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VPECKER Easydiag Wireless scanner feedback

Post on VPECKER Easydiag Wireless scanner feedback from two users who buy VPECKER scanner from www.eobdtool.co.uk then test and compare with launch idiag.

1. User 1 test result
1) 11-27-2015 update:
I have tested and compared today vpecker scanner and launch idiag on Mazda 6 GH 2.0 diesel 2008 year.
To be onest launch have a lot more options on that car then vpecker, for example on engine it can only read few parameters and it can read and clear trouble codes thats it nothing else on engine not even dpf regeneration,idiag have a looot more to offer for that car, I will test on few more cars very soon.I think
what it can do more with special functions its for Toyota, Honda, Scion. But since it is original interface and software price is ok for it,the only quastion is how will it work with updates,because there a lot of brands that is working until 2013,launch is working for all cars until 2015.

So for now vpecker is good becuause it is even more faster then launch and original for good price, but not even close to delphi or launch because of the functions that it cannot do.
And one more thing,for example there is no Croatian or Serbian Language.

2) 12-01-2015 update:
Tested today on Kia Cerato petrol,and finally some result, it haves options like launch idiag only one function is not there and that is brake fluid bleeding,all the rest functions are the same.
So far all cars that i have tested this one is the first one that haves some extra functions...

3) 12-11-2015 Update
I have tried today on VW Golf MK IV 1.9 tdi,haves a lot of functions,this time even more then launch idiag,it haves even geuided function,and a lot special functions,and login,taht is the first that vpecker works even better...

4) 12-15-2015 Update
I have tested today on ASTRA J 2011 1.7 cdti wroks ok,haves special functions not a lot but ok.
But it works until 2011,..

2. User 2 test result
I tested vpecker ver.6.3 (last)
BMW 530d E60 engine connect , but only read/erase fault code and live data, service reset
(Tested) Vpecker can do injector cooding for a part of Toyota models.

vpecker scanner often update on the official site, I will test them in the near future more cars.

Hope my feedback help you!


ADM-300A Software Installation and Online Upgrade Guide

Original ADM-300A Digital Master SMDS II is an ECU programming tool, being made by YANHUA Tech, supporting multi-function, including Audio decoding, reading IMMO code, Airbag resetting, Odometer adjusting ECU programming and Data programming etc.

Supported OS: Windows XP and WIN 7
ADM 300A Digital Master Software Installation Guide:
Put package attached software CD into computer CD-ROM drive;
Open Auto Digital Mas (E);
Run “Reader Software of Instruction (Adobe Reader)”;
Follow prompts to complete Adobe Reader setup;
Run “YHSMDS3-1.7.1402.25-EN Setup. exe”, automatically come out following new window;
Being Easily done according to the system prompts;
Double Click “Auto Digital Master 3” icon on the desktop;
Wait for connection;
Click OK, and then Select Reconnect;
It is OK, click Exit;
Additionally, ADM-300A Digital Master SMDS III supports update line, you just make sure the computer has been online before upgrade operation.

More information is available on obdtool.co.uk.

Wifi GM MDI with GM MDI programming account GM MDI wireless GM MDI tech 3 scanner Review

With GM MDI programming account, customers can use gm tech 3 scanner to do programmiong functions. Below obdtool sharing Wifi GM MDI with GM MDI programming account GM MDI wireless GM MDI tech 3 scanner Review.
GM MDI Admin Software Version: V7.14.30
GDS2 Software Version: V9.1.01001
Vehicle Coverage: GM cars 1990-2013
GDS2 Data Package Include:
Tech2 WIN Software Version:
North-America: 33.002
Chinese: 32.001
Wifi GM MDI with GM MDI programming account GM MDI wireless GM MDI tech 3 scanner Review:
GM MDI tech 3 scanner from obdtool..co.uk supports offline lease function, online programming and Opel offline programming. It also supports cable/wireless .co.ukmunication and original factory latest software.
obdtool Wifi GM MDI can be used for SPS programming on existing and future SGM vehicles, it is needed for diagnostics on new SGM Global A Electrical Architecture Vehicles and for Global A architecture vehicles. It is used with TIS2Web, GM Global Diagnostic System, SPS and MDI Manager Software.
Wifi GM MDI tech 3 from obdtool..co.uk supports PC-Based diagnostics with rollout of the Global Diagnostic System application. MDI passes through the programming on the past model and Global A vehicles and it includes Flight Recorder Mode.

