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MPPS V18 China/EU Clone Review

Reviews of MPPS V18 china/eu clone ECU tuning tools.... Here you go...

Ford - SID206
Opel - EDC16C9/39,PSG16CAN
R/W OBD ok

Ford edc16c34 2.20 r/w ok

yesterday i have tested mpps v18 into myFord Focus 2 edc16c34.
read about 10 min and write 3-4 min

Focus, read 3 sectors about 10 min and write 4,20 min than wait 3 min.
after that 3 min i wait another 2 min, like software says.

MPPS is renown for Issues on the Focus 1.6tdci Edc16 ecu,
so much so i never ever tried, always same story mpps.
Always used Fgtech on these, and no issues,
i would BDM or use any tool other than MPPS whatever version

i come back with news about edc16c34 Ford...
the news is this is a good tool.
mpps did not corrupt my eep, file that i was made it was bad, in my happines and stupidity i put into IQ maps, 65mg fuel without changing IQ limit, 60mg
i have write that file with galletto and same problem.
today i have write another file (good one) with mpps v18 and it was verry good.
ford edc16c34 2.20 r/w ok
i can't wait to see if can do edc16c34 5.95

MPPS V18 VAG (audi, vw, skoda, seat):
Golf 1.6 TDI Siemens Simos Pcr2.1
R/W can (unlock boot mode-ok) - ok

easy A4 2.5L edc15v
obd mode
read and write
kess didnt want to read this tho ? might of been voltage l read at the guys place(fans on with read and write) and wrote at mine with charger but didnt try kess again

Golf TDI EDC17c14
Boot mode.
read / write all ok,

Skoda Fabia 1.9SDI EDC15V+ ....
generic eeprom OBD K-line R/W-OK
Flash OBD K-line R/W-OK

Skoda Octavia 2.0 Tdi edc16
all good

Vw Caravelle 1998 msa 15.5
same I'd okay but not read

ECU EDC17 on Audi a6 2009
this tool read via boot

Polo SIMOS 3PE 1.2 12v
read/write as generic simens SIM4LE boot mode flash 512kB - OK winks (catalyst off).

Chinese MPPS V18 Opel:
Opel – EDC16C9/39PSG16 via CAN OBD read and write ok

Opel Corsa marelli 1.3cdti OK
(Be sure to run as administrator using windows 7)

Opel Astra H 1.7CDTI 125PS (98002895 Z17DTR DENSO)
Read and write via OBD (CAN) OK

MJD 6JF Fiat/Opel micro+ eeprom
R/W OBD – K line (MPC555+95320) OK

Opel Signum PSG16 2.2CDTI 
read as a Zafira by OBD all OK

Opel Astra 2.0 16V CDTI BOSCH PSG16It 
auto checksum and read/write OK

Opel 602/3 full read/write Micro, Flash, EEPROM, via k-line & CAN ok
Opel 603 full R/W Micro, Flash, EEPROM, via k-line & CAN ok
Opel 6JO full read/write Micro & EEPROM, OK via k-line (CAN)

(updating) MPPS V18 reviews:
eeprom available
full boot
read normally, Not so OBD, just flash

Jaguar X type, 2.7TD V6
option is can only sid 204
ID Ecu ok and lists DTC etc.

China clone: EDC17C10 PSA
boot mode
Read OK 3:30min - faster than Ktag, Kess and FGtech.

read and write edc16u34 on bench after immo off,
read and write is fast about 10 minutes 2mb ,
tried kess using mpps tricore lead and read and write 40 minutes for 1mb 

suzuki vitara hdi edc15c2
R/W ok dtc deleted automaticly before read.

mitsubishi pajero 3.2l
did denso 4m41 R/W ok (chinese)

OPEL Signum PSG16
2.2CDTI readout as a Zafira.
all OK.Through OBD.

Corsa 1.3cdti marelli mjd6
reads writes ok, (OBD)
Did a data area only not full read,
But lost inj coding on writing MOD. 

PSG16 only can.
If k-line (zafira A) R/W konekt pump can.

