Lonsdor K518ISE

Lonsdor K518ISE
Lonsdor K518ISE


Audi A6L all key lost new key made by VVDI2 and VVDI PROG

This blog will show you steps for VVDI2 Commander and VVDI PROG Key Programmer work together to make a new key for Audi A6L all key lost.
Step1. Open Audi A6L engine cover, find the engine and disassemble it. Remove the engine ECU.

Warm up the ECU edge to open ECU safely, find the 95320 chip as below, desolder the chip and put it on VVDI PROG to read data.

Step2. Open VVDI PROG software, choose correct “Type”, “Brand” and “Chip” at right side. Click “New” and “Read” then “Save” to save the bin file. Remove the chip 95320 from VVDI PROG, solder it back to engine ECU and reinstall ECU to Audi A6L.
Step3. Open Xhorse VVDI2 software and choose “Audi” option. Click “Special Function” on top menu bar. Then click “EEPROM Data Processing Tool”. First you need to calculate the CS code: choose “EEPROM Simons PPDIx- Reset component protection data”.

Step4. Click “Read” and load the bin file that is read out just now, click “Open”. And you can see the CS code as picture, record it with your camera or pen.

Next is to calculate the PIN code. Back to “EEPROM Data Processing Tool” dropdown menu and choose “EEPROM Simons PPDIx- Security Access Code”. Click “Read” and load the bin file, PIN code is read out. Record the code.

Step5. Back to Xhorse VVDI2 software main menu; choose “Key Learning” and “Audi A6/A7” option. Input the CS code and PIN code then you can see the buttons “Learning Key” and “Generate Dealer Key” are working.
Put a new remote key chip into VVDI2 coil. Click “Generate Dealer Key” and it will show success soon.
Step6. This step is going to learn key. Disconnect the short insurance line and connect it again.

Now take out the remote chip and put it close to car’s ignition data coil. Open and close the car door. Turn on ignition and press down brake. Click “Learning Key” and you can see learning success.
Step7. This is the last step: read out EZS-EEPROM (J518) EEPROM to generate the OEM remote control.
Choose chip type “9S1201128” then save EZS-EEPROM (J518) EEPROM file. And start to generate the OEM remote control.
Choose the EEPROM file to open then put the remote control vertically into VVDI2 coil. Click “Open” and “Next”.

The OEM remote control is generated successfully! Assemble it to the new key and test. Now Xhorse VVDI PROG Programmer and VVDI2 Tool together make a new key successfully for Audi A6L all key lost! The car will start and the remote function will work!

(New Update) Free download TM100 Key Programmer V3.46

Today, original TM100 Key ProgrammerV3.46 has been released and available to download. This blog will offer you software free download link and new update information.

V3.46 TM100 Transponder Key Programmer Software Free Download:
TM100 Key Programmer V3.46 Update Information:

1. Add keymaker for Mitsubishi, Montero as MY2000. Parts: IMMO, IC: MC68HC805P18 (with mask H44H), Transponder: Tiris 4D.
2. Add keymaker for Mitsubishi, Pajero as MY2000. Parts: IMMO, IC: MC68HC805P18 (with mask H44H), Transponder: Tiris 4D.
3. Add keymaker for Mitsubishi, Pajero sport as MY2000. Parts: IMMO, IC: MC68HC805P18 (with mask H44H), Transponder: Tiris 4D.
4. Add keymaker for Mitsubishi, Space Wagon as MY1999. Parts: IMMO, IC: MC68HC805P18 (with mask H44H), Transponder: Tiris 4D.
5. Add keymaker for Bentley, Arnage MY1998. Parts: IMMO, IC: EEPROM 24C04, Transponder: PCF7935.
6. Fix bugs for Ford 93C56.


Mercedes Motorola EIS diagnostic and repair TIPS to success

This blog will give you some useful tips for diagnosing and repairing Mercedes Motorola EIS. These tips come from experience and will surely add your knowledge and help you!

1. Always treat EIS with respect. Regardless of how many times you did this job, it will bite you later if you cut corners.
2. First thing is always to read and back-up the EEPROM data. Always remember that.
3. Always connect the EIS to a bench power supply with display for the current for testing. Closely monitoring the current EIS help you to evaluate the condition. 1mA difference points to a problem. Also the behaviors thru different stages can be observed when inserting the key, when it goes to sleep mode, etc.
4. Reading the dump from EIS by tools like VVDI MB Tool, then always run it using MB SKC key calculator to verify the dump’s correctness. If it looks weird, read again to verify.
5. Before even starting any work on the EIS, connect to a power supply and test the function. Even if there is no original working key another key can be inserted to verify the correct function. This way you will know if a subsequent failure has occurred after your intervention or before.
6. Make sure the key you programmed is fully functional. I use AK500+ Key Programmer to verify if each key I renew is a functional and the IR circuit works.