Autel Product FAQ And Answer (Hot)

Autel tools

First, the software and the serial number of binding:

1. Availability: models with SD card requires registration on the website, download the software by connecting Autel server machine itself or PC Suit, software and serial number binding, no one from the other machine copy software, SD card can not be mixed Otherwise, there will be licensing issues or wifi mac mismatch.
2. Models involved are: Autel DS708MaxisysMaxisys miniMaxisys ProMaxisys Elite, TS501, TS601, MD701, MD702, MD703, MD704, MD802, MOT PRO (EU908), AL609, AL609EU, AL609, AL619EU, VAG505, OLS301, EBS301, MaxiCheck AbsSrs, MaxiCheck DPF, MaxiCheck EPB, MaxiCheck Oil Reset, MaxiCheck SAS, MaxiCheck TPMS, MaxiCheck Pro.
3. related problems and solutions: When free software upgrade period expires, if the customer software can not use some software problems, there are two ways:
A. Please SD card inside the original backup software to your computer or other storage device, follow these software can be directly copied to the SD Card directly.
B. If there is no backup before, please upgrade fee launched one year to download the software and all other software, including all software updates within a year.

Two, SD card there is a problem how to do?

1. Problem: SD card unknowingly damaged or lost, causing the machine to boot prompt SD card is damaged or Please insert SD card.
2. Workaround: re-purchase a new SD card, through PC Suit download the upgrade. Ruoyi over upgrade period, you can copy the software before the backup to the new SD card; without backup, please buy upgrades.
3. Note:
A. Please do not plug the SD card in the case of a machine powered, easy to damage.
B. If the SD card is lost, and this serial number is not registered, you can contact Technical Support ask License serial number to complete the registration upgrade.
C. If you are prompted for a SD card or SD card is inserted, the SD card slot may be damaged, please repair.

Third, the product upgrade steps:

1. Maxisys series: to Maxisys --- Update page, select the need to download the software directly.
2. DS708:http://www.eobdtool.co.uk/upload/pro/how-to-update-ds708.pdf
3. Other models can be registered:Software update Instructions (PDF)
4. do not need to register the product:
Model: AL301, AL319, AL419, AL439, AL439B, TS101, TS401, AL519, AL539, AL539B, MV208, MV400.
Step: The Setup CD inside, as MaxilinkII installed PC, go to the official website www.autel.com download the corresponding upgrade, run maxilink II, select just downloaded the upgrade program to upgrade. Specific steps Reference Manual Update section.

Fourth, discontinued models:

MS301, MS310, MS409, MS509, VAG405, JP701, EU702, US703, MD801,Maxi Recorder, Maxi Tester, TS301, EST201, GS500, Oil Reset Tool.
Discontinued product updates were not available, last updated software can download from this website Old Products section:

Aftermarket Frequently Asked Questions:

First, the regional car OBD supported:
Europe: in 2006 only after support OBD;
Americas region: in 1996 only after support OBD;
Asia: in 2009 only after support OBD.
Second, the software prompts Wifi mac does not match how to do?
1. If the software has been able to normal use, the sudden appearance of this error, please click on the page to see whether Wifi open, click wifi if no response, restart invalid, it is likely that wifi module is broken, needs repair.
2. When prompted to confirm a single software or any software. If only a single software problem, just delete re-download; if all the software problem, make sure all the software within the SD card through the correct Autel ID download from, and not copied from other SD card.
3. If everything runs correctly, still prompted this error, S / N and Wifi mac address pictures sent to Technical Support to check Autel product management website information matches.
Third, the registration fails how to do?
The most common cause of failure registration is the registration code input errors, please note that the registration code is 6 digits (can be found from the About screen), rather than the customer's own set of login password. If the registration code confirmation, still prompt the product does not exist, set the serial number and registration code interface camera to technical support, product management site to check whether the information matches. If you find website information and machine information does not match, please send IT Chen Qichuan machine image correction.
Fourth, the product has been registered, but the boot still prompt the serial number is not registered, you can not upgrade.
This problem is usually due to the DS708 machine hypervisor older cause, please insert the machine via PC Suit can download the latest System Program, then the SD card.
Fifth, the boot prompt "Please obtain authorization"
If this error message appears, you can log in PC Suit upgrade tool on networked computers, suggesting Obtain authorization successfully will appear automatically after a successful login. If this serial number to determine the corresponding Autel ID, you can contact technical support queries.
Six, Maxidas DS708 card in the boot page and unknown error message
Encounter such problems, please try to restart the machine, can not be solved if the restart, please copy the operating system() to SD card root directory, and then boot. If the operating system after heavy firing still can not boot, boot error please send us the pictures or videos.
Seven, customer feedback machine can not measure the car how to do?
1. If a feature is not supported by a car tips or communications failure, it may be software does not support or steps, the best datalog direct upload to the server directly from the R & D engineers analyze data solutions. Please note that the states must upload data models, model year, VIN code, description of the problem. To query the bug to resolve the situation, please tell us uploaded datalog the machine serial number and model, VIN code.
2. If all the software on the machine can not test, please check the physical connections, especially to check whether the test mainline OK.
3. If all the cars are not a software test, check the car connector, can also be directly re-install the software.
Eight, DS708 boot error: GetSysInfoFromRegTab () failed error
Phenomenon: Some older operating system upgrade from DS708 V6.31 to V6.33 may result in the above error can not boot.
Workaround: Post this program() to the customer. SD card catalog to find this scan_arm.exe scan files, replace this program within the SD card application attachment, can reboot....