China clone:Magneti marelli 6F0
full read/write by OBD MPC,Flash EEPROM OK!

Astra H Denso Z17DTJ
R/W CAN - ok

SEAT ME7.5.10
R/W k-line (cat_off) - ok

tested today on psa 207 edc16c34
Can R/W ok and ducato edc16c39 RW ok 

Opel Astra H 1.7CDTI 125PS (98002895 Z17DTR DENSO)
- R/W OBD(CAN)- ok.

MJD 6JF Fiat/Opel micro+eeprom
R/W ok.

Citroen relay/jumper 2
read id but won't read 

mine came, read and write td5 Landrover,
tricore read and write edc17c10 and unlock pcr2.1

Corsa D 1.3 CDTI, EDC17C18, 70.0kw,2010, Z13DTE
R/W bootmode TriCore™ = OK

BMW e91 330xd edc16c35
R-W OK with mpps China clone

Astra vxr me7.6.2
R/W OK ( do that ecu own risk ! )

Fiat Doblo 1.3 mjet mjd6f3 obd - r/w ok
Range Rover edc17cp11 boot - r/w ok
this tool looks great

PSG16 ok can obd,
if k-line obd only pump pin can R/W.

Lacetti (2008y) 2.0 CDRi EDC16C39
R/W CAN (only map 2Mb) as Captiva = OK

Mazda 3 1,6 TD
2009 car, edc16c34
- LIKE focus
Read . write OBD fine,
reads 3 times or 3 areas so bar goes 100% then start again weird, never before seen like this, same on write 2 times i think bar goes accross,
then 99% wait 4 mins or so, was begining to think BAD NEWs, then all ok,
car perfect file on ecu,

unlock siemens simos pcr 1.6 tdi

tested on a cosra z10xep bosch med1.1.5
r/w , write in slow only ,
kess eu was the same only write slow speed too
delete dtc
just tried thetricore cable on my kess and worked fine edc15 [will bring home my spare pcr2.1 and try that with obd].. worth the money just for the obd on desk use
be nice to unlock and write on the desk
MPPS V18 download software,
Mpps v18 car list,
Mpps v18 windows discussion,
Mpps v18 review


Launch M-Diag Lite IOS Android Bluetooth OBDII with SPECIAL function

New tool worth sharing: Launch M-Diag Lite IOS Android Bluetooth OBDII. It can do special functions like reset oil, brake, TPMS and battery.ect. And it support 4-system diagnosis for worldwide cars!

Difference between Launch M-Diag Lite or Launch M-Diag Lite Plus?
Both are same products with same function but different configuration and price.
Launch M-DiagLite for 56 (only M-Diag unit, need to buy car software additionally)
Launch M-Diag LitePlus for 85 (M-Diag unit+ one free car software/ special function software as you like)
Note: Every car application support special function, so it’s enough if you are car owner with just one car to diagnose.
And for those people who want special function can do many cars, it’s needed to choose the special function software.

What this new Launch M-Diag Lite can do?
Special Functions like Oil / Service reset, ABS bleeding, IMMO & key programming, throttle body adaptation, brake pads, steering angle reset, battery matching, DPF regeneration, Injector coding
Full System Scan   
Actuation Tests
I/M Readiness Monitor 
Read DTC’s
Clear DTC’s
Read Freeze Frame Data
Read and Graph Data Stream PID’s   

Why say Launch M-Diag Lite is much power than other tools?
Launch M-Diag Lite can do I/M Monitor check, four system and full system diagnosis and actuation test. But Easidiag 2.0 and golo Easidiag+ only cover its part function!

Ktag V2.13 FW6.070 ReadOpel Insignia ECUEDC17C59 in EEPROM

Check this article to learn how to reading Opel Insignia ECU EDC17C59 in EEPROM TC1767 using cheap V2.13 K-TAG ECU Programmer.

