Lonsdor K518ISE

Lonsdor K518ISE
Lonsdor K518ISE


I have had good success with BMW use Foxwell NT510

I have had good success with BMW use foxwell nt510 bmw
So far all BMW’s supported auto vin & autoscan, was able to get a quick easy accurate report of issues.
2006 BMW X3:
Was able to find 2 misfires because of bad plugs.
2009 BMW z4:
Was able to diagnose and find bad HAL sensors stopping the roof from retracting
Not to many test subjects yet, auto vin did not work, had to manually pick the truck
2002 F250 XLT:
After manually picking the truck the autoscan worked. This truck doesn’t have to many systems but I was able to see all appropriate data, clear warnings etc.
Chevy / GM:
Having a little bit of an issue here.
Testing on a 2012 Avalanche LTZ
Autovin did not work, I had to pick the truck manually.
Ran an autoscan and a bunch or fault codes did show up from the scan. However none of the codes appeared to be correct. I was not expecting to get any codes on this truck. It was telling me things like the driver door window switch was faulty, but it definitely works. From there when I tried to display and or clear the code the scanner froze. I let it sit for 10 mins nothing happened. I had to power it off. Going back in I manually selected just the device that was throwing codes, however when scanning it directly nothing was detected. When I did an autoscan again the same codes appeared, and again the device froze making it a brick.


OBDSTAR EEPROM PIC adapter tested ok with X100 pro and X300 pro

New update news:
OBDSTAR EEPROM adapter is newly added with PIC adapters & cables and verified working fine with OBDstar X100 pro/ X-300PRO to read write CPU data on a part of car computer. And now it is called OBDSTAR EEPROM PIC 2-in-1 adapter. As known, the EEPROM is used to read out password from EEPROM chip and restore data.

PIC adapter workable car models (05-26-2016 update):
Initialize CPU data for immobilizer coil on FAW Wei Chi V5(PIC)
Initialize CPU data for immobilizer coil on FAW N5 (FREESCALE)
Initialize CPU data for immobilizer coil on FAW N7 (FREESCALE)
More car models are under development.

Why immobilizer coil needs to be initialized?
Take FAW Wei Chi V5 (Immobilizer coil model is 89783-52Q40) and FAW N5/N7 (Immobilizer coil model is 89783-TBA00) for example, if their keys are lost, the 4S tend to replace new immobilizer coil then match key, usually a immobilizer coil cost about $50-$85. However, our OBDSTAR PIC adapter is designed to initialize adapter without replacing immobilizer coil, you just directly match new key after immo coil initialization. Besides, PIC adapter is able to initialize immo coil for unlimited times, which will help car owner save the new immobilizer coil cost and also time cost.

EEPROM adapter workable car models and corresponding function:
Can read/write/save/restore data for following group of chips:

Can read out IMMO code for following car models:
Beiqi E150, E130
Buick Sail, Hideo new GL8, LaCrosse after 09, Regal after 09 and Ang Kela
Cadillac SLS and SRX
Changan CM8, Yue Xiang, Zhi Xiang and Benben
Chery SIIC Transportation and DIAS
Chevrolet Cruze and TRAX
Citroen Elysee
Dfpv S3
Geely Dorsett /Vision
Great Wall Wingle (diesel)
FAW Haima Automobile 323 and DIAS
Hawtai DIAS
Jiangling Landwind
Note: Need to remove EEPROM chip to read out code.

