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iCarScan app download + registration steps for iCarScan 2.0

This blog will let you know how to download, register and activate iCarScan app for new iCarScan 2.0 Bluetooth OBDII Scanner Android IOS! Check step by step as below:
iCarScan 2.0 OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner can work with Android, IOS iPod iPhone and iPad.
Where to download the iCarScan app?
For Android system, you can download iCarScan app EZdiag from Google Play. For IOS system, you can go to Apple Store.
How to register and activate iCarScan app step by step?
Install and open iCarScan app. You can see EZdiag main menu as below:
Go to "Mine" section.
Click "Sign up for EZdiag" then "Join us".
Enter your real email address. (It's needed to login and retrieve your password if you forget it.)
Select your region/ country.
And set your login password.
After that you need to activate iCarScan.
Choose "Activate now".
Enter the serial number and activation code. (You can find them on the envelope come with iCarScan 2.0)
Now you successfully register and activate iCarScan 2.0 app!
The next step is to select totally 8 software, 5 car software and 3 special function software. And things done!!!
Note: iCarScan 2.0 OBD2 DiagnosticScanner for €207 will allow you to choose 8 free software as like! Multi language and update online!