Vehicle to be tested
Opel Insignia

First,you need to get the unit --- V2.13 Ktag, €74.99 at obdtool.co.uk:
Material needed:
1. Cable 14P600KT02
2. 16-way rainbow ribbon cable 144300T105
3. Two 470 Ohm resistors
4. Solder wires

Note: Operation must According to the introduction.
Then You can start reading Opel Insignia ECU now!
Take apart the ECU from vehicle, open the ECU unit and connect ECU with KTAG
If you don’t know how to connect to ECU, you can choose “Plug-in 688...” to check detailed connection instruction, or it may cause damage to ECU, good luck for you!
Select vehicle model and ECU: OPEL-> Insignia -> BOSCH EDC17C59
After reading the instruction in detail and solder wires, successfully connect to ECU with KTAG
Then click OK to continue
Select the plug-in 688
Click “Read”
Ktag is identifying ECU...wait for a while
Then it is reading EEPROM...the operation may take several minutes
KTAG ECUProgrammer Reading ECU17C59 successfully! You can save the file
Finally, Remove the soldered wires and the resistors before re-installing the ECU to vehicle.
Good luck to you!


BMW INPA EDIABAS Full English Version Installation Guide

New BMW INPA K+CAN cable withFT232RQ Chip for BMW INPA & Ediabas allows full diagnostic of BMW from 1998 to 2008. Here is tutorial on how to install BMW INPA EDIABAS Full English Version.

The software CD will come to you with the INPA K+CAN interface:

Before installing, you should delete all version of INPA-ADS from your computer.

Insert CD to disk E:\ and open it, there will be a file named “INPACANinstall” which will guide you how to install in detail.

Step1: Open “01_Step1” file in the root of CD disk and copy folder “EC-APPS” onto disk C:\
Step2:Run the file “01_Step1\NFS\Entpackt\disk1\SETUP.EXE”
Choose “Windows XP” and click next
Choose “User Mode” and click next
Choose 1 -> OBD ->“Kein API-TRACE” ->“Kein IFH-TRACE” ->“Komfort(.IPO)” and click next
Then press any key to continue
This step Complete

Step3: Run the file “02_Setup2\INSTALL\Instprog.exe”
Choose English, press continue
While choosing the HDD disk C:\ for initial setup, do not change, the installation must be on drive C:\ only, press continue
Choose configuration “BMW Group Rectification Programs UK” and press continue
Activate all spare boxes with:
NCS Expert 3.0.8 - Complete
Press continue to start installation and press End to exit the installation

Step4: Run the file “03_Setup3\INSTALL\Instprog.exe”
-Choose English, press continue, press continue again
-While choosing the HDD disk C:\ for initial setup, do not change, the installation must be on drive C:\ only, press continue
-Choose configuration “BMW Group Rectification Programs UK” and press continue
-Activate all spare boxes with:
NCS Expert 3.0.8 - UPDATE
Press continue to start installation and press End to exit the installation

Find the file C:\EC-APPS\INPA\CFGDAT named “inpa.ini” and replace it with the file “inpa.ini” that is in the root directory of CD disk
Step6: Plug the adapter into spare USB-Port and install drivers manually
Copy the “Driver_D_CAN_USB” file onto disk C:\
Choose install from a list of specific location
Select the folder “Driver_D_CAN_USB”
You may install the same driver again
Complete driver installation
Then Change the number of COM-port to the value from 5 to 1, also change the value of Latency Timer from 16 to 1.
Step7: open disk C:\EDIABAS\BIN\Ediabas.ini
In the file “EDIABAS.ini”
“Interface = STD:OBD” must be choosen
Step8: in the file C:\Windows\OBD.INI, put the number of USB-COM-port to the value
Step9: Run the file “Driver_D_CAN_USB\OBDSetup.exe”

After doing these, you should RE-BOOT the computer

Then connect BMW car with laptop via INPA cable ( via USB Port and OBDII port)
Turn ignition on
Run the INPA from: C:\EC-APPS\INPA\BIN\inpaload.exe
Choose the model of BMW and type of modells you want to see
Then close the soft and disconnect the INPA cable from USB Port.
Software compatible cable:

MPPS v21 vs MPPS V18 (obd2, Multiboot, Tricore)

MPPS software excels in obd2, Multiboot, Tricore for Marelli ECUs... MPPS v21 vs MPPS V18... The comparison includes software and hardware (PCB), update info, car list, user review... Here you go...

