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How to program 2013 Honda Civic Remote key via SKP900

This blog will guide you on how to program Honda Civic remote key with SuperOBD skp-900 key programmer.
Vehicle model: 2013 Honda Civic
Equipment: SKP-900 key programmer
Detailed procedures:
Connect skp-900 to Honda Civic, then insert the car key and turn ignition on.

Choose [IMMOBILIZER]->[Honda]->[IMMOBILIZER3]. Then press [YES] button to continue, it will show [LOADING].

[IMMOBILIZER SYSTEM]-> [CHOOSE OBDII ADAPTER AND TURN IGN ON], press [YES] button to continue, it will communicate, wait for a while.

Select [ALL KEY LOST] and press yes

[Insert the key and ign on], press yes

Then input key number [1] and press yes

The interface pops out, turn off the ignition

Then turn ignition on

Turn off the ignition again

And turn ignition on again

Press [YES] to continue and turn off the ignition

Turn on the ignition. Done! Adapt key success.