of some memory in the Real Time Clock (RTC) that can't be accessed or something like that, who knows. I used to design scan tools, and wow what a piece of work this one is. There's a boat load of jumper wires going from IC to IC, which in my world would be considered a prototype, but looks like China is fine with shipping prototypes. After seeing the insides I'm pretty sure there isn't any difference in quality between the more expensive Tech-2 and the least expensive one. If I don't get any response from Cathy I'll probably go buy the $91 unit from another China wholesaler then I'll have double everything. Well maybe not a functioning motherboard . I'd still be way ahead financially than springing for a real Tech-2.

One thing i haven't done yet, but thinking about it, is to pull the RTC battery out for a longer period of time. It's possible that the RTC got locked up and can't be talked to and the backup battery is keeping it in that state.
Originally Posted by CJPeterborough
Thats all very well and good BUT it is impractical to ship anything back to China for a repair...........you don’t list your location or postal address on your website which would concern me for sure.
Whilst you continue to self promote I have noticed that you are selling the GM Tech 2 at much higher prices than those currently available.It is also extremely difficult to work out what indeed you would be buying as the none of the 22 packages listed are in fact itemised.
OBDTool.co.uk is a 5-year-old site. Please rest assured that we will be responsible for our products. We have branches in China, US, UK, etc, but the returned products are shipped to Shenzhen, China, because our technicians are there.
Address:1st. Floor/ Building 1/ NO.6068/ 188 Industrial Zone/Heng Gang/ Long gang district/ 518115 Shen zhen city/ China
Postcode: 518115
Price can be negotiated. Of course you can find cheaper Tech2 tools from other Chinese shops, but as far as I know, most of them do not have technicians and therefore provides poor after-sales technical support.

How much do you know XTOOL X-100 PAD Tablet Key Programmer?

Here, obdtool will introduce the tablet key programmer X100 PAD in detail, including 4 parts:
Diagnosis report;
Hope this helps you all.

X100 pad functions:

* Key programming
* Service light reset
* Tooth lean
* ABS bleeding
* Types pressure reset
* ECU reset
* Exhaust gas treatment
* Odometer Adjustment
* Steering Angle Calibration
* EPB Electrical Parking Brake Adaptation
* TPS Throttle Body Adaptation
* EEPROM adapter

* Oil Reset/Engine oil light reset
* Timing belt light reset (Manual Operation)
* Battery Reset
* PIN Code Reading
* Hexadcimal editor(Win Hex)
* OBDII Diagnosis
* DPF function

* Support the latest vehicles with CAN BUS and UDS protocol
* Update Via WIFI (always equip your device with the latest software)
What’s the vehicle coverage in each function?
X-100 PAD Setting:
X100 PAD settings include language, unit, Bluetooth, self test.
-Language setting:

-UNIT setting:

- Bluetooth setting:

-self test:
Users can send the X100 pad to the factory if the self test fails.

X-100 tablet diagnosis report:

The diagnostic report provides vehicle maintenance documents including Automotive Technical Manuals, Maintenance Cases, Circuit Diagram, Common Trouble Codes, etc.
XTOOL X100 PAD update:
X100 pad update directly via Internet using WIFI or wired connection. To access the update application, open X100 pad application and click UPATE.

Foxwell NT500 VAG Scanner DIY Diagnostic and coding

I recently investigated a Foxwell NT500 VAG scanner for my Audi B7 A4 2008. I'm tired of lugging my laptop out to the cars to use VC*S and other PC-based systems, and Torque app & ELM327 Bluetooth adapter doesn't have this functionality.
The Foxwell makes good diagnostic scanners as AUTEL. I think the difference is that Foxwell scanner is subdivided to different regions and car brands. It will scan and read diagnostic codes for any OBDII auto, but does not have the extended editing capabilities for all.
The Foxwell NT500 scanner I bought from obdtool.co.uk at €155.00 and well packed in a small bag.
Packing including:
Foxwell nt500 main unit
A USB cable
A main test cable
A mini software CD
Manual book
A carry bag

It seems very comprehensive.
It runs off power from the diagnostic port but it is able to power up with the key off. At that point you can navigate through model selection.
I did some investigation before buying the device and found that the NT500 scanner appears to be capable of almost all functions (coding, adjusting headlights, taillight brightness, key fob tricks, system diagnostics, etc.) that a Ross-Tech cable does.  And it has the capacity to update software via SD card. Thought there is little document on update part.
The adaptation functions covers documented and undocumented settings. The documented settings gives an explanation of the parameter and suggested values.
I first disabled the seat belt chime under “Adaptation” function item.
Image saved:


NT500 gives a very clear explanation to fault codes

Enter the new code using keyboard feature

I had to edit all of the other values and set them to their current values otherwise it says "Coding Not Complete":

Coding completed

NT500 code scanner will log data and you can view live graphs while recording, see pictures below:

Playback is a little less exciting. You can open saved logs and read through them one frame at a time, but there is no graphing. I have located the files that get stored on the SD card and I am planning on making a utility to translate them to a format to import into Excel:

It also shows actual vs requested values, like boost pressure

From the Saved data... Engine speed is 3840RPM. Looks right for APR Stage 1:

I believe it is faster for live data and graph view, but is slower for saving. It may also be limited to 256 samples.
It will do radio coding as well. There is a Radio coding section

I didn’t see coding option under Digital Radio item, but I found there is other 56: Radio option.

In here there are options for Coding and Adaptation:

There does not seem to be any documented codes, but if you are aware of what you need to do, it is available:

FYI... When you access the Radio systems, the radio screen looks like this (if you have a radio like mine, anyway):
Also, it's a good idea to mute the radio when you do this or it may scare the tar out of you when it resets.
Foxwell NT500 OBD2 scanner brings many other functions that I do not want to list one by one here. In a nutshell, money was well spent!!!