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Tutorial On Making New Key for 2004 BMW X1 Via BMW Multi Tool

Here show you how to make a new key for a 2004 BMW X1 with all key lost via BMW Multi Tool, please check the following procedure step by step.
1.Use TOY43 2 IN 1 Auto Pick and Decoder to open the door.


3.Run BMW multi tool software and it will enter into the interface (shown below).



6.When you click “Get the information”, it will pop out another window, just click on “Add key” and then “Next”.
7.Next it will pop out a message to remove key.
8.Note: You had better save the information that has been read out.

9.Select “Program Dealer Key” (Mark Red, on the bottom), then select key No. (Mark Red, on the left) that you want to program, and then click “Program Dealer Key” again.

10.Put the key fob (remove before) in the BMW multi tool hardware coin. When it pop out message asking whether the key being programmed is a smart key or not, just click “No”. A message indicates “The dealer key makes successfully”.
11.After finishing programming, take out new key and insert into ignition switch, try to start.