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Lonsdor K518ISE
Lonsdor K518ISE


FLY OBD Terminator calculate Nissan 20-digit pin/password

A technician working for eobdtool today has tested that Flyobd OBD Terminator FVDI2 Quick Loader (full version or locksmith version) perform well in Nissan 20-digit pin codes calculation via OBD.
Connect FLY OBD Terminator hardware to the Nissan car via OBD
Run FVDI2 quick loader
Select OBD2 terminator-> Tools

Then Execute PIN Calculator
Enter user name, password, verify code to login

PIN Calculator after login

Click Filter to show all function:
Show all function
Show function already bought
Show function have not bought

Then select Nissan 20-digit pin calculator to transfer Nissan 20-digit pre code to 20 digit code:
Enter 20-digit pre PIN, then click Calculate to get 20-digit PIN
Nissan PIN code calculation completes.

Free download Nissan Consult 3 Plus V61.10 software

Nissan Consult 3 Plus V61.10:
1. Support Multi-Languages: English,French,German,Spanish,Italian,Portuguese,Japanese,Russian,Finnish,Greek,Chinese
2. Software Version: V61.10(newest software v61.10 including programming file, it support programming, no need buy programming card any more)
   CSP Software Version: CSP V20.11
Programming Data Version: Pplus_V51.1F

Feedback on programming with Nissan Consult 3 plus:
- managed to program TCM and DCM
- sounds great on my an Armada and Titan that have CEL issues which the Consult already paid for itself by helping fix them
- tested successfully it can calculate pin code for key programming, it can also make key but need to get one additional Nissan Consult-3 Plus Security Card, otherwise the button “Immobilizer key” is gray color and is unavailable, Nissan Consult-3 Plus Security Card is expensive to me, so I didn’t order one, but borrow one from my friends and use together with consult3 plus.
Nissan Consult 3 VS Consult 4 VS Nissan Consult 3 PLUS VS FVDI Nissan:
Item NumberSP38SP38-BSP118SP80SV67
NameConsult III
For Nissan
Tool With
Consult 3
Tool For
Nissan No
Nissan Consult 3
plus Tool
Best Consult 4
For Nissan
Infiniti And
2016 FVDI II
For Nissan Infiniti
V4.3 With
USB Dongle
English, Finnish,
French, German,
Greek, Italian,
Japanese, Spanish, Chinese
English Only
PC OS RequirementWindows XPWindows
Windows XP, WIN7, WIN8 & WIN10Windows XPWindows XP
CommunicationUSB / BluetoothUSBUSB / BluetoothUSB / BluetoothUSB
Support ProgramNoNoYesNoYES but few
Key FunctionWorks with SO81Works
with SO143
Works with SO81YES but few
More function addWorks with SO133 can
do program
Works with SO133
can do program


2016 FVDI 2 ABRITES Commander V24 (Newest,update)

FVDI 2 Abrites Commander = FVDI V2016 FULL Version + FLY OBD Terminator FULL Version + J2534 DrewTech Software

1. Multi-languages: English, Germany, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Danish, Czech, Chinese, Bulgarian
2. Newest version: V24
3. FVDI 2 Update: For customers who bought old FVDI Commander from us before, you can send the FVDI Commander hardware and soft-dongle bakc to us and pay 300.00USD extra, we will replace the FVDI 2 for you,
with same car model software+ free FLY OBD Terminator software + all J2534 DrewTech Softwares.
PS: (if you lose the soft-dongle, you need pay another 90.00USD, if you have both hardware and soft-dongle, you just need pay 300.00USD)
4. Buy FVDI2 VAG, You Can Get Hyundai/Kia/Tag Key Tool Software by default5. You can choose DAF or Bikes software for free as well
6. Package come with Free OBD Termination software, function including:
-1. VAG-VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda immobilizer Generation 4
-2. VAG-VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda immobilizer Generation 5
-3. AUDI A6/Q7 immobilizer Generation 4,5
7. Package come with Free J2534 Softwares:
-1. Honda HDS V3.016 +
-2. JLR SDD V145.00 +
-3. TIS V11.00.017 +
-4. VCM IDS +
8. Package cancel USB Dongle, dongle has been setup inside the FVDI2 Hardware, more convenient.

