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BMW ISTA 4.04.12 Voltage Control tool FREE Download+ Install+ Use

This blog share with you BMW ISTA 4.04.12 Voltage Control tool free download link, you can also know: what ISTA Voltage Control tool used for? How to install and use it?
Free download BMW ISTA 4.04.12 Voltage Control tool (work with BMW INPA cable and ENET cable)
Unzip password: beemerboy88
Note: It is designed for ISTA 4.04.12, not work with all ISTA programs.
Thanks beemerboy88 at CT Community!

Q: What this ISTA Voltage Control tool used for?
I have never used ISTA Voltage Control tool. I could not find any definite explanation of what the use is. Tried to search it but hardly get much data.
A: When diagnosing or programming a vehicle via BMW ISTA, ISTA must maintain a certain voltage or higher for normal operation. If the voltage is not as required, the job will not run or stop at all.
The ISTA Voltage Control tool is a tool that simulates as if it were holding a certain voltage after connecting cables such as BMW ENET cable or BMW INPA K+DCAN cable. For ENET cables, I do not report the voltage to ISTA, which can be tricked into pretending that it is a certain voltage and can be programmed.

Q: Is there any guide show to install and use it?
A: Here is a guide to install and use ISTA Voltage Control tool. Hope it helps!
How to install:
Unzip to the Rheingold \ TesterGUI \ bin \ Release folder where ISTA + is installed.
Create a shortcut to where you want the Voltage Control tool.
How to use:
Run ISTA (if you have problems running, run as administrator).
Run the Voltage Control tool.
Start a session.
FASTA / HW check has been disabled.
The default starting voltage is 14V.
To revert to real-time voltage monitoring, turn off the Voltage Control tool.

You can move the screen by dragging the upper left corner.