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How to Install XPROM V5.60 ECU Programmer?

News for you! We tested XPROM V5.6.0 is operating fine to read write ECU data, and only takes 3 steps to install.
So how to install XPROM V5.6.0?
There are several main steps.
  1. Install Adobe Reader
  2. Registry editor
  3. Install device driver software
  4. Copy read write device data
XPROM V5.6.0 is operating fine on Windows XP.
If the operating system is WIN7 and other versions it may fail to install driver automatically.
The details are as follows:
1.Insert CD and double click My Computer icon.
2.Open CD storage you will see a compressed file [XP 5.6.0 English] then copy this file to Desktop.
3.Decompress [XP 5.6.0 English], go to [XP5.6.0 ] and find Adobe Reader file to install the application.

4.After the installation is complete, right click The "Registry Editor " icon, then choose Merge option and click Yes and OK when the alert dialog boxs are showing.

5.Copy the XPROG-BOX 5.60 English file folder to Local Disk [C].
6.Connect the device to the computer and get windows message reading "Installing device driver software", but unfortunately it fails to automatically install driver on win7 shown as follows, so I have to manually install the driver.

7.Right click "My Computer", choose "Manage" option, then "Device Manager", then right click "XPROG-box" under "Other devices" then "Update Driver Software"

8.You will see a prompt dialog box and choose the second option: “Browse my computer for driver software.”
9.Choose browse location: Desktop→XPROG-BOX drive→WINDOW XP (Note: Choose the driver software from folder "WINDOW XP" will be okay.)
10.Click “Next” to continue, there is a Windows security warning message then choose the second option: “Install this driver software anyway”.

11.Right click “USB Serial Port” to choose “Update Driver Software”. You will see a prompt message and choose the second option: “Browse my computer for driver software”. Choose browse location: [WINDOW XP], And one more time ignore windows security warning message.

12.Now "XPROG-box programmer (COM4)" and "USB Input Device" can be found shown as follow, it means the driver software is installed successfully.

13.Choose the XPROG-BOX 5.60 English file folder at Local Disk [C] and find application file called XprogDesktop to open. Next you should agree Adobe Reader’s protocol.

14.Click “Device” option at toolbar of V5.6.0 and select Type→Serial EEPROM, Subtype→Atmel, Device→AT93C66

15.Click New option at toolbar and get a noname file, next click Read option and move mouse to read codes. 

16.For convenience of use you can right click [XprogDesktop] to send V5.6.0 to desktop.