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Lonsdor K518ISE
Lonsdor K518ISE


Key pro m8 Car List and Reviews

Key pro m8 Car List:
About M8  key program tool update
Update tool download:
Q1: Should I use it with windows 7?
A1: You’d better use it on windows xp pro computer system.
Q2: If the “M” dongle in the package?
A2: Yes, the dongles have “A” to “M”.
Q3: I bought the Key Pro M8 from the United Kingdom. Can I use the tokens from your company?
A3: Sorry, you can not.
Q4: If the Key Pro M8 has the ADS125 software of the Toyota and the Lexus?
A4: Yes, it has the software you momentioned.
Q5: I need one device to do the VAG key programming. Is there any good advice?
A5: If you only need to do VAG cars after 2007, we recommend you VVDI or FVDI VAG. If you need to do both the new and old car, you need to use the Key Pro M8.
Q6: If the Key Pro M8 can do the pin code reading of the citroen cars?
A6: Please see the support car list from the picture bellow. It shows that can do.
 Q7: Can I share the free update of the Key Pro M8?
A7: The firmware update is free all the time.

Q8: The key pro m8 can support 2010 Fait 500 all key lost? I can’t find it in the supported car list.
A8: It can support. You will see the car after you enter the menu.
Q9: I have a vag car repair shop,and I want to do vag car key program, which tool can do almost all car?I mean old and newest car!
A9: Our SK142 KEY PRO can do it.