Mpps tuning tool:
Mpps v21                             Mpps v18 (tested OK)
Mpps V21 V18 PCB:
Mpps v21 pcb (only used by a few people, not sure the quality)
Mpps v18 pcb (tested by pros and thousands of users, works stable and fast)
MPPSsoftware functions and features:
MPPS V21 new features:
*Volvo ME7 CAN R/W/Cks
Bench only at the moment.

*Volvo EDC15C11 CAN R/W/Cks
Bench only at the moment.

*Bentley ME7.1.1 CAN R/W/Cks
*Master/Slave ECUs.

*VAG ALL TDI Bosch EDC17 X UDS drive now supports *EDC17C46 and EDC17C64 ECUs.
Must be unlocked first using an MPPS container file.

*Generic Tricore VAG Only Multi ECU MPPS Container file flasher.
*Can be used to flash firmware updates and OBD UNLOCK files created using new VAS FRF file utility in tricore boot plugin.

-Tricore Boot
*Added new file checksum utility for tricore, now supports:
(M)EDC Flash checksum
(M)EDC Eeprom checksum
Simos PCR
Simos 8
Simos SID305
Added new VAS FRF file special function utility in tricore boot:
Create MPPS container file from FRF file.
Can be used to perform software updates using new protocol in MPPS.
Create OBD UNLOCK MPPS container file from FRF file.
Can be used to perform OBD unlock using new protocol in MPPS, currently supports Bosch EDC17C46 and EDC17C64.
Create READ UNLOCK MPPS container file from FRF file.
Can be used to perform full read unlock using new protocol in MPPS, currently supports Simos PCR. More options will be added for this ECU in future releases!
Create BIN file from FRF file.
Can be used when ECU can not be read from OBD.

MPPS V18 features & functions:
The MPPS v18 ecu chip tuning tool offers like most other tools reading / writing operations and checksum support, however it also includes some additional features:
Excellent recovery functions. In some cases MPPS can recover ECUs which others tools can not even make communications with. On certain controllers it even works when with no program is present (a blank memory).
Selectable full / partial reading and writing when the ECU allows this function.
Selectable reading / writing speed.
Writing changes only function for faster programming (when supported by the ECU).
Auto detection of K-Line/CAN, and option to bypass and force preferred means of communication.
Temporary bypass of immobiliser to allow flashing on the bench on ME7 systems.
Boot mode support for ECU
s with C167 and ST10 processors.
EEprom read/write functions for some ECU
s are included.
VAG MEDC17 TPROT level checking without opening the ECU.

Tricore Boot
This module adds boot mode support for controllers with the tricore processor.
Auto detects ECU and processor type. No need to select from list, everything is automatic!
Read/Write of all memories Eeprom, Irom, Xrom (where possible)
Patch function for OBD Flashing of TPROT ECU
s (supports only VAG at the moment)
TPROT / DS check feature, for testing if TPROT is active without opening ECU.
Supports Bosch upto TP12
Supports Siemens (current only for ECU
s without password protection),
Support for unlocking of VAG Simos PCR and Simos 8
Checksum Correction supported for Bosch MEDC17

This module adds support for advanced functions on Marelli ECUs.Features:
Read / Write of Micro, Flash and EEprom without using a BDM programmer!
Fiat 6F3
Full Read / Write Micro, Flash and EEprom over K-line and CAN.
Fiat 6JF
Full Read / Write Micro and EEprom over K-line.
Fiat 8DF
Full Read / Write Micro and EEprom over K-line.
Fiat 8F2
Full Read / Write Micro and EEprom over K-line and CAN.
Fiat 8F3
Full Read / Write Micro and EEprom over K-line and CAN.
Fiat 8GM
Full Read / Write Micro and EEprom over CAN.
Fiat 8GS
Full Read / Write Micro and EEprom over CAN.
Fiat 5SF3
Full Read / Write Flash and EEprom over CAN.
Fiat 5SF3
Full Read / Write EEprom over K-Line.
Fiat 5SF8
Full Read / Write Flash and EEprom over K-line and CAN.
Fiat 5SF9
Full Read / Write Flash and EEprom over CAN.
Fiat ME7.9.10
Full Read / Write Micro over CAN.
Fiat ME7.6.3
Full Read / Write Micro over CAN.
Opel 6O2
Full Read / Write Micro, Flash and EEprom over K-line and CAN.
Opel 6O3
Full Read / Write Micro, Flash and EEprom over K-line and CAN.
Opel 6JO
Full Read / Write Micro and EEprom

