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Lonsdor K518ISE
Lonsdor K518ISE


Chevrolet Cruze IMM5 key making with X-100+ Key Tool

As is known to most car owners, X-100+ key programmer is an efficient locksmith device, working on most brands of Europe, Asia, China and USA, therefore, Original X-100 plus key tool is so welcome.

The following part is guide for replacing Chevrolet Cruze IMM5 key using X-100 plus key programmer.
Plug x-100+ tool cable into vehicle socket;
Turn the ignition switch to the potion “ON”, but do not crank the engine;
X-100 device boot up and got to Main menu;
Select region and manufacturer respectively as America and GM;
Select “IMMO/ Remote” to access the IMMO system;
Select vehicle model as Chevrolet Cruze;
Select “Without smart”;
Select “All keys lost”;
Input security code;
Switch ignition off and then on;
Wait for configuring the system;
Switch ignition off and remove the key;
Open and close the driver door, confirm all electrical closes;
Turn ignition on;
The system will pop out message reading whether to program the next key or not (If yes, accept the notice, if not, Switch ignition off and remove the key);
Via “Live data” -> “Number of keys”, you can know how many keys have been programmed;
More function on X-100 key programmer, you can check on obdtool website.