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Newest V5.70 XPROG-M Box ECU Programmer ALL info & How to install

Good news for sharing: Newest V5.70 XPROG-M Box ECU Programmer is now available and tested OK at eobdtool.co.uk, only $133.35! Below are all information about XPROG-M V5.70 including installation guide for you.

XPROG-M Software version: V5.7.0
Firmware version: V3.9
Language: English
Note: No update, No internet No antivirus when use, Hardware not fit for lower version.

What is new for V5.70 XPROG-M?
1 This XPROG-M V5.70 is the only version that can decrypt new version BMW CAS4.
2. Add new authorization: AUTH-0025 authorized 3/13/2016
3. No operation system limitation, software can be installed on Windows XP 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit.
4. With USB Dongle, it’s more convenient and secure.
Compared with XPROG-M V5.60, XPROG-M V5.70 has more authorizations in:
Infineon (XC16x)
Freescale HC08-Updated
Freescale 9S08
Freescale 9S12XD
Freescale 9S12XF
Freescale 9S12XHY
Freescale MPC55xx
Freescale MPC560x
Other ECU:
Honda Bike
Renault Clio iii
Renault Modus
Special supported microcontrollers you can check here:
XPROG-M V5.70 Authorizations List:
AUTH-0001 Motorola HC05 family authorization (allows read /write EEPROM)
AUTH-0002 Motorola HC08 family authorization (allows read /write EEPROM)
AUTH-0003 Motorola HC11 family authorization (allows read/write EEPROM)
AUTH-0004 Motorola HC12, 9S12 family authorization (allows read/write EEPROM and flash memory)
AUTH-0005 Texas Instruments TMS370/TMS374 family authorization (allows read/write EEPROM)
AUTH-0006 Motorola HC05Bxx and HC05Xxx family bypass security authorization (allows read/write secured EEPROM and flash memory)
AUTH-0007 ST M35080 authorization (Read/Write/Erase device to delivery state)
AUTH-0008 BMW EWS3 authorization
AUTH-0009 ATMEGA family authorization (allows read/write EEPROM and flash memory)
AUTH-0010 MB ZGS001 authorization
AUTH-0011 Motorola HC11EA9/E9 bypass security authorization (allows bypass security bit and read EEPROM and RAM memory)
AUTH-0012 National CR16 authorization (allows read/write EEPROM memory)
AUTH-0014 ST7, ST10 family authorization (allows read/write internal flash)
AUTH-0015 MPC5xx authorization (depending on device program automatically detects MPC5xx, M95xxx device type, flash, external flash and configuration memory size)
AUTH-0018 Motorola HC12, HC912, MC9S12, MC9S12X bypass security authorization (allows to read/write secured EEPROM and flash memory)
AUTH-0020 ARM (Micronas,…) Family authorization (allows to read/write internal flash and external serial EEPROM)
AUTH-0021 ARM (Micronas,…) Family bypass security authorization (allows to read/write secured and non-secured internal flash and external serial EEPROM, view/change mileage, chassis number (VIN), serial number and PIN code).
AUTH-0023-1 MAC7xxx
AUTH-0023-2 XC23xx
AUTH-0024-1 MC9S12Cxx
AUTH-0024-2 MC9S12XE
AUTH-0024-4 MC9S12HA/HY/P
AUTH-0025-1 MPC/SPC5xxx authorized 3/13/2016
How to install XPROG-M Programmer V5.70?
Step1. Copy all files in XPROG-M V5.70 CD to desktop. Install Adobe Reader XI.

Step2. Install Register Editor.
1.     Extract “Xprog-BOX V5.7 English” zip file. Open the folder and click “XprogDesktop”.

2.     It will show the driver is not installed successfully. Right click Computer icon, choose “Manage” then “Device Manager”. Find “XPROG hex”, right click to choose “Update driver software”.

3.     Click “Browse mu computer for driver software” then “Browse”. Choose “WINDOW 7” folder then click “OK”.

4.     Click “Next” then choose “Install this driver software anyway”. Software driver will be installed successfully, if still not just try again.
Step4. Click “XprogDesktop” application to open Universal XPROG software V5.7.0 then click “Update”.

After that you can start to use this XPROG-M V5.70 ECU Programmer!

(FAQ) MPPS V18 Clone read& write PSG 16 diesel pump ECU

This blog is going to make you clear whether MPPS V18Clone can read and write PSG 16 diesel pump ECU or not. Hope below questions and answers helps you!

