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SKP 900+ FMPC001 PIN Code Reader on Ford Fiesta 2013(Review)

This is a review from a customer at www.eobdtool.co.uk“Very excited to write down this experience!! It is my first time to program keys myself :D
Last week, I ordered SKP-900 key programmerFMPC001 FORD MAZDA & NSPC001 pic code reader to prepared my 2013 Ford Fiesta and 2014 Nissan Maxima, from China.
This is the package I got:

This morning, I first tried SKP900 and FMPC001 on my Fiesta.
The steps: (THX to the great forum bros :D)
  1. Plug the FMPC001 pin code reader to the appreciably PIN Code location (most Ford cars and the code can be entered from the driver‘s seat) and the pin code reader will display the PIN Code immediately.
  2. Turn the vehicle ignition ON, but Do Not crank the engine.
    3. Power on the SKP 900 device.
  3. Enter PIN code i get from pin code reader.
    5. The system will display token information, follow the system screen instruction.
    6. Input the security code; the device will generate key
    7. Select program key, select the key number you want to program and then insert the key blank into the key slot.
    8. Unplug the key after completing programming key.
  1. Finally, try the new key, to test if it can work or not.
Nice experience!”