What can do with China GM MDI GDS diagnostic tool

China GM MDI GDS scanner wifi version can be used only in the Pass-Thru method. Wireless GM MDI tech 3 with Tech 2/CANdi remains available for diagnostics and other duties. Below obdtool.co.uk sharing What can do with China GM MDI scanner wifi version Wireless GM MDI tech 3 diagnostic tool.

Wifi GM MDI EVG7 Tablet PC installed GM MDI Global TIS MDI GDS2
GM MDI scanner
Why choose China GM MDI scanner wifi version Wireless GM MDI tech 3 diagnostic tool from obdtool.co.uk:
1. Multi-Languages available:English, French, German,Italian.etc. Total 30 languages to choose.
2. Can do cars from 1990-2013 Year
3. Operating system:Windows XP,you can connect the computer through the USB or the ethernet cable.
4. Support with WIFI
5. Support 2010-2012 year Australia Holden cars.
What can do with China GM MDI scanner wifi version Wireless GM MDI tech 3 diagnostic tool:
The new GM MDI can be used only in the Pass-Thru method. This means you can use it as your programming tool, while your Tech 2/CANdi remains available for diagnostics and other duties.
The obdtool.co.uk wireless GM MDI is initially being introduced with Pass-Thru programming capabilities only. It can be used to perform Pass-Thru programming on all vehicles built since 1996 and will support all vehicles into the future.
The GM MDI scanner wifi version from obdtool.co.uk will be required to perform diagnostics on selected NAO vehicles for model year 2009. Diagnostic software is scheduled to be released for the GM MDI during the fourth quarter of 2008.
Regulations require programming procedures to be compliant with SAE Recommended Practice J2534. The GM SPS is compliant with SAE Recommended Practice J2534, and the China GM MDI is compliant with the portions of SAE J2534 that are applicable for GM vehicles.
This article is compiled by www.eobdtool.co.uk, if you have any advice on it, pls feel free to contact obdtool.co.uk - China OBD2 Tuning Tool Automotive Diagnostic Tools Car Key Programmer OBD2 ECU chip tuning tool Center.


How to use MPPS V16 ECU Chip Tuning MPPS v16 clone Remap Audi A3 ECU

How to use MPPS v16 ecu chip tuning MPPS v16 clone Remap Audi A3 ECU:
1) Plug obdtool.co.uk MPPS V16 clone to the OBD port under the dashboard on the Audi A3 vehicle and connect the other end of it to a laptop that has MPPS V16 software.
MPPS V16.1.02 ECU Chip Tuning for EDC15 EDC16 EDC17CHECKSUM Read and Write ECU via OBD2 Port
2) Start the laptop, the car and then the MPPS V16 application software.
3) Hit "ECU ID (F1)" at the bottom right on the interface.
4) Select the language that you want to use on the upper right side. Here I select English, you can use French if you prefer.
5) Select the car make and car model. Here I select Audi and then A3.
remap Audi A3 ECU with MPPS V16
6) Select the cars ECU type. Here I select "1.8L Bosch ME7.1 K-Line".
remap Audi A3 ECU with MPPS V16
7) Be sure the ignition is on, and then hit "Read (F2)" to allow MPPS reading ECU information from the car. Once the data is read, it will pop up in “ECU Data” area.
8) A window will then pops up asking you where to save the file. Do as it prompts.
9) MPPS v16 ecu chip tuning from obdtool.co.uk will then ask you to turn off the ignition key and wait for a few seconds. Click "OK" after switching off the key.
10) Switch on the key to continue. Lights on the dashboard will come off together and then go off one by one.
11) Turn on the key again.
12) Click on "Write (F3)" to start ECU remapping.
13) MPPS will ask you to switch off the key to continue in a few minutes.
14) Click "OK".
When you hear a "ding" sound, it means the ECU remapping is finished. Disconnect MPPS V16.1.02 ECU Chip Tuning from the car and unplug the cable.


