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Lonsdor K518ISE
Lonsdor K518ISE


How much do you know XTOOL X-100 PAD Tablet Key Programmer?

Here, obdtool will introduce the tablet key programmer X100 PAD in detail, including 4 parts:
Diagnosis report;
Hope this helps you all.

X100 pad functions:

* Key programming
* Service light reset
* Tooth lean
* ABS bleeding
* Types pressure reset
* ECU reset
* Exhaust gas treatment
* Odometer Adjustment
* Steering Angle Calibration
* EPB Electrical Parking Brake Adaptation
* TPS Throttle Body Adaptation
* EEPROM adapter

* Oil Reset/Engine oil light reset
* Timing belt light reset (Manual Operation)
* Battery Reset
* PIN Code Reading
* Hexadcimal editor(Win Hex)
* OBDII Diagnosis
* DPF function

* Support the latest vehicles with CAN BUS and UDS protocol
* Update Via WIFI (always equip your device with the latest software)
What’s the vehicle coverage in each function?
X-100 PAD Setting:
X100 PAD settings include language, unit, Bluetooth, self test.
-Language setting:

-UNIT setting:

- Bluetooth setting:

-self test:
Users can send the X100 pad to the factory if the self test fails.

X-100 tablet diagnosis report:

The diagnostic report provides vehicle maintenance documents including Automotive Technical Manuals, Maintenance Cases, Circuit Diagram, Common Trouble Codes, etc.
XTOOL X100 PAD update:
X100 pad update directly via Internet using WIFI or wired connection. To access the update application, open X100 pad application and click UPATE.