Why choose mini vci for toyota tis techstream v10.30.029 with FW V2.0.4?

MINI VCI for toyota tis techstream v10.30.029 with Firmware V2.0.4 is now available at eobdtool.co.uk. Compared with previous firmware version like V1.4.0, Firmware V2.0.4 supports VPW protocol and the PCB has extra security chip.
What’s NEW for this MINI VCI J2534 Toyota TIS Cable?
  1. Support VPW protocol for Toyota cars from 1996.
  2. Support Toyota IMMO Reset.
  3. Support Toyota car customization.
MINI VCI Toyota TIS Cable PCB:
mini-vci-toyota-tis-techstream-cable-main-board-2 mini-vci-toyota-tis-techstream-cable-main-board-3
MINI VCI Toyota TIS Cable Supported Protocols:
- K-Line ISO 9141
- KWP 2000 ISO 14230-4
- SAE J1850 PWM
- SAE J1850 VPW
- CAN 2.0B ISO 11898
- CAN ISO 15765-4
How to know which protocol can be used for your car?
For vehicles from 1996 onwards, it is possible to tell which protocol can be used by examining the particular OBD II connection:
J1850 VPW:
The connector must have material contacts inside pins 2, 4, 5, and 16, but not 10.
ISO 9141-2/KWP2000:
The connector must have metallic contacts inside pins 4, 5, 7, 15,      plus 16.
J1850 PWM:
The connector must have metallic contacts inside pins 2, 4, 5, 10, plus 16.
The connector must have material contacts inside pins 4, 5, 6, 14 and 16.
BTW, Mini VCI Diagnostic Cable for Toyota TIS Techstream has two options for you:
  1. Mini VCI with 16 pin connector
  2. Mini VCI with 16 pin connector +22 pin connectormini-vci-toyota-tis-techstream-cable-4


Hantek 1008A 8CH PC Digital Oscilloscope all information here

Hantek 1008A is an 8-channel PC digital oscilloscope which can be used in a wide variety of situations like vehicle testing. It’s software support Windows NT, Window 2000, Windows XP, VISTA, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Free download Hantek 1008A 8CH PC Digital Oscilloscope user manual+ software+ driver:

Hantek 1008A 8 Channel Oscilloscope main features:
DAQ card function
12bit vertical resolution
2.4MSa/s real time sampling rate
USB 2.0 interface, no need extra power supply
More than 20 types of automatic testing function
8 channels programmable generator analog signals of crankshaft, camshaft etc

  1. Trigger information (edge trigger slope, source and level)
  2. Main time base setting
  3. The Horizontal Panel
  4. The Vertical Panel
  5. The Trigger Panel
  6. “T” marker shows edge trigger level
  7. CH1-CH8 information
  8. This status indicates it connected via USB
  9. “T” marker shows horizontal trigger position
  10. Trigger status (AUTO/ Trig’D/ WAIT/ STOP/ RUN/ PLAY)
Hantek 1008A Math Function Display:

Hantek 1008A Signal in X-Y Format:

Hantek 1008A test report:

Hantek 1008A Oscilloscope reviews and feedbacks:
The Hantek 1008A are great since I need to monitor 6 at a time. This was a saving grace tool for electric motor work. Also I found that to do a scope run and save the result.

This tool Hantek 8 channels Oscilloscope is functional and within my budget. It works great getting forms from cool, crank, cam. It is easy to set up trigger points, time, and scale. I was able to solve a problem on an electrical circuit. Over all, I am happy with what I get for the price.

Checking the signal wires on TPS, MAP sensors, MAF sensors this tool works beautifully without the need for special adapters. With it I get beautiful primary ignition coil wave forms. I can see the dwell and measure it in milliseconds with the cursors, the inductive spike and the spark line. I often diagnose bad coils by lack of a clear spark line. Also I can use the attenuator to check the ground or control side of fuel injectors. It always show a good inductive spike with a well functioning fuel injector

I have used Hantek products before and they work just fine for the price. Software is a little glitch but not so bad. This tool works very well for capturing transients and troubleshooting digital systems.