PSG 16 ECU (driven computer located in the pump)

Q: Anyone test MPPS V18 clone with PSG16 to read/write flash?
-Yes! Works fine, Real direct to the pump, write via OBD.
-I made also on 2-3 EGR off, working fine!

Q: Is there pinout diagram for how to connect MPPS V18 to the PAG 16 pump?
MPPS V18 pinout diagram for PSG 16:

Q: If it's a virtual read or real? And another question it work on CAN and K-line?
-Read real for CAN. Checksum calculated for program.

Q: Does it read and write ECU via OBD? Or have to connect it direct to the pump?
-Read direct to pump, write via OBD or direct to pump, all OK.

Q: Is there any tested result MPPS V18 on Opel PSG 16?
-Opel - EDC16C9/39, PSG16 via CAN OBD read and write OK
-Opel Signum PSG16 2.2CDTI read as a Zafira by OBD all OK

-Opel Astra 2.0 16V CDTI BOSCH PSG16It auto checksum and read/write OK


Free download BMW ISTA 4.02.14 ISTA-D Rheingold for BMW ICOM

BMW ISTA-D Rheingold 4.02.14 Standalone / SDP 4.02.13 / ISTA-P free download link and software info for you! You can download for BMW ICOM A2, ICOM A3 and ICOM NEXT… (Please note: Try on your own risks)

Free download BMW ISTA-D 4.02.14 / SDP 4.02.13 / ISTA-P (No VMware):
Works with ALL 1995-2016 BMW E and F series Coding / Programming / Diagnostics
BMW ISTA-D 4.02.14 software package list:

BMW ISTA-D Rheingold 4.02.14+ ISTA-P required interfaces:
Software details of BMW ISTA ISTA-D Rheingold 4.02.14:
Module (ECU) errors reading and clearing
Gearbox (transmission) and engine adaptations erasing
Fuel injectors control, correction amount real time viewing, injector registering
Engine mountings testing
Mass air flow (MAF) testing and registering. Whole air system testing
EGR system control and testing
Turbocharger and related components control and testing
Diesel particulate filter regeneration (DPF)
Battery replacement
Oil change and service interval reset
Wiring diagrams, live data, repair instructions, technical documents etc
Programming, vehicle retrofit, mirror coding, FSC codes adding or updating etc
And many more other functions
Software details of BMW ISTA-P
Battery type change
Module (ECU) software updating, coding and replacement
Vehicle retrofitting, options enabling and disabling
Choose ISTA-P language directly from ISTA-P taskbar agent and many more other functions
Before install BMW ISTA-D Rheingold 4.02.14, need Install:
Ediabas, Java, vcredist 2005-2015, vs90_piaredist, net framework 3.5, 4.5.2 and 4.6.2
If the system is x64, vcredist must install and x86 and x64, otherwise start Rheingold.
All except Java and net framework 3.5 is in the Tools folder.
Operating system:
Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Windows 8 or 8.1 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Hardware requirement:
Processor (CPU): min 2.2 GHz Dual Core or 4.4 GHz Single Core CPU (Summary of Cores or Threads should be more than 4.4 GHz)
Memory (RAM): min 4 GB
Hard drive (HDD): min 250 GB free space on disk C: before installation
(Recommended) 100% safe & working tested by engineers:
ISTA-D 4.02.12 ISTA-P with Engineer Programming Cheap V2016.12 BMW ICOM Software HDD for Windows 7 System


(New Update) Free download TM100 Key Programmer V3.48

TM100 fresh update for you! TM100 KeyProgrammer V3.48 is now released and available. This blog will offer you the software free download link and TM100 V3.48 update information.

Free download TM100 Key Programmer V3.48 software:
TM100 Transponder Key Programmer Updated to V3.48 (Information)
1.     Edit ID of PCF7945AC (Hitag VAG)/ Edit Audi Generation 5 Immobilize deputy factory Key ID.
Note: This version includes firmware 2 update; please do not connect PC when you are updating.
How to edit ID of PCF7945AC (Hitag VAG)?
Select “TPReader”→ Choose “PCF7945AC” → Enter IDE at chip ID page→ Click “Modify IDE” button
Another two eobdtool.co.uk blog posts maybe helpful to you:
TM100 Key Programmer How-to guide and Function List
TM100 Key Programmer personal review: test OK and not OK