How PIC adapter work with OBDstar X-300PRO and initialize immo coil on FAW Wei Chi V5?
FAW Wei Chi V5 key lost and firstly need to initialize immo coil, the procedure shown as follows:
1.Remove immobilizer coil from ignition switch, model: 89783-52Q40
2.Take apart immobilizer coil and then connect to the PIC adapter, there are two optional methods:
(1). Directly to connect

(2) Take apart the chip to weld:
Take apart the 14pin chip from immobilizer coil, then weld to the NO.2 PIC adapter. (Any one of following 4 welding position is ok).
3.Connect well X-300 Pro main unit, adapter and No.2 PIC adapter, and then supply power. Press menu to enter: Function – EEPROM adapter- PIC/ Freescale – FAW- Wei Chi V5.
4.Initialization, wait until it finish.
5.After initialization, install immo coil back to the car, start to match key, procedure as follows:
Match 2 keys:
1.Insert a new key into ignition lock, wait 5 seconds (Note: just insert key to OFF position, not turn to ON position)
2.Insert the second new key into ignition lock, wait 5 seconds (Note: just insert key to OFF position, not turn to ON position)
3.Take out the second key from ignition lock, then insert one key that programmed into the ignition, quick turn on and off ignition for 5 times, immo light turn off, program done.
4.After key programming done, it needs to synchronize engine and immobilizer. Procedure as follows: connect X300 PRO to the vehicle, enter X300 pro IMMO remote match – FAW Wei Chi V5 – Engine and immobilizer synchronization – type.
5.Synchronization complete.


XTOOL PS201 OBDii Scan Tool for Truck, Bus, Coach - it’s all here

This Tuesday, just received a cutomer complaints that his XTOOL MINI OBDII reader cannot use on his truck and now the obdtool offers the useful solution of it -- XTOOL PS201 Heavy Duty CAN OBDII Code Reader for trucks, buses and coaches
Customer complaints:
“It keeps shutting my truck off
And throwing the "wait to start" light”
Engineer relplied:
“Hi, XTOOL iOBD2 scanner CANNOT work with the TRUCK, for cars only
You should use xtool ps201 scan tool.
This is a professional heavy duty scanner, only for buses and trucks”


via Internet

Natural Ergonomic comfort Curve design
Easy-to-read large mono-color screen
Easy-to-operate large buttons

Read DTC
Clear DTC
View Freezing Frame
View Live Data
Code Lookup

 Special tests:
  1. I/M Readiness
    2. MIL Status
    3. O2 Sensor Test
    4. On-board Monitor test
    5. EVAP system test
    6. Vehicle Info
    7. Code Lookup

Live vehicle data:
Engine speed
Engine ECU temperature
Percent acceleration pedal position
Engine intercooler temperature
Engine coolant temperature
Ambient air temperature
Air inlet temperature

vehicle coverage:
Works with all 1996 and later OBD II vehicles
Works with all 2001 and later EOBD vehicles

-J1850 PWM
-J1850 VPW
-KPW 2000
-ISO 9141
-SAE J1850
-SAE J1939(CAN)
-SAE J1708/J1587
1. Class 4 - Class 8 truck coverage featuring "Automatic Protocol Search".
2. HD J1587 / J1708 and J1939 CAN, Engine, Transmission/ABS coverage and more!
PS201 scanner specification: 
Display: Backlit, 160 x 160 pixel mono-color screen with contrast adjustment
Operation Temperature: 0 ~ 50C (32~122F°)
Storage Temperature: -20 ~ 70C (-4~158F°)
Relative Humidity: < 90%
External Power: 8~18
Volts via DLC
Power Consumption: 3W
Mainframe Dimension: 225mm(L) x 98mm(W) x 36mm(H)
Exterior Memory: TF Card
  1. LCD screen: 160*160
    2. [ENTER] button: confirm a selection of a menu list
    3. [ESC] button: return to the previous screen
    4. [Up]/[Down] button: move the cursor up or down
    5. [Left]/[Right] button: turn pages
1 x PS201 Scanner
1 x Main Test Cable (OBD2-16pin)
1 x OBD6/9 connector
1 x User Manual


How to Use Nitro OBD2 Chip Tuning Box for your car_nitro obd2 Reviews

Plug and Drive NitroOBD2 Performance Chip Tuning Box for Benzine Cars
NitroOBD2 Chip Tuning Box works based OBD2 protocols as remaping the Car's computer ECU. After driving 200 km road total, NitroOBD2 adjusts itself to the car, according to the drivers' habits and always keeps remaping the ECU to increase the performance of engine.