2003 1.6 16V 206CC turns over fine, but won't start

This post is on how to solve the non-starting problem with 2003 1.6 16V 206CC using Lexia 3 PP2000.

Car model and year: 2003 1.6 16V 206CC
Problem:  non-starting problem that I cant get to the bottom of, turned over fine, but wouldn't start.
Here’s what I've done so far.......
1. I have carried out the BSI reset procedure following Capncol's instructions to the letter. (I've probably done this a dozen times now!)
2. I have made sure the battery is in good condition. It's been fully charged and tested - all good.
3. I decided to buy a Lexia 3 diagbox with Peugeot Planet 2000. I've run the diagnostic several times and it appears to talk to all of the ECU's with no faults coming up. (This surprised me a bit to be honest!).
4. I've done a visual check on the wiring loom, particularly under the air filter as I'd read that there was a section prone to corroding wires under there. All look fine, but I haven't checked each wire for resistance yet.
5. I've checked all fuses with a meter and all are fine.
6. I reset the keys using PP2000 and they work fine.
7. I removed the coil pack & plugs and using the actuator test on PP2000, I checked for a spark....... NO SPARK!! I also checked for a spark, buy turning the engine over on the key. Still no spark.I checked the coil pack plug and there is no voltage at he plug on any of the four wires. (I know one is an earth)
8. Whilst the plugs were out, I did a compression test. Cylinder 1 (gearbox end) was a little low compared to the others, but a little bit of oil down the plug hole and a retest saw it come up, so probably needs a set of rings at some stage.
9. Fuel pressure seems OK. After cranking I checked the little bleed valve on the fuel rail and it squirted all over me!! I also removed the rear seat and I can hear the fuel pump operating.
10. Again using the actuator test on PP2000, I checked the injectors one by one. I can hear all clicking during the test, BUT there is no smell of fuel with the plugs removed, which I was expecting there would be?
11. I removed the crank sensor to check for damage / debris, but it was clean and undamaged.
Finally solved!
I’ve managed to get hold of a kit from a donor car consisting of bsi/ecu/key/barrel/transponder/door locks & fuel cap.. Both bsi and ecu have exact same part numbers to my original ones.. I’ve also bought the pp2000/lexiadiagnostics equipment to.. Capncol is there a specific procedure to changing these items as i dont want to ruin the chances of this curing my problem.
great news! Well done on the fix and well spotted  looks like we both had a result last night as i changed my crank position sensor and she fired straight up!! I did think it could of been that from the start due to there being no spark or injectors spraying but as there was no fault codes being brought up i basically over looked it: /
oh well 2 cars fixed!!

(Quote) How to use VCM IDS to change a prv and scv on MK7 FWD?

This only a basic guide and should only be attempted if your confident and have access to the right equipment.
You will need:
A new prv and washer
A new scv and seals
A basic socket set and Allen keys
Access to Ford diagnostic tools (Ford VCM IDS v96)
Step 1: to remove the air box
Standard euro4 2.2 engine, first thing to do is to remove the air box, dead easy

Unclip the duct on the right, release the 3 clips on the front of the top cover and lift the lid 
and filter out.

The base is removed by undoing 3x10mm bolts (1 either side and one down the front) and releasing the two coolant hoses at the rear.


Then lift the box off, and you should see the valves
PRV is here on the end of the fuel rail

First unclip the return pipe by pushing in the red tab and sliding it of the metal pipe. Then using a 19mm spanner remove the hose connector from the rear of the PRV

Put a tag down to catch any diesel that spills

Next you remove the PRV from the rail, some like to remove the whole rail and place in a vice, it can be very tight, but I used a pair of mole grips to support the fuel rail while unbolted the PRV with a 19mm socket and ratchet

Once you get it out, remove the copper washer from the fuel rail,

Now insert the new washer in and screw the new PRV in nice and tight, pretty much a reversal of what you've just done, but careful screwing the hose connector back on, it's soft metal and easy to snap if you over tighten!