New Xhorse VVDI KEY TOOL work on almost ALL remote transponders

New arrival original Xhorse VVDI KEYTOOL is now available! This powerful multi-function tool can unlock, test, clone and generate for almost all remote transponder types. More details please check below.
VVDI KEY TOOL main unit 169 / $182.52

VVDI KEY TOOL functions all here:
(It has VVDI2 remote generate and VVDI PROG remote renew functions, it can fully replace CN900 mini and handy baby!)
Transponder Generation:
Write most common transponder available in the market including 36, 46, 47, 60, 70
Transponder cloning:
Support 46 42 11 12 4D
Frequency & power tester:
Frequency test of 27-900 MHZ
Power test 300-450 MHZ
Remote cloning:
Rolling code & Fixed code
Generate remote:
More than 400 FCC ID types
Generate Garage door remote:
More than 100 types
Unlock OEM remotes:
NXP keyless & Prox Remotes
VVDI KEY TOOL with unlock function adaptors

VVDI KEY TOOL read and edit functions example

How to install and program Truck AdBlue Emulator 8 in 1?

This is a how-to guide for you to install and program Truck AdBlue Emulator 8 in 1. This AdBlue Emulator can work with Mercedes, MAN, Scania, Iveco, DAF, Volvo, Renault and Ford trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles with EURO 4 exhaust!

Part 1: Install 8 in 1 Truck Adblueobd2 Emulator software
1.     Insert and read the CD that comes with AdBlue Emulator. Open disk (F:) then copy the “Black Soft V8.0” compress file to desktop.

Extract it to Black Soft V8.0.

2.     It will come up a new hardware driver, choose the option “Install from a list or specific location” and click “Next”.

Click “Browse” and find “Drivers” folder as following picture shows:

Click “Next” then “Next” then hardware wizard finish.

1.     Open “My Computer” icon on desktop, go to “Device Manager” and you will find the device driver “COM4”.

2.     Open the “Black Soft V8.0” folder on desktop and click “BLACK_SOFT _V8.0” exe to open.

3.     Choose “COM4” and your truck brand (Here click IVECO as example) then Config will be sent to device.

Now it is programming and you can see the red indicator is flashing.

After that things done!


OBDSTAR F108+ is tested OK to read 2014 Peugeot 508 pin code

Recently we engineers from eobdtool.co.uk tested OBDSTAR F108+ PSA Pin Code Tool to read 2014 Peugeot 508 pin code OK within 2 minutes! So here is the procedure for you checking.
At first we choose “Peugeot” and then “Read Security Code” to start read Peugeot 508 pin code directly.

Then turn on car ignition and turn off then turn it on again. Pin code reading is continuing.

Then we meet another three rounds of turn ignition off then on.

And finally OBDSTAR F108 read out 2014 Peugeot 508’s 4 digit pin code successfully within 2 minutes!

That’s all about OBDSTAR F108 PSA pin code tool keyprogrammer tested report on Peugeot 508 2014. Also throughout the pin code reading process, we prove F108 is quite easy to use!


Galletto 1260 ECU Chip Tuning Interface read BMW E39 Siemens MS42

This is a guide to read BMW E39 Siemens MS42 ECU by using Galletto 1260 ECU Chip Tuning Interface. Below are operation steps to help you!

Totally two cables you need:

Step1. Install and run Galletto software on Windows 7 laptop. Use BMW 20 pin connector to connect Galletto 1260 16 pin to BMW diagnostic connector. Then plug Galletto 1260 to laptop USB port.

Step2. Open Galletto 1260 software, choose car maker and driver then click “ECU Data” at software interface bottom.

Step3. After ECU Data Reading is OK, click “Read ECU”.

Create a new folder to save ECU bin file then just wait ECU Reading complete and save the file. In 3 minutes this cheap $12 Galletto 1260 ECU flash tool read BMW E39 Siemens MS42 ECU done! 

MPPS V18 tested OK: Which ECU can MPPS V18 read& write successfully?

Since MPPS V18 has been launched for some days and you people may need a clear tested result to show you which exact ECU can MPPS V18 read write successfully. So here is newest review for your checking!