Hooked to laptop by USB, was able to monitor several engine sensors on a Pontiac. Software installed on laptop with no problem. I have used Oscilloscopes since 1960. The "Hantek 1008A" WORKED GREAT!


MPPS V13 test successfully - feedback

MPPS V13 test successfully:
l use MPPS V13 on my tablet running Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (Confirmed)
I would like to share with everyone that MPPS V13 works on Tablets. I have succesfully read and flashed ecus using my tablet with windows 10 in windows xp compatibility mode. Saves me carrying a laptop with me and I feel safe to use my tablet off the battery while flashing. Something I would never do with a laptop. You need a micro to full size usb adapter for your interface.
Its a shame tho that I couldn’t get Winols to run on windows 10. Otherwise I could always make a quick map twik on the spot. But downgrading a tablet to windows 7 would most likely enable it.


Newest update FLY OBD Terminator V1.5 Full & Locksmith version

FLY OBD Terminator V1.5 is newly released for both FLY OBD Terminator Full Version and FLY OBD Terminator Locksmith version. You can update it online. More update details are as follows:

FLY OBD Terminator V1.5 (2016-8-17):
  1. Write odometer; adjust mileage by OBD for all land rover cars.
  2. JLR SDD Coded Access Password is Free:
Jaguar Coded Access Password:
ODO APP (X150)
ODO APP (X250)
ODO APP (X351)
Land Rover Coded Access Password:
ODO APP (L316))
ODO APP (L322)
VEHICLE UPDATE (Only Taiwan models)
Now buy FLY OBD Terminator get free JLR SDD Coded Access Password. With Coded Access Password you can do car modifying well.
There are two versions of FLY OBD Terminator available:
Immobilizer + Odometer + CBS Reset + Airbag + Sync + Program
FLY OBD Terminator Locksmith version Functions:
Immobilizer + Odometer

Nissan key programmer: OBDSTAR F102 or NSPC001 PIN code reader

OBDSTAR F102 or NSPC001, which for Nissan Infiniti key programming?

OBDSTAR F102 = PIN code reader + key programmer + mileage adjustment tool for Nissan/Infiniti
NSPC001 = Nissan PIN code reader
Comparison between OBDSTAR F102 and NSPC001:
Nissan Infiniti PIN code readerOBDSTAR F102 NSPC001 
One key update 
No need tokens *(note 1) 
Plug and play, automatic transfer
Good man-machine interaction 
Program Keys for most of Nissan/Infiniti cars * (note 2) 
Correct Mileage for most of Nissan/Infiniti cars * (note 2) 
Read BCM codes of all Nissan/Infiniti cars.
Transfer 5-digit code to 4-digit code
No deduction for 5-digit code to 4-digit code 
Transfer 20-digit code to 20 digit code
One token for success transfer of new 20-digit code to 20-digit code and successful reading of BCM code 
*note 1: About NSPC001 tokens
When built-in 100 tokens for NSPC001 are used up, you can still use it to get 4-digit code, but you need to buy a newone if you want to read new 20-digit pin code.
* note 2: About OBDSTAR F102 supported models:
Teana 2013
JX35 2012-
QX60 2013-
PINCODE  Calculator
Immo box
No need 20 PINCODE
13- Teana
JX35 13-
QX60 13-
OBDSTAR F102 can support most models. For 2013-2015 models with 20 digit code, F1025 program keys withoutpin codes; while before 2013, F102 only supports reading other codes , but cannot be available to match keys (Nissan pre-2013 need to work with X300 Pro key master to program keys)


XTOOL PS2 PS90 Update Ford V10.00 BMW V10.10 (13th Aug, 2016)

This is newest update details of PS2/ PS90 Gasoline Series Ford V10.00 BMW V10.10.