Mpps car list download:
Mpps v21 car list download on Mega:
MPPS V18 car list download: (officially rolled out at eobdtool.co.uk for mpps clone)

Mpps tuning review:
MPPS V21 review:
- The tool works as it is designed for... R/W ECU without issues.

- The cable is a nice quality OBD male cable, it looks like many ones, but it's a true EU Clone MPPS V21 fully open (Tricore, MultiBoot, OBD). Tricore cable adaptor looks like many ones too, but very well made!

- Of course I did but he neglected to listed like everyone else, so were sending him a new cable like people who had the issue before it was determined. Anyways everyone who had there cable burned we replaced and there usingMPPS v18 with no issues. MPPS v21 was NO big update, it was just a timebomb and released solely for the purpose of killing clones

- The tool was initially sold as MPPS v18, before we knew about the timebomb amt put inside of MPPS v21 we had told users they could update, our mistake. Although every user who had issue with a dead cable was sent a free cable replacement overnight to them via fedex. No one was left in the dark and everyone was contacted and post was made telling everyone about the timebomb and to not use MPPS v21, only MPPS v18. This thread should be closed as the problem has been resolved for all parties involved.

- I also received a replacement cable. Now it works ok with latest v18 version.
But i did not receive any notification, not to use it with mpps v21.
Actually it was sold with a privillage of being able to work with mpps v21.
Also, not true about no differences with mpps v21.
mpps v18 doesn't support EDC17C64, which is the main reason i purchased the tool in the first place.
So now i am hoping you will remove the timebomd from the v21 and receive the update in the next few months.

- It's shipping with mpps v18 at the moment, we're still working on mpps v21. Everything is working properly with the shipped sw

- Med17.x.x works no problem
- its working perfectly. All modules are open including tri-core
- For all TC, 1797 included its auto read/write
- I have tested on 6F3.
- Read/Write all Micro, flash and eeprom via OBD.
- Very fast and stable tool.
- If can not extract password it is useless.
- have just manage to read via obd with multiboot function a Bosch ME7.9.10 from Fiat Punto T-JET 1.4 turbo This tool is the only one that can read from obd this ecu ..
- writing a file on a EDC16 Octavia 2. Restarted the laptop and used restore option to write original file back. Took 5 mins to write and was all ok.
- on PSA 207 edc16c34, Can read/write ok and ducato edc16c39 read/write  ok
- 100% no problems bootmode
- tested with PSA MEV17.4 TC1766 Read/Write via Boot Mode okay,
- OBD K line (MPC555+95320) MJD 6JF Fiat/Opel micro+eeprom Read/Write ok.
-Ford SID206
- Opel EDC16C9/39,PSG16CAN Read/Write OBD ok
- Good to hear 6jf fiat works
- Opel Astra H 1.7CDTI 125PS (98002895 Z17DTR DENSO) Read/Write OBD(CAN)- ok.
- read edc16 partner 1.6hdi and marelli corsa 1.3cdti and wrote ok,
- Tested BMW EDC16C31 , read/write OK from windows 8 64bit
(BIG THANKS to all mpps users at eobdtool.co.uk)

MPPS V21 hasn’t been tested be professional engineers work for eobdtool.co.uk. For sake of security, it would be a good option of using MPPS V18:

MPPS V18 or Kess or KTAG or FgTech 4, which you do you need really?