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Lonsdor K518ISE
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Autel MD802 alternative: Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro

Compared with Autel MD802, 2018 Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro wins in hardware (display, memory, operating system), performance and special functions/service functions.

Check the details in the following comparison table:
MD808 (Four system) MD808 Pro (All system) MD802 (Four system) MD802 (all system)
Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Four System Diagnostic Tool for Engine/ Transmission/ SRS and ABS Systems with EPB/ Oil Reset/ DPF/ SAS and BMS
(UK Ship No Tax)Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro Full System Diagnostic Tool for Oil and Battery Reset Registration Parking Brake Pad Relearn, SAS, SRS, ABS
Autel MD802 4 Systems/Full Systems Software Update Online Service(One Year)
(UK Shipping No Tax)Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 All System+DS Model MD802 Engine Transmission ABS and Airbag Code Scan Tool
Software Features
Read/Erase Codes Y Y Y Y
View Live data Y Y Y Y
View Freeze Frame Data Y Y Y Y
View I/M Readiness Status Y Y Y Y
View vehicle information Y Y Y Y
O2 Monitor test Y Y Y Y
On-board monitor test Y Y Y Y
Component test Y Y Y Y
Modules present Y Y Y Y
DTCs Help Y Y Y Y
Oil service reset Y Y Y Y
EPB Brake pads replacement Y Y Y Y
Save and playback bata Y Y Y Y
Print data via windows PC Y Y Y Y
System coverage Engine, transmission, ABS, SRS All systems Engine, transmission, ABS, SRS All systems
Steering angle Learning Y Y
DPF functions Y Y
Battery registration and reset Y Y
Hardware Features
Display 800*480LCD 800*480LCD 320*240dpi 320*240dpi
Memory 32M+16G 32M+16G ? ?
Power consumption 1.7W 1.7W ? ?
Weight 313g (0.69lb.) 313g (0.69lb.) 280g(0.62lb.) 280g(0.62lb.)
Price 235EUR 230EUR 120EUR 187.99EUR

To sum up:
In functions:
Autel MaxiDiag MD802 is an OBD2 fault code scan tool;
Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro is an OBD2 fault code scan tool and service reset tool (Steering angle Learning, DPF functions, Battery registration and reset).

In hardware:
Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro offers bigger and smart display, and big memory up to 16G.

Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro user manual:

Autel MaxiDiag MD802 all system user manual:

Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro reviews:

Autel MaxiDiag MD802 reviews:


MPPS V18 software upgrade to V21 won't lock the hardware

Good News!!!
MPPS V18 software is compatible with the MPPS V21 hardware;
MPPS V21 software is compatible with the MPPS V18 hardware;
MPPS V21 software and MPPS V18 software can share the same hardware.
Most importantly! the hardware WON'T BE LOCKED any more

Anyway, there is a little bit tips to follow:
Once you choose MPPS V21 software to install with MPPS V18 hardware, it's disallowed to use back V18 software.
If you indeed need to install MPPS V18 software on MPPS V18 hardware, I'm afraid you have to buy a new MPPS V18 hardware(It's not expensive).

That's to say, eobdtool.co.uk dealer is not going to ship the user additional chips or the board to help you downgrade V21 software to V18.

"ECU not found" message means you are disallowed to downgrade V21 software to V18.

"ECU information complete" message means MPPS V21 software is verified working without problem with V18 hardware.

I think users can take easy to choose any of MPPS V18 software or MPPS V21 software because you don't worry the hardware will be locked if you follow the downgrade tips.


Good News! Users Don't Need to Active by the New Activation Policy

CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 key programmer activation new policy:
When you receive CGDI Prog BMW, you don't need to active by yourself, the factory engineers already activated that you can see on the screen top. 
After the activation days expire, please click on the "Settings " icon, then "Check for updates" shown as below.

Besides, to activate CGDI Prog BMW one time every 6 months is already canceled.

This is definitely a good piece of news. Users will feel easy to use CGDI Prog BMW key programmer.


Reviews and Experience of Using Autel MD808 Pro

You might want to how Autel MD808 Pro perform. Here share 6 reviews from its users which could help you to know more about Autel MD808 Pro. Here we go…

1. Autel MD808 Pro all systems TPMS reset reviews
There is no icon displayed for TMPS, you could find TMPS under "Diagnostic"=>"2 Control Unit"=>"13 TPMS". I was guided by the TMPS information to pump 4 tires of my vehicle to be exactly the same pressure. Couldn't be happier to have this Autel MD808 Pro tool.

2. Autel MD808 Pro DIYers' review & experience
As a non-professional (a DIYer), you could also consider to have one Autel MD808 Pro although there are a bunch of other OBD tools much cheaper available in the market. Especially if you are a geek like me, or are interested in knowing more about your vehicles like how they run, or just want to have peace of mind when you drive or when you need to clear a code, I think this may be the ultimate tool for you.
I used Autel MD808 to do many tests, ranging from a 10 year old Japanese car to a 1 year old German car. It works like a charm! the 10 year old car has no fault at all :) I also love the live data, which not only can be displayed as numbers, but also GRAPHS! As a geek, I really love to see these curves, and I appreciate how much effort they put to make this work so beautifully.

3. Autel MD808P review - better than Autel MD802 in memory and speed
bought a MD802 which works very good. This Autel MD808P is an updated version of MD802.
It has a bigger screen and memory, and seems the scanning speed is a little bit faster scanning all systems.

Here a comparison table between Autel MD802 and MD808 supplied by the dealer:

4. Autel MD808 pro review on diagnosing ABS issue and clearing the trouble code(s)
Autel MD808P handled these tasks without issue. The ability to see sensors operate in real time and plot them on a graph is invaluable.

5. Autel MD808 pro software update experience
Updates are a must. Make sure to create an Autel account so you can update your unit. Once you have an account you can download the "Maxi PC Suite". This allows you to update your software and Print content off the device.

My unit came pre-loaded with software version 1.0.
IMPORTANT: With version 1.0, I was unable to update via the included USB cord. I had to get a Micro SD Card reader and update the firmware to 1.5. When 1.5 installed I had a new option to update via USB.

Update 1.6 added additional USB support for newer computers and operating systems. I'm using Windows 10 and kept getting USB failures with the tool plugged in - more annoyance than anything else. After updating to 1.6 that issue has been resolved.

I updated to 1.6 on 10/01/2017.
6. Autel MD808 pro Printing function review:
Printing is helpful to "Print" to the included software (which enables this functionality). I have not, however, found a way to print graphical content. Thus far I've only been able to print text. Unfortunately that text comes out without much formatting.

To be honest, I don't have a ton of time working with the tool. With that said, I'm still impressed. Here are some observations, however:

When asking it graph multiple sensors, it can get slow to change screens. For example, I had all 4 wheel sensors being graphed and had an approximate 5-8 second delay when switching from the text display to the graphing display. When merging the graphs onto one plot, it was another 5-8 second delay before the screen updated. Not a huge deal but at the time I didn't think it registered my button push. So... I pushed the button again. Thus when the screen updated to what I wanted it changed to the next screen in the sequence about 8 seconds later.... It took a few repetitions before I caught on.

I hope this helps. I'll post additional observations in the future.

Credits to all the real users' contribution.
Thanks to Laurance who put all the reviews together.

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