7. It is good to have a similar EIS handy to make comparisons on the board, the current it draws and eventually to swap the EEPROM.


MPPS V18 Software Download - 100% working with MPPS eu clone

Free downloads MPPS V18 driver and software here!
MPPS V18 mega link:
Its MPPS v18.12.3.8.
Crack version
No need pass
Tested without issues
Safe to use
So, 100% working on MPPS hardware v1.08.21
MPPS hardware v1.08.21:

Only this version can works with mpps v18 software above
MPPS fw: v1.08.21 printed circuited board:

You can buy MPPS device from eobdtool.co.uk or other vendors, but please make sure of the PCB design.
Mpps sw: v18.12.3.8 + fw: v1.08.21= reading / writing ecu(TRICORE + MULTIBOOT) + checksum

MPPS V18 Windows 7:
Mpps v18 car list:
Mpps v18 review:


Original Tango Key Programmer Update to V1.107.7 (Details)

Here is the newest update of Tango KeyProgrammer V1.107.7 for you! This blog will show you all update details. Hope it helps!

Tango Programmer Newest Version V1.107 Details and Information:
(Hardware V1.079)
1. Again FIRST in the WORLD:
1) Daihatsu-G TRUE Image generator (Page1 3B, 5B)
2) Copying of Daihatsu-G keys
3)    Dump editor to pair Smart key ECU with ID CODE ECU
True calculation of synchro code on Smart key ECU
Dump editor pairs all four units: Engine ECU, Smart key ECU and Steering
2. Improved Toyota Certification maker:
- ADD a Key
- Solution if ONE key only
3. Tango V1.107 NEWLY Added:
Transponders LKP-02 (Emulation of 4C, 4D, 4D80, 4E)
Keymaker VW Passat 1997- (93C66,ID48)
Keymaker Daihatsu Move 2010-(93C66, DST80)*
Keymaker Toyota Avanza 2010- (93C66, DST80)*

Image generator Daihatsu DST40

How GM TECH 2 scan tool replace Opel Corsa C engine ECU?

This is a guide for using GM TECH 2 scan tool to replace Opel Corsa C engine ECU with known pin for car. (Please try on your own risk) Hope it helps you!
Tool you need:

GM TECH 2 replaces Opel Corsa-C ECU procedure:
1. Obtain all ECU’s pin codes especially second hand ECUs (immobilizer or engine). Scan old ECU to obtain VIN code and then obtain car passes to match.
2. Obtain all keys they will be required at end of procedure. SPS program new engine ECU with vehicle engine code and VIN number.
3. Configure engine ECU CAN configuration (Engine/ programming/ program CAN configuration)
Configure engine ECU variant configuration (Engine/ programming/ program variant configuration)
4. Reset engine ECU if second hand ECU use pin code from car pass (body/ immobilizer / additional functions/ reset engine ECU)
Reset immobilizer (body/ immobilizer/ additional functions/ reset immobilizer)
Reset BCM (body/ BCM/ additional functions /reset BCM)
Reset instrument cluster (body/ instrument/ additional functions/ reset instrument)
5. Program immobilizer function (engine and immobilizer): this will program everything together includes new keys. Have all keys programmed (body/ immobilizer/ programming/ program immobilizer function).
Check and clear all fault codes Engine immobilizer dash BCM ABS and gearbox. Road test and recheck it you can see GM Tech 2 replace a new engine ECU for Opel Corsa C successfully!


OPCOM OP-COM reset and reprogram ECU guide for Vauxhall Astra H

This is guide about using OP-COM to reset and reprogram Vauxhall Astra H 2004 ECU immobilizer. Get cheap OPCOM V2012 under $20 and you can start to diagnose and program Opel or Vauxhall Vectra-C, Astra-H, Zafira-B…

First, connect OPCOM with car and laptop. Open OPCOM software. Choose “2014”→“Astra-H”→ “Engine”→ “Z 16 XEP”

Follow the tip and click “Next”

Then, choose “Reset ECU” and you need to enter security code. Enter then click OK.

Wait and it will show “Reset completed successfully”

Now car’s immobilizer light is blink. Choose “Body”→ “Programming”→ “Immobilizer Programming”

Click “Security Code” and enter security code. Click “Program Immobilizer Function”, choose “ECM” option and click “Do It”.