What does NitroOBD2 make?
According to your driving habits,  NitroOBD2 makes new map in the car's computer ECU to increase the performance of your car. As you driving much more KM/Mile, it renews the map. Thus it keeps the vehicle's power and torque increasing.
NitroOBD2 Chip Tuning Box Highlights?
1.NitroOBD2 is a Chip Tuning Box which can be plugged into OBD2 connector of your car to increase the performance of your car.
2.When it plugged into OBD2 connector, NitroOBD2 receives the information from the car computer ECU. With the received data from ECU.
3.NitroOBD2 adjusts the boost pressure, quantity of fuel, injection timing and pressure to increase the performance of your car.
4.NitroOBD2 Chip Tuning Box does not exceed the manufacturer requirements. It works only within the tolerance of the engine.
5.NitroOBD2 finds out the hidden power of your car. NitroOBD2 does not damage the engine and the car computer ECU or not cause any negative effects to the car factory setting.
6.NitroOBD2 does not change any of the settings permanently. To turn back to the car's original settings, just unplug NitroOBD2 from OBD2 connector.
7.NitroOBD2 finds out the hidden power of your car.
- Up to 35% more power
- Up to 25 % more torque
NitroOBD2 is very easy to use.

How to Use Nitro OBD2 Chip Tuning Box for your car?

How to Install and Calibrate:
1* Pull the Car Key out from the ignition.
2* Find OBD2 connector(*) in your car and Plug in NitroOBD2 Chip Tuning Box:
Does your car have OBD2 connector?
On-Board Diagnostics, or "OBD," is a computer-based system built into all 1996 and later light-duty vehicles and trucks, as required by the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.
OBD systems are designed to monitor the performance of some of an engine's major components including those responsible for controlling emissions.
OBD2 necessarily for cars:
- Sold after January 1, 1996 in the USA
- Sold after January 1, 2001 in the European Union
- With diesel engine sold after January 1, 2003
Where located OBD2 connector in your car?
1 Driver's side, underneath dasboard, in the area under the steering column,
2 Driver's side, underneath dasboard,between the driver-side door and steering column area
3 Driver's side, underneath dasboard, between the steering column area and the center console
4 Driver's side, dashboard instrument/gauge area, between the steering column and center console
5 Driver's side, dashboard instrument/gauge area, between the driver-side door and steering column
6 Center console, vertical surface  left of vehicle centerline
7 Center console, vertical surface right of vehicle centerline or on passenger side of center console
8 Center console, horizontal surface  in front passenger area.
Certificates : CE / FCC /  RoHS
3* Insert the key into the ignition and twist the key to the first stage. (Do not start the car)
4* Press the reset buttom for about 5 sec. After releasing the buttom, just wait for a while about 30-54 sec. (NitroOBD2 Chip Tuning Box will communicate and establish connection with ECU)
5* Start up the engine.
6* NitroOBD2 Chip Tuning Box will recognize your vehicle and your driving habits, after around 200 km/150 miles driving and thus NitroOBD2 Chip Tuning Box will adjust itself to match your car perfectly for more fuel saving.
Each device available for LPG.
 More attentions:
1.Plug NitroOBD2 into OBD2 connector of your car. And turn the ignition on for 30 seconds. And Turn the engine on.
2.NitroOBD2 settings are optimal and the best for your car. Even the parameters are different for each vehicle,there might not be a need to make an additional adjustment. NitroOBD2 will recognize your vehicle and your driving habits after around 200 km/150 miles driving,
and then NitroOBD2 adjusts itself to match your car perfectly.
3.NitroOBD2 works on the basis of changing the signal form ECU. As a consequence, it changes the whole injection map.
4.The main difference between NitroOBD2 Chip Tuning Box and Remapping tuning methods is that NitroOBD2 Chip Tuning Box is easily removable,and after unplug you go back to the factory settings. EcoOBD2 is the cheap and safe type of tuning.
5.Remapping is a permanent change to your car. This is the expensive tuning and you cannot remove it.
NitroOBD2 is equipped with the engine protection function and 100% safe for your car engine.
NitroOBD2 produced on the printed circuit board in SMD technology. NitroOBD2 Chip Tuning Boxes are high quality.
Customer feedback on Nitro OBD2 ECU tunning tool Car:
Review: see clearly see the Vigo accelerator lightly around the sensitive fuel
Review: Install this tuning box myself with a cast Vios runs to more than 100 Slovak gas pedal right now. Throttle more light. Very good. shot Oil fell to a little gay. I think this is great.
Review: Never install a scanner as easy as NitroOBD2 box. Add the instant acceleration and fuel economy.


