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Cummins Inline 5 Insite 7.62 Update Instructions

Cummins INLINE 5 is a powerful truck scan tool, especially for Cummins. With launch of the latest V 7.62 software, Cummins INSITE 7.62 software supplies engine information quickly and gets the inside information you need.
The following write is about how to update Cummins Inline 5 Insite V7.6.2 diagnostic software
Note: Update only support PC/ Laptop running on Windows 7 O / S ONLY
Insert CD software into the computer CD driver;
Open CD software;
Select "insite7-06-0-0272" file

Install setup driver software;
Select language and click OK;
Wait the system install the Wizard.
Find out and locate "Cummins Inc. UpdateManager" in ALL programs.
Browse and save INSITE file to D: //;
Browse to the source folder;
Click second icon to save file;
Wait for software installation finished;
Tick mark when complete;
Browse and locate INSITE file in D: // again;
Wait until the installation procedure complete.
Hit tick mark when the system prompts "Installation Successful" message.
Note: Do not disconnect the Cummins device, otherwise the software may fail to use.
Install successfully.