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How to do BMW Digital Speedometer Coding with E-sys

Here’s the instruction on how to install E-Sys and psdzdata to do BMW F10 coding with BMW ENET Cable.
* model
* device
  1. A laptop PC with Windows OS
  2. ENET Coding Cable

The BMW coding cable is basically a cable which has an Ethernet port at one end (for plugging into the laptop lan port) and a OBD port at the other (for connecting to the OBD port of the car). All F series cars need the same type of cable.
* software
to code BMW F10, you need E-Sys and psdzdata
E-Sys 3.26.1 installation procedure
  1. Extract Esys
After you downloaded the esys archive, extract it using Winrar. Right click and click “extract here”

This will create a folder called E-Sys 3.26.1 containing all the files needed for the installation.
How to install Esys
Click on E-Sys_Setup_3_26_1_b42487.exe in order to begin the installation process.
Select English or whichever language you need, click next
click “I accept the agreement”, click next
Select E-sys installation location, the default location is C:\EC-Apps\ESG\E-Sys and that`s good you can leave it like that.

set the data path for Esys, the default is C:\Data which is fine also.

Click next until the installation begins
click Finishafter the installation process finished .
(This ends the basic installation procedure for E-sys)
Note: Learn the tricky part of making it work.
see two folders, one is a Patch and one is a software that generates a Token needed for Esys

The patch folder contains 2 files

You must place the svc0x80.jar file in the lib directory (C:/EC-Apps/ESG/E-Sys/lib). Right click on it, Copy and then go to the destination folder, right click and Paste it.
Place the E-Sys.bat (batch file) in the same directory as the .exe file. Replace the .bat file in that directory (C:/EC-Apps/ESG/E-Sys)

Use the Token Software – enter a username (an be anything), same for the password, just make sure to set something simple you can remember. This will save the Token file in My Documents folder. Leave it there, Esys will look for it in that location.
* How to install psdzdata
This is an important and final step of the installation process. The esys installation doesn`t contain any data so you must copy the data into the right folder.
I recommend using the “lite” version of the Psdzdata because it has all the Firmware data removed so it saves a lot of space (376mb instead of 20GB so there`s a BIG difference). The guy from the Fiverr gig above offers Full data and also the Lite version so you can use whichever you want.
To extract the psdzdata archive you need WinRAR or Winzip installed on your laptop.
Right click on the archive -> Extract here

When the extraction process is finished you will have a new folder called “psdzdata”. After that go to C:\Data and erase the existing “psdzdata” folder and copy the extracted one in the same location. By doing this you are basicly replacind the empty psdzdata folder with the one that contains the data files needed to code you BMW F10.
E-SYS Installation complete!
* How to use E-sys
Open Esys on desktop
click on Options -> Settings, after Esys has loaded

Go to the EST interface and set the EST Token location

click Ok to close the “Settings” window.
Esys setup compete!
* How to code BMW F10
Now we are ready to code BMW F10 with mod “Activate digital speedometer”.
First plug the ENET cable to F10 OBD port and to the laptop’s USB port
push the “Start” button of your car without pushing the brake
click the connect icon in Esys
E-Sys-psdzdata-code-bmw-f10 (12)
choose your chassis
Choose F010 as a target as pictured below, never use F010_DIRECT
E-Sys-psdzdata-code-bmw-f10 (13)
click “Connect
NOTE: If the Esys target window is empty and there are no possible selections, it means you didn`t copy the “psdzdata” folder to C:\Data correctly.
In case you have other F series BMWs you want to code I will show you what targets you must choose in Esys for each model:
F001 psdzdata covers the F01/F02/F03/F04/F07 (5-Series GT is an F07 NOT an F10)
F010 psdzdata covers the F06/F10/F11/F12/F13/F18
F020 psdzdata covers the F20/F21/F22/F23/F30/F31/F32/F33/F34/F35/F36/F45/F80/F82/F83
F025 psdzdata covers the F15/F16/F25/F26/F48/F85/F86
F056 psdzdata covers the F64/F55 F56 (Mini Coopers)
I001 psdzdata covers the i3/i8

click “Read” Vehicle Order TO load the FA, which contains all the information about the modules and options installed on your BMW.

click on “Read SVT”. This will list all the modules installed on the car and show them as a list on the left side of the screen. We will be using this list to do the actual coding. You can always click on the images on this page to zoom in. If you`re on mobile, for larger pictures you can switch to landscape mode to see the pictures better

Right click on any module you wish to modify
click “Read Coding Data”.
In this example, we will be coding the Digital Speedometer on the dashboard, so we are reading the KOMBI module.

After Reading the coding data, you must get a confirmation window like this.

Click on the new CAFD folder in order to expand it
then right click like in the example above and “Edit FDL”. You will be asked for the Token PIN so make sure you remember it, so set something easy when generating the token. I always set it to 12345678 so it`s easy to remember.

Search for the value to change
Recommend the “Software” section in the ENET package to get the securest Cheat Sheet for BMW F10.
all you need to do is to expand the “Ausgelesen” branch
right click on the value and edit it to make it “Aktiv” (enable) or “Nicht Aktiv” (disable) a feature.
Click on the Blue Disk Icon (top left) to save the changes click on the “Green arrow” to  back to the SVT List Screen

Activate the FA first before doing the actual FDL coding

click now on “Code FDL”
your cluster maybe restarts, this is normal when the coding procedure is completed. You will also have to set the time and date again.
You`ve just completed your first MOD! Now you`ll have a Digital Speedometer in the cluster, just browse the menus with the BC key and you will see it, it`s the last menu iten.
Most people will buy:
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