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Lonsdor K518ISE
Lonsdor K518ISE


(Quote) How to use VCM IDS to change a prv and scv on MK7 FWD?

This only a basic guide and should only be attempted if your confident and have access to the right equipment.
You will need:
A new prv and washer
A new scv and seals
A basic socket set and Allen keys
Access to Ford diagnostic tools (Ford VCM IDS v96)
Step 1: to remove the air box
Standard euro4 2.2 engine, first thing to do is to remove the air box, dead easy

Unclip the duct on the right, release the 3 clips on the front of the top cover and lift the lid 
and filter out.

The base is removed by undoing 3x10mm bolts (1 either side and one down the front) and releasing the two coolant hoses at the rear.


Then lift the box off, and you should see the valves
PRV is here on the end of the fuel rail

First unclip the return pipe by pushing in the red tab and sliding it of the metal pipe. Then using a 19mm spanner remove the hose connector from the rear of the PRV

Put a tag down to catch any diesel that spills

Next you remove the PRV from the rail, some like to remove the whole rail and place in a vice, it can be very tight, but I used a pair of mole grips to support the fuel rail while unbolted the PRV with a 19mm socket and ratchet

Once you get it out, remove the copper washer from the fuel rail,

Now insert the new washer in and screw the new PRV in nice and tight, pretty much a reversal of what you've just done, but careful screwing the hose connector back on, it's soft metal and easy to snap if you over tighten!

Then clip the return pipe back on and that's that done for now.

Step 2: Next the SCV which is mounted on the pump here.

First disconnect the electrical connector

Next is the two Allen bolts to remove

Again Pop some rags down to catch any diesel and wiggle the valve out and remove the old gasket too

Step 3: VCM 2 IDS Guide
Next get the new SCV, fit the new rubber seal and gasket and insert into the pump, make sure the bolt holes line up and screw the bolts in.

Tighten the bolts and pop the electrical connector back on.
That's that done for now.
Now crank the van over until it starts, it might take a few turns to get going, mine only took about 10-15 seconds and fired up. Let it stabilize and the switch off.
Now it will need checked for any leaks first, if it's ok then it's time to get the diagnostics our and perform a pump learn first and then an injector learn.
Then reset the learned values and counters
There are in the power train service menu
 VCM 2 IDS guides you through the process of the learns and hey presto!

You should have a sweet running van now