XTOOL EZ400 same as XTOOL PS90

PS2/ PS90 Gasoline Series Ford V10.00
Language version of the vehicle system software is currently released for Chinese and English.
This version (10.00) issued the following:
  1. An increase of related models of Ford Australia.
  2. Add a data logging function of PS65 UK.
  3. Modify some known bugs.
PS2/PS90 Gasoline Series BMW V10.10
Language version of the vehicle system software is currently released for Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Spanish and German.
This version (V6.80) issued the following:
  1. Optimize the structure of the BMW MINI and Rolls-Royce, HCBMW Code Library
  2. Increasing the BMW 1 Series F21 chassis, 2 Series F23 chassis, 2 Series F45 chassis, 3 Series F80 chassis, 4 Series F36 chassis, 4 Series F82 / F83 chassis, 7 Series F03 chassis, 7 Series G11 chassis, I Series I01 / I12 chassis, X Series F85 chassis, X series F16 / F86 chassis under all systems, reading clear code, data stream and actuation test and other basic functions.
  3. Add PS65UK version
  4. Optimize vehicle VIN code automatically identify ways
  5. Add Japanese version
  6. Modify BUG


Real experiences with GM Tech2 clone

GM Tech2 with TIS2000 CD can diagnose and program all GM vehicles from year 1992 to 2013 include GM, SAAB, Opel, Suzuki, Isuzu and Holden. Here are some real experiences with this GM Tech2 scanner.

I work for a Gm dealership and was a little skeptical at first about this GM tech2. After receiving very quick from seller I tested it out on every platform, programming, system scans, live plot, remote functions, everything and it has matched everything my shops factory 2000 dollar Tech 2 has done. Best money I've spent on a tool in a very long time!
This GM Tech 2 clone performs exactly the same as dealership scan tool. Everything listed in the sale was there. This is obviously a knock off of the original tool but you would never know if someone did not tell you. It comes without any labels or stickers on it, but they were included in a bag ready for you to put them on the tool and accessories. I have used this tool on a 2004 Pontiac grand prix and a 2006 grand prix to perform diagnostics and set up a new body control module. I went through every screen, tried all the function tests and learn procedures. No issues with this tool at all. Cables, plugs and accessories are all of quality construction. I could not be happier with this purchase.
I have been very happy with this scanner, the cables can be a bit finicky at times, and I had to remove and reinstall the memory card several times to get a good connection on it, but have had no issues at all other than that. I have used it on 2004 Pontiac Bonneville, Saab and Chevrolet Suburban all worked well.
I was pretty skeptical when saw these clone at cheap 250$-380$. Most dealers charge a $100+ diagnostic fee just to hook theirs up to your car, what a joke. I got one English language software version with 32 MB Card, CANDI, TIS2000 and other diagnostic cables. And I hooked it up to test engine, ABS, transmission etc, stored DTCs, Freeze Frame, live data, all the test results were displayed on the large, easy-to-read backlit screen. Keeping the GM Tech 2 for half a year, no blue/blank screen or communication issue. Now the device is in good condition.

Got my GM Tech2 today, it looks and functions well for a clone. The tech2 and CANDI module worked perfect to diagnose my bad HVAC air door actuator. I have an older HP laptop running win7 and it has a serial port so has no problem to install software. Time will tell how this works out.
The tech2 clone has done everything I have used it for. I have check and cleared codes including freeze frame data. I used it to test injectors on my friends NOVA 5.3 swap. It allowed me to pulse each injector so we knew they were not clogged.
Still no problems with this GM Tech2 clone. I was able to use SPS programming to update the theft module OS in my Chevrolet TrailBlazer SS. And I found this tool can be used on OBD1 cars. I tried it to diagnose my friend’s 1994 Pontiac Trans Am, it worked!

Why choose DAF VCI Lite V1 to replace DAF VCI-560?

It’s said that DAF VCI Lite V1 can replace DAF VCI-560 to diagnose/troubleshoot/program all DAF trucks from oldest till newest EU6, is that true?
Here is comparison list between DAF VCI Lite and DAF VCI-560 on price, function and software for your reference.
DAF VCI Lite V1: €732.99 
DAF VCI-560: €3,229
Choose DAF VCI Lite can save you totally €2496.01!
This comparison is the most important and useful one. Following table will clearly show you the detailed functions of both DAF VCI Lite and DAF VCI-560.
Support System (diagnose/troubleshoot/program)
After treatment system.
Auxialiary system.
Break system.
CAB climate system.
Communication system.
Door control system.
Engine system.
Instrumentation system.
Power supply and ground.
Retarder system.
Safety system.
Security system.
Steering control system.
Suspension system.
Transmission system.
Vehicle control system.
After treatment system
Break system
CAB climate system
Communication system
Door control system
Engine system
Instrumentation system
Safety system
Security system
Transmission system
Vehicle control system