Then clip the return pipe back on and that's that done for now.

Step 2: Next the SCV which is mounted on the pump here.

First disconnect the electrical connector

Next is the two Allen bolts to remove

Again Pop some rags down to catch any diesel and wiggle the valve out and remove the old gasket too

Step 3: VCM 2 IDS Guide
Next get the new SCV, fit the new rubber seal and gasket and insert into the pump, make sure the bolt holes line up and screw the bolts in.

Tighten the bolts and pop the electrical connector back on.
That's that done for now.
Now crank the van over until it starts, it might take a few turns to get going, mine only took about 10-15 seconds and fired up. Let it stabilize and the switch off.
Now it will need checked for any leaks first, if it's ok then it's time to get the diagnostics our and perform a pump learn first and then an injector learn.
Then reset the learned values and counters
There are in the power train service menu
 VCM 2 IDS guides you through the process of the learns and hey presto!

You should have a sweet running van now

Chevrolet Cruze IMM5 key making with X-100+ Key Tool

As is known to most car owners, X-100+ key programmer is an efficient locksmith device, working on most brands of Europe, Asia, China and USA, therefore, Original X-100 plus key tool is so welcome.

The following part is guide for replacing Chevrolet Cruze IMM5 key using X-100 plus key programmer.
Plug x-100+ tool cable into vehicle socket;
Turn the ignition switch to the potion “ON”, but do not crank the engine;
X-100 device boot up and got to Main menu;
Select region and manufacturer respectively as America and GM;
Select “IMMO/ Remote” to access the IMMO system;
Select vehicle model as Chevrolet Cruze;
Select “Without smart”;
Select “All keys lost”;
Input security code;
Switch ignition off and then on;
Wait for configuring the system;
Switch ignition off and remove the key;
Open and close the driver door, confirm all electrical closes;
Turn ignition on;
The system will pop out message reading whether to program the next key or not (If yes, accept the notice, if not, Switch ignition off and remove the key);
Via “Live data” -> “Number of keys”, you can know how many keys have been programmed;
More function on X-100 key programmer, you can check on obdtool website.

New Arrival FCAR F101 ECU Reset Tool

obdtool.co.uk newly introduce FCAR F101 truck ECU reset tool for sale, which is used for Diesel ECU resetting with stable performance. Buy here, you not only can enjoy more favorable price, but also the sound after-sales service.

FCAR F101 diesel ecu reset tool features:
  1. One-Key Resetting, reducing Fuel Consumption and shielding Sensors;
  2. Online update one year for free (cost 600USD per year after one year);
  3. Language: English, Russian;
  4. Professional diesel repair and technical service center is available for guidance;
FCAR F101 diesel ecu reset tool functions and corresponding diesel makes:
ECU reset: Bosch, Delphi, Nanyue, Sino Truck and Denso;
CNG ECU reset: WeiChai, Yuchai, CNTHT, ShangChai and XiChai;
Calibration: WeiChai, Yuchai, ShangChai, XiChai, Renault, Isuzu and Cummins.
Package including:
1pc x F101 Diesel ECU Reset Tool
1pc x Power Supply
If you are interested in more FCAR F101 information, you can browse through the following website:

Cummins Inline 5 Insite 7.62 Update Instructions

Cummins INLINE 5 is a powerful truck scan tool, especially for Cummins. With launch of the latest V 7.62 software, Cummins INSITE 7.62 software supplies engine information quickly and gets the inside information you need.
The following write is about how to update Cummins Inline 5 Insite V7.6.2 diagnostic software
Note: Update only support PC/ Laptop running on Windows 7 O / S ONLY
Insert CD software into the computer CD driver;
Open CD software;
Select "insite7-06-0-0272" file

Install setup driver software;
Select language and click OK;
Wait the system install the Wizard.
Find out and locate "Cummins Inc. UpdateManager" in ALL programs.
Browse and save INSITE file to D: //;
Browse to the source folder;
Click second icon to save file;
Wait for software installation finished;
Tick mark when complete;
Browse and locate INSITE file in D: // again;
Wait until the installation procedure complete.
Hit tick mark when the system prompts "Installation Successful" message.
Note: Do not disconnect the Cummins device, otherwise the software may fail to use.
Install successfully.