CARPROG FULL Firmware V8.21_V9.31 Online Version released at obdtool.co.uk

CARPROG FULL V8.21 Firmware Online Version released at obdtool.co.uk:
Carprog full V8.21 Firmware V8.21 software online version and V9.31 are released at obdtool.co.uk with all 21 pieces of adapters and much more authorization than any other lower version of carprog.

(se53-b) CARPROG FULL V9.31 Free Download  

(SE53-B) Carprog Full V8.21 software Free Download:

After reading following four parts, you will know Carprog Full V8.21 advantages.
About software version and activation:
In the packed CD, there are both optional software V8.21 and V9.31, software V8.21 requires to active and it will automatically get new tokens when it used up. Software V8.21 can be used online while software V9.31 can be used without activation.
Can perform airbag reset function well
is compatible with new audi dash and newer airbags
Compatible Operation Systems (OS):
WINDOWS XP, WIN7, WIN8, WIN10 Operation system.
Details on CARPROG FULL V8.21 software:
ECU-OPEL - OPEL login reader from motor hybrid ECU. Works with Bosch ME1.5.5, Siemens SIMTEC71, SIMTEC71.1, Delco Diesel, Delco Multec.
OPEL CAN - Opel ECU by CAN programmer - read/change mileage in EDC16, MT35E, HSFI 2.2 read PIN, reset ECU
PSG16 - Opel PSG16 diesel pump by OBDII - read/change mileage, read PIN, reset ECU
OPEC28 - Opel Siemens Simtec ECU Tool Advanced
Have an overview on V8.21 software figures:

Browse Carprog Full V8.21 manual for more details on the workable car models at following function including airbag, Dashboard, Immo, processor, EEPROM programmer and Radio Code.


Pinout for upa usb pro to read MC9S12H256 MC68HC912D60

Pinout for upa usb pro to read MC9S12H256 MC68HC912D60:
I own UPA USB ECU programmer and I need to read MC9S12H256, MC68HC912D60 on VW beetle.
UPA USB Programmer with Full Adaptors 1.3V Supoort NEC:
But I am confused what is the pinout diagram, can someone help me? The solution is in the second part.
Finally, I tried with following pinout diagram and works well.

How to use Ktag Ksuite v2.13 to read BMW EDC17C50 F30 2013

Ktag v6.070 plus Ksuite v2.13 clone can easily read the latest BMW F-series EDC17. now take BMW EDC17C50 F30 2013
ktag reading BMW EDC17C50 F30 2013:

Ktag Ksuite v2.13 reading BMW EDC17C50 success.


How to setup BMW ETK 3.1.30 spare parts catalog 2016.04

Use 2016.04 electronic parts catalog BMW ETK 3.1.30 to get full information about spare parts and accessories for cars (from 1932 year) and motorcycles (from 1948 year) and also helps you to find parts.
PET 7.3 basic info:
BMW ETK 3.1.30 spare parts catalog (Never expire, cracked, no pass)
Note: many ETK catalog sometimes can be free download at forums, but it's time limited or not fully cracked in most cases.
System requirement:
Windows XP
English, German, Russian, Turkish, French, Swedish,Chinese, Czech, Greek, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Thai

