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Lonsdor K518ISE
Lonsdor K518ISE


How Foxwell NT500 VAG Scanner reset SKODA Service Light?

Foxwell NT500 VAG Scanner is professional and powerful for VW/ Audi vehicles diagnostics, especially in EPB, Service/Oil Light/DPF Reset and Steering Angle Sensor Calibration. Following 3 steps are Foxwell NT500 reset SKODA Service Light as an example.

Step1. Start Foxwell NT500 VAG. Go on according to this order: choose “VAG” → “Skoda” → “system” → “Control Unit” → “Common” → “Instruments”. After choose “Instruments” just wait a while as it will show communicating.

Step2. Then you will go to “Function Menu”, choose “Adaption” and also wait a while for communicating.

Next choose “Input the channel number” and input “02” then choose “Finish”→ “Yes”.

Step3. Press “F2” button to choose “Set new value” then Press “F2” button again to choose keyboard.

Input “000” then choose “Finish”→ “Yes”. Now Foxwell NT500 scanner will ask you “Set new value?” choose “Yes”.

Now the new value set OK. And the service light reset is done!