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Honda HDS 3.101.019 download on Mega

Honda diagnostic system personal computer (pc) software download for ECU rewrite & programming, key programming, obdii diagnosis...Here you go...

Download Honda HDS 3.101.019 on Mega:
(Via Torrent, It's about 4.64GB)
HDS 3.101.019 has been not tested yet; for sake of security, Honda HDS 3.101.015 should be a better choice coz engineers working for eobdtool.co.uk has verified it to work without issues and many customers use it no issues also.

Compatible with honda hds scanners:
Honda HDSHIM diagnostic tool (good at diagnosis & programming)
Honda MVCI(usually for basic obdii diagnosis)

The basics of Honda HDS 3.101.019:
Latest Honda HDS / I-HDS software including ECU Rewrite software.

Honda I-HDS replaces HDS. To diagnose newer cars, I-HDS is required. The interface is easier to use. So you need to install HDS first and I-HDS afterwards.

Honda's HDS / I-HDS software is as of June 22, 2016.
Honda's Rewrite software is as of August 30, 2016.
Note: The Rewrite software included is NOT the same as the J2534 application that Honda gives out for free. The Rewrite software is meant for the North American market. I use J2534 passthru 4.9 app updated with latest database and files as newest app does not work on X-horse.

Include GNA-HIM patch, so if you have GNA600, HIM, and X-horse you can use it.

Include the dealer code patch. (I use a different one 208342)

HDS will work for any region. (USA/Europe/Asia/other markets)

Honda HDS can be used in other markets.

IMMO is available from HDS but not from I-HDS.

Last, good luck with Honda HDS download.