Turn to main menu and choose “Fault Codes”. OPCOM software will display fault codes.

Click “Clear Fault Codes” and the code “P1614-50 Wrong Transponder Key” still exist. Then you need to remove key and plug it in again. Now all codes are cleared and car’s immobilizer light is off.

Now all things done! OPCOM diagnostic tool reset Vauxhall Astra H 2004 ECU immobilizer successfully.


MPPS V18 download software, car list, review

MPPS V18 clone a powerful ecu programming tool for a range of controllers including M3.8, M5.9, ME7xx, MED9, MED17, EDC15/16/17, Delphi, Siemens, Marelli, Delco, Sagem, Trionic, etc. and MPPS V18 software adds boot mode support for controllers with the tricore processor and adds support for advanced functions on Marelli ECU’s.Here are the supported list and info below, Boot and TC mode are both open and working.

MPPS V18 software features:

The MPPS v18 ecu chip tuning tool offers like most other tools reading / writing operations and checksum support, however it also includes some additional features:

Excellent recovery functions. In some cases MPPS can recover ECU’s which others tools can not even make communications with. On certain controllers it even works when with no program is present (a blank memory).
Selectable full / partial reading and writing when the ECU allows this function.
Selectable reading / writing speed.
Writing “changes only” function for faster programming (when supported by the ECU).
Auto detection of K-Line/CAN, and option to bypass and force preferred means of communication.
Temporary bypass of immobiliser to allow flashing on the bench on ME7 systems.
Boot mode support for ECU’s with C167 and ST10 processors.
EEprom read/write functions for some ECU’s are included.
VAG MEDC17 TPROT level checking without opening the ECU.

- Tricore Boot

This module adds boot mode support for controllers with the tricore processor.
Auto detects ECU and processor type. No need to select from list, everything is automatic!
Read/Write of all memories Eeprom, Irom, Xrom (where possible)
Patch function for OBD Flashing of TPROT ECU’s (supports only VAG at the moment)
TPROT / DS check feature, for testing if TPROT is active without opening ECU.
Supports Bosch upto TP12
Supports Siemens (current only for ECU’s without password protection),
Support for unlocking of VAG Simos PCR and Simos 8
Checksum Correction supported for Bosch MEDC17

- MultiBoot

This module adds support for advanced functions on Marelli ECU’s.
Read / Write of Micro, Flash and EEprom without using a BDM programmer!
Fiat 6F3 – Full Read / Write Micro, Flash and EEprom over K-line and CAN.
Fiat 6JF – Full Read / Write Micro and EEprom over K-line.
Fiat 8DF – Full Read / Write Micro and EEprom over K-line.
Fiat 8F2 – Full Read / Write Micro and EEprom over K-line and CAN.
Fiat 8F3 – Full Read / Write Micro and EEprom over K-line and CAN.
Fiat 8GM – Full Read / Write Micro and EEprom over CAN.
Fiat 8GS – Full Read / Write Micro and EEprom over CAN.
Fiat 5SF3 – Full Read / Write Flash and EEprom over CAN.
Fiat 5SF3 – Full Read / Write EEprom over K-Line.
Fiat 5SF8 – Full Read / Write Flash and EEprom over K-line and CAN.
Fiat 5SF9 – Full Read / Write Flash and EEprom over CAN.
Fiat ME7.9.10 – Full Read / Write Micro over CAN.
Fiat ME7.6.3 – Full Read / Write Micro over CAN.
Opel 6O2 – Full Read / Write Micro, Flash and EEprom over K-line and CAN.
Opel 6O3 – Full Read / Write Micro, Flash and EEprom over K-line and CAN.
Opel 6JO – Full Read / Write Micro and EEprom 

MPPS v18 CAR LIST download

MPPS V18 Windows 7?:

MPPS V18 Review:
It cannot do c64

Med17.x.x works no problem

its working perfectly. All modules are open including tri-core

For all TC, 1797 included its auto read/write 

I have tested on 6F3.
Read/Write all Micro, flash and eeprom via OBD.
Very fast and stable tool.

If can not extract password it is useless.

have just manage to read via obd with multiboot function a Bosch ME7.9.10 from Fiat Punto T-JET 1.4 turbo ... This tool is the only one that can read from obd this ecu .....

V18 doesn't support EDC17C64
EDC17C64 TC1797 can be read with MPPS, BUT!!! you need password before. MPPS cannot read password from EDC17C64...

MPPS V18 cable:

MPPS V18 has been verified to work without issues by the chief engineer at http://www.eobdtool.co.uk/