MPPS V18 EU clone Tested OK to Read& Write:
Read and write Land Rover TD5, tricore read and write EDC17C10 and unlock Siemens PCR2.1 ECU successfully

MJD 6JF Fiat/Opel micro+ eeprom R/W OBD - K line (MPC555+95320) OK
Ford - SID206 read and write OK
Opel - EDC16C9/39, PSG16 via CAN OBD read and write ok
PSA MEV17.4 TC1766 read/write via Boot Mode ok (used pin out from FGtech documentation)
Read and write EDC16 Peugeot Partner 1.6hdi and Opel Corsa marelli 1.3cdti OK (Be sure to run as administrator using windows 7)
Tested BMW EDC16C31, read/write OK from windows 8 64bit
Read and write Opel Astra H 1.7CDTI 125PS (98002895 Z17DTR DENSO) via OBD (CAN) OK
PSA 207 EDC16C34 Can R/W ok and Ducato EDC16C39 R/W ok
Today tested EDC15P boot mode (recovery) and k-line read and write, 100% no problems
Med17.x.x works no problem. It’s working perfectly. All modules are open including tricore.

Read a Bosch ME7.9.10 from Fiat Punto T-JET 1.4 turbo via OBD with multiboot function … This tool is the only one that can read this ECU from OBD 


CAN CLiP v161 for Renault

Renault can clip ebay?
CAN CLIP Renault unit
Renault can clip interface PCB
Renault clip diagnostic software download
Renault can clip windows 7 64 bit?
Renault can clip tutorial of CLIP installation
Renault can clip diagnostics & reprogramming
Renault can clip user manual

Renault can clip ebay?
Ebay definitely is a good place to but items. But the Renault diagnostic tool with the best reputation is from http://www.eobdtool.co.uk/, not ebay. 
CAN CLIP Renault
Its not the genuine renault clip diagnostic tool.
Renault can clip interface PCB
Cause the HQ board, the renault clip diagnostic tool from this factory ranks No.1 in China
Renault clip diagnostic software download
- renault can clip download free but with unknown security
renault can clip v160.rar
- renault can clip tested without issues
Note: Clip v160 is the newest renault can clip software
Renault Clip software is always tested ok in Windows XP system. But XP system is kind of out of date. Nowadays, most use Windows 7 64 bit. To run CLIP on WIN 7 or not, thats a question of luck.
Here are users feedback on can clip windows 7 64 bit, some successful & some failed:
 Works fine on win7 x86.

Yes, Can Clip runs on Windows 7-x64 and Windows 8.8.1-x64 m because use x-86 files from the system.

If your version of Windows 7 Home Basic or Home Premium x64 it is normally not work, try Enterprise or Ultimate , I use Win 7 Ultimate x64 and canclip works very well

Automatically detect a driver in both win7 and in win7-x86-x64, a kind can clip ALIANCE driver, bosch automotive etc..
is absolutely necessary to have all updates made
to the operating system before installation canclip

i try install in win 7 x64 pc but the driver of VCI not work
It is NOT working in my Win7 64-bit
same issue, not working W7 64bit

*** why some Renault CLIP cannot work on Widows 7 64bit?
The Clip software itself works with 64bit version of Windows 7 but the hardware wont.. Simply because the there are no 64bit drivers for SONDE can clip..

I think there are no drivers made for 64bit windows
it works only with 32bit windows

*** What to do if Renault CAN CLIP cannot work on Windows 64 bit?
-Try disable driver signature enforsment in win 64bit..that help many times

Or just RIGHT CLICK the .inf File and click INSTALL
Then if you get certificate error you can fix that in device manager/
by right click and install certificate even if invalid

You need to know your can clip is probe (sonde) or alliance.
alliance = works both on 32 and 64 bit os
probe (sonde) = works only on 32 bit os
i think sonde is better than alliance
You can disassemble your CAN Clip and check it on PCB
real CAN CLIP PROBE clone RLT2002

Renault can clip tutorial of CLIP installation
Usually, it takes one hour around to install Renault can clip software with the steps below:
Step 1 - install DAEMON Tools Lite
Step 2 - run Crack Renault CLIP
Step 3 - install CLIP 160
Step 4 - setup CLIP properties
Step 5 - register CLIP
Step 6 - setup in Computer management
Step 7 - diagnose cars via CLIP 160
Detailed instruction on how to install renault clio software on windows xp:
renault can clip reprogramming
Diagnosis and reprograming are the two main functions of renault can clip:
 computer test
- automatic test of all computers
- airbag test
- scan tool (OBD tests)
- Base Doc (access to Technical Notes)
- physical measurements
- antipollution
- multi-meter
Renault can clip user manual