Form this table you can see DAF VCI Lite V1 support systems include all of DAF VCI-560. In other word, these two products share the same functions of diagnosis, programming and troubleshooting.
This table shows that DAF VCI Lite V1 and DAF VCI-560 have the same compatible software; moreover, DAF VCI Lite V1 has newer software.
Compatible Software
DAF Davie XDc II Runtime 5.6.1 (Windows 7 supported)
DAF Davie Application 80.01
DAF Davie Parts Rapido Subset 15.31.F0
DAF Davie XDc II Runtime 5.6.1 (Windows 7 supported)
DAF Davie Application 75.03
DAF Davie Parts Rapido Subset 15.12FO
DAF VCI Lite V1 and DAF VCI-560 can support same languages: English, German, Dutch, Danish, Czech, French, Italian, Finnish, Hungarian, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Russian, Greek, Polish, and Turkish.
Some differences between DAF VCI Lite V1 and DAF VCI-560:
DAF VCI Lite (V1) in comparison to VCI-560 has only one part missing, that is not needed for any diagnostic, reprogramming, configuring purposes and DAVIE will be fully functional, it will not see ignition from OBD, and does not have status LED and WIFI (ONLY USB).
DAF VCI-560 software need install, first installation service is free, second is charged for $150.DAF VCI Lite (V1) software no need activation will be provided in the format of Acronis True Image instead of DVD or CD. In this way you can use software directly, no need to install it.
DAF VCI Lite V1 is much cheaper and economical same vehicle coverage and almost same functions as DAF VCI-560, so you can choose DAF VCI Lite V1 to fully replace DAF VCI560.


SuperOBD SKP-900 tested yes or no (reviews)

In view of many customer inquiries about SuperOBD SKP-900 recently, www.eobdtool.co.uk/ here collected some reviews on SKP900 yes or no. Hope it helps.

SKP900 key programmer YES (Tested OK)
2013 Acura
2008 Honda civic
2015 Honda civic smart key all lost
2014 Honda CR-V smart key all lost
2015 Honda Accord all key lost
2015 Honda Odyssey smart key all lost
Ford PATS6
2013 Ford Ranger
2013 Ford Mustang
2013 Ford Edge all keys lost works fine
2011-2013 Ford F-150
2008 Focus petrol UK model
2002 Volkswagen GTI
2000 VW Transporter read pin code program key
2007 VW Transporter read pin code program key
2004 Dodge Caravan lost key works
2009 Dodge charger add Fobik key ok
2008 Dodge Charger works fine
2009, 2012-2013 Toyota Camry Remote + Transponder
2013 Toyota Highlander Remote + Transponder
2009 Toyota Land Cruiser add key
KIA& Hyundai:
2014 KIA Rio all keys lost
2013 KIA Soul all keys lost
2013 KIA Forte all keys lost
2011 Hyundai ix35 remote
Land Rover:
Land Rover Discovery 3 add key
Range Rover 2010 add key
2005 Jaguar X-type lost keys
2006 Jaguar XJ lost key
2012 Jeep Compass all keys lost
2008 Jeep Wrangler all keys lost
2015 Maserati Ghibli read pin code program Key
2005 Audi A4 remote
2007 Mazda 3 lost keys
2006 Peugeot 407 add key
2013 Chrysler 200 all keys lost
2012 Nissan Altima smart key all lost works
SKP900 key programmer NO (Tested not OK)
2002, 2004, 2014 Ford Fiesta
2004 Ford Mondeo
2007 Ford Transit
2013 – Ford Kuga
2011 – Ford Focus
2001 Honda Civic
2009 Suzuki Swift
2007 KIA Picanto
2014 Toyota Prado
2014 Toyota Fortuner
Mazda 3 Axela
Land Rover Freelander 2
Land Rover Discovery 4