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Lonsdor K518ISE
Lonsdor K518ISE


Download Ford IDS software 104.01: Tested OK, Works Perfect

Here, ford ids v104.01 software free download on Mega:
ford ids software crack
Login the software directly
No need user name
No password

Can be installed on any computer with Windows XP(SP2 or later),win 7, win 8 and win 10
No need the virtual machine to install the software

How to install ford ids software:

ford ids scan tool for sale:
VCMIDS 3 for Ford and Mazda (tested OK, works perfect)
fordvcm ii (not tested yet, needs luck)

Note: for vcm 2 clone, you can go to 

ford ids vcm3 functions:
1. OBD2 Diagnostics
2. Vehicle Reprogramming: reprogramming for all Ford &Mazda vehicles
3. Immobilizer and smart keys programming
* All ford vehicles(Include all functions of original VCM/IDS);
* All mazda vehicles(Include all functions of original VCM/IDS)

ford ids software update complete!