What ETK is used to do?
Spare Parts Catalog BMW ETK contains the information on spare parts and accessories of machines and motorcycles for all regions, since 1932 (machine) and since 1948 (motorcycles). In version 08.2001 cosmetic changes of the interface are made and the information on antiquarian automobiles and motorcycles (probably for collectors) is added.
BMW ETK 3.1.30 Spare Parts Catalog package:
The catalogue occupies one CD, it is possible to establish for work with use of CD
2016.04 BMW ETK 3.1.30 setup procedure:
Step 1 - Open ETK_04_2016.iso
Insert BMW ETK disk BMW2016 E:, then open it
Copy “ETK_04_2016.rar” to lock disk D: and unzip there
Open DAEMON Tool Lite on Desktop
Add image: Local disk d:/ETK_04_2016.iso

Mount “ETK_04_2016.iso”
Internet explorer: active content.... Select NO
2016.04 BMW ETK information

Step 2 - Install ETK 2016.04
Open ETK_04_2016 F:
Open “setup”
Select ETK setup language

Click Next to install ETK

Next *3
Being setup...
Port selection

Properties: select “Use the US interface”, then ok
Follow the screenshots to do the selection

Step 3 - Load parts data
Select CD-ROM drive

Wait and spare parts is being loaded...
Parts data have been read

Step 4 - Run BMW ETK
Open ETK (local) on Desktop

Close BMW ETK 3.1.30
Step 5 - Run ETK Admin
Open ETK Admin on Desktop
Go to Extras->language.. to select a language

Close ETK Admin tool

Parts catalog BMW ETK models list:

 Current BMW models >>
BMW 1 series E81
BMW 1 series E87
BMW 1 series E87 LCI
BMW 1 series E82
BMW 1 series E88
BMW 1 series F20
BMW 1 series F21
BMW 2 series F22
BMW 3 series E36
BMW 3 series E46
BMW 3 series E90
BMW 3 series E90 LCI
BMW 3 series E91
BMW 3 series E91 LCI
BMW 3 series E92
BMW 3 series E92 LCI
BMW 3 series E93
BMW 3 series E93 LCI
BMW 3 series F30
BMW 3 series F31
BMW 3 series F35
BMW 4 series F32
BMW 4 series F82 M4
BMW 4 series F33
BMW 4 series F36
BMW 5 series E39
BMW 5 series E60
BMW 5 series E60 LCI
BMW 5 series E61
BMW 5 series E61 LCI
BMW 5 series F10
BMW 5 series F11
BMW 5 series F11 LCI
BMW 5 series F07 GT
BMW 5 series F07 GT LCI
BMW 5 series F18
BMW 5 series F18 LCI
BMW 6 series E63
BMW 6 series E63 LCI
BMW 6 series E64
BMW 6 series E64 LCI
BMW 6 series F12
BMW 6 series F06 GC
BMW 6 series F13
BMW 7 series E38
BMW 7 series E65
BMW 7 series E66
BMW 7 series F01
BMW 7 series F01 LCI
BMW 7 series F02
BMW 7 series F02 LCI
BMW 7 series F03
BMW 7 series F04 Hyb
BMW X1 E84
BMW X3 E83
BMW X3 F25
BMW X4 F26
BMW X5 E53
BMW X5 E70
BMW X5 F15
BMW X6 E71
BMW X6 E72 Hybrid
BMW Z3 E36
BMW Z4 E85
BMW Z4 E86
BMW Z4 E89
BMW Z8 E52
BMW i3 I01
BMW i8 I12
 Old BMW models >>
BMW 1500-2000CS
BMW 1502-2002TII
BMW 3 series E21
BMW 3 series E30
BMW 5 series E12
BMW 5 series E28
BMW 5 series E34
BMW 6 series E24
BMW 7 series E23
BMW 7 series E32
BMW 8 series E31
BMW Z1 Roadster
BMW 700
BMW Z8 E52
 Rolls-Royce models >>
Phantom EWB
Phantom Series II
Phantom Drophead
Phantom Drophead Series II
Phantom Coupe
Phantom Coupe Series II
Ghost EWB
 Current BMW moto >>
 Old BMW moto >>
BMW ETK 3.1.30 display: