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Lonsdor K518ISE
Lonsdor K518ISE


FNR Key Prog program Renault Megane Laguna key card EASY FAST

It's tested easy and fast to program Renault Megane II and Laguna II key card by FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 and Renault True Code! Do you want to know the key programming steps?

€62.99 FNR Key Prog4-in-1 key programmer = Ford key Prog+ Renault key Prog+ Nissan key Prog+ Ford Incode Calculator
Get new blank Renault key card if you need:
Renault Laguna 433MHZ 2 button smart key card
Renault Megane 433MHZ 3 button smart key card

How to program Renault Megane II key card by FNR Key Prog?
Plug FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 to car’s OBD2 port and connect it with laptop.
Install and open the software. Click “Renault True Code” and choose “Renault Diagnostic” section as picture show.
Select car model “Renault Megane II”, click “Connect to selected vehicle” then click “Start Program”.
Place the first key into the reader. Click “OK” and wait. It will show “PIN accepted”, click “OK”.
Now “Procedure Successful” means FNR Key Prog make Renault Megane II new key card OK!

How to program Renault Laguna II key card by FNR Key Prog?
Open FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 software True Code Programming System. Click “Diagnostic” icon and select car model: “Laguna/Espace/Velsatis”.

Click “Connect to select vehicle”.
Then it will show car key number and pin code, click “Start Program”.
Follow the tips: make sure to remove all key cards from the reader. Click “OK”.
Pin code is accepted. Click “OK”.
Insert the new Renault Laguna key card you want to program then take it out. Click “OK”.
“Procedure successful”, wait 2 minutes then check whether the new key is working or not.
In this way, you successfully program a new Renault Laguna II key card by FNR Key Prog 4-in-1!


BMW E Series Coding: Cable+ Program+ Laptop you need?

Are you prepared for BMW E Series Coding? Which coding cable to use? What BMW coding program you need? And what about laptop requirements? All answers you can check below:

BMW E Series Coding Preparation
Coding cable:
INPA K+DCAN USBInterface with switch 15
This K+DCAN cable has one side an OBD2 (On-board diagnostics) port and the other a USB cable that can be plugged into laptop USB port.
Support BMW 1998-2008.

Coding software consists of two parts: the executable program that actually executes the coding and the data that is necessary for the coding. The executable program must be installed with several programs according to the purpose to enable smooth coding.
INPA: It is a program for coding support rather than a program that executes actual coding.
NCS-Expert: This is the main program that executes the actual coding.
NCS Dummy: An auxiliary program that supports coding similarly.
SP-DATEN: Vehicle information data required for coding. There are different data files for each type of vehicle. You do not need to install all the files. You can install only the data files that match your model.
Download all BMW Coding software you need: (INPA 5.06...)

Laptop requirements:
You need a laptop to install and run the coding program. The notebook does not have to be a very good spec, but it is a minimum specification.
OS: Windows XP or higher (32bit, 64bit does not matter)
CPU: Intel Pentium 2.0 GHz or Core Duo 1.0 GHz or higher
RAM: 2 GB or more (4 GB or more recommended)
HDD: 10 GB or more
You can check these two laptops as reference:
Lenovo ThinkPad T410 second hand
Lenovo ThinkPad T420 second hand


Full UPA USB Scripts Download+ Install for UPA USB V1.3

A very useful UPA USB Scripts Collection sharing for free! Below you can download lots of UPA script files for UPA USB Programmer V1.3. Also know how to install and run these UPA scripts easily!

Free download Full UPA Scripts Collection for UPA USB 1.3:
Password: fiaz3099upa
Download UPA Script for Toyota Corolla 2013 93C66 Denso
(Newly added):

Easy way to install and run UPA V1.3 scripts?
Just put the script in Elrasoft\Devices Scripts folder, it will be loaded automatically when you start UPA USB V1.3 software.

Top 2 Recommended UPA USB Programmer V1.3:
UPA USB V1.3 with UPA USB All Adapters (Red PCB) €99

MAN VCI Lite Truck Diagnostic Tool Using Guide

Looking for a MAN truck diagnostic tool? MAN VCI Lite… here you go. Just like DAF VCI Lite, a professional truck diagnostic tool for a specific brand, to perform diagnosis, actuation and parameter viewing.

MAN truck diagnostic tool for sale: MAN VCI Lite

MAN VCI Lite price: €725.00

MAN VCI Lite, what can & cannot do:
  • Simple testing of actuators…..Confirmed!
  • Visualisation and assessment of current sensor signals……Confirmed!
  • Identification of control unit in assembled condition……Confirmed!
  • Depiction of all stored diagnosis entries……Confirmed!
  • Fast orientation on vehicle by means of integrated overview wiring diagrams……Confirmed!
  • HD-OBD scantool (Heavy Duty On Board Diagnosis), read-out and presentation of data relevant to exhaust gas……Confirmed!

In summary, MAN VCI Lite Heavy Duty Diagnostic Tool provide you Dealer level On Board Diagnosis for MAN Trucks. Man VCI Lite cover up to 95% of original MAN CATS T200 capabilities, good at diagnosis, actuatios and parameter viewing.


GM MDI Manager Download + Install for GM MDI GDS2

Good news for sharing: 02.2017 GM MDI Manager crack software free download link and installation guide here!
You can use it with GM MDI Tech 3 Clone Best Quality, tested by technician!
Free download GM MDI GDS2 Software in mega:
[02.2017] GM GDS2 Package Newest software to update old versions
Java 13.0.00001
TIS2Web Connectivity Proxy
GDS2 Install 16.2.00900
Deliverable GM Global V2017.2.0

How to install GM MDI Manager on Windows 7? (Main steps)
1. Run Setup.exe→ I accept... → Select language " nao en", "opel en"→ Install Global TIS
2. Global TIS Registration→ Edit dealership data→ Email registration→ Save "Registration PDF" file to seller for GM MDI software activation→ Complete Subscriber ID and License Key
Tips: NO need activation GM MDI GDS2 software available here:
3. Install Adobe Reader→ Install Java→ Install GDS2 GM MDI Software→ Install Tech2win→ Set Tech2win language
4. Install wizard for RNDIS/ Ethernet Gadget
5. Set Local Area Connection 2 Properties→ Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
6. Open GM MDI Manager→ Connect→ Open Global TIS→ Yes→ OK
7. Open Tech2win→ Choose Configuration: nao en→ "Security" tab→ Download then run Security Access Service Client
Choose Configuration: opel en→ "Security" tab→ Download then run Security Access Service Client
Go to "GDS2" tab→ Start GDS2→ Select language
8. Launch GDS2 and now enjoy the software

Note: Choose this option if you want to avoid complicate installation steps and time wasted!
(Pre installed, no need activation, plug and play, directly use when you get it)


CARPROG V10.05 Free Download+ Installation Guide (Tested)

Good news for sharing: Latest CARPROG FULL V10.05 is now available! Now you can update Carprog 9.31 to Carprog 10.05!
Below is Carprog software V10.05 download link and WIN 7 installation guide...
Free download CARPROG V10.05 in mega:
Link 1
Link 2
ALL links are working and NO pass!

How to install CARPROG FULL V10.05 software on Windows 7 step by step?
Download and unzip the CARPROG FULL V10.05 software.
You can see a file folder " CARPROG 9.31-10.05".
Copy all the files to desktop.
It will automatically install the CARPROG 10.05 software driver.
After that you can find the "USB Input Device" in Device Manager.
Open and run the "carprog v10.05" application in "CarProg" folder.
Click "I agree".
Then you can use CARPROG 10.05 software!
CARPROG 10.05 read EEPROM 93C, 24C, 95X V2.2


iCarScan app download + registration steps for iCarScan 2.0

This blog will let you know how to download, register and activate iCarScan app for new iCarScan 2.0 Bluetooth OBDII Scanner Android IOS! Check step by step as below:
iCarScan 2.0 OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner can work with Android, IOS iPod iPhone and iPad.
Where to download the iCarScan app?
For Android system, you can download iCarScan app EZdiag from Google Play. For IOS system, you can go to Apple Store.
How to register and activate iCarScan app step by step?
Install and open iCarScan app. You can see EZdiag main menu as below:
Go to "Mine" section.
Click "Sign up for EZdiag" then "Join us".
Enter your real email address. (It's needed to login and retrieve your password if you forget it.)
Select your region/ country.
And set your login password.
After that you need to activate iCarScan.
Choose "Activate now".
Enter the serial number and activation code. (You can find them on the envelope come with iCarScan 2.0)
Now you successfully register and activate iCarScan 2.0 app!
The next step is to select totally 8 software, 5 car software and 3 special function software. And things done!!!
Note: iCarScan 2.0 OBD2 DiagnosticScanner for €207 will allow you to choose 8 free software